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The Schlussel-Hannity dust-up

Yes, I’ve been following it but I can’t really take sides yet. How the hell am I supposed to tell which one of them is full of it? Could they both be wrong? UPDATE: Just wading into it now. There’s some great shit going on here: Yes, sadly, there are a growing number of anti-Semites […]


Begone, Schlussel, Before Someone Drops A House On You Too.

ABOVE: Debbie Schlussel, Patriot Shorter Frau Debbie Schlüssel von Flügelhorn Good News: Prez Obama Comments on Most Important Issue of the Day We must fight feed the terrorists Haitians in Iraq Haiti or we’ll have to fight feed the terrorists Haitians here.* ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are […]


How Does It Feel To Be An Asshole, Schlusselmeyer?

Frau Debbie Schlüsselschtuck, Feel Old?: “Animal House” Turns 30 Animal House may be a classic, but it would have been better with less drinking and rule-breaking. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


Schlussel Wins Gold In The Olympic Wanker-Athalon

Debbie Schlussel (left) and Insane Clown (left) I certainly figured that the Olympic gold medal won by Henry Cejudo, an American citizen whose parents are undocumented aliens from Mexico, would have created a groundswell of outrage among certain of the looney-tunier quarters of the blogosphere. Michelle Malkin, the sworn nemesis of all “anchor babies,” I […]


The Anschlussel: Where Stupid Meets Evil

Little Debbie’s been busy. Here are some shorters: ‘Why Are Muslims @ the Border So Protective of Their Electronics?’ Muslim immigrants have no right to complain about being treated with suspicion at border checks, because everyone knows that an inherent characteristic of their tribe is a compulsion to mass murder. Above: “GTFO, Ahmed! An’ take […]


Shorter Debbie Schlussel

Above: Svelte ghetto anthropologist observes darkies in their Detroit habitat. ‘New Book: “The Black Man’s Guide to How to Cheat on Your Woman”‘ Apparently, black men have so little control over their animalistic passions that they’ll even commit adultery with fat ‘sistuhs’. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


Schlussel: The Ultimate Schlusseling

Let me just say: It’d be a dark day around here if someone were to post something like this:


Shorter Debbie Schlussel

So Predictable: Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Semitic Arab Group Attacks “Anti-Semitic” Ann Coulter Above: The Grosse Pointe Blankity-Blank OMG, you want to talk anti-Semitism? How about when some freakin’ honk-nosed, scheming International Conspiracy niggity-nogs called Ann Coulter ‘anti-Semitic’ when all she said was that Jews aren’t as good as Christians?! ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected […]


Schlussel II: The Schlusseling

Dhiren Barot, Brit Al Qaeda Leader, Suspected Mastermind of Today’s London Car Bombs By Debbie Schlussel Remember Dhiren Barot a/k/a “Britani” [the Brit]? I recently told you about the British Al-Qaeda cell sachem, whose detailed plans to bomb New York’s financial district with limousine bombs were released by Scotland Yard (click on the links at […]


Mr. Turtle? How Many Clicks Does It Take to Get to
an Actual Fact on Debbie Schlussel’s Website?

Debbie Schlussel: Above: The Costco Coulter Terrorism Investigation: Fumes Released at Spokane Mall Who released noxious fumes into a Spokane, Washington mall in January, injuring at least 36 people? Um… Okay, maybe not him, but we suddenly got an idea for a little contest, based on the old Tootsie Pop ads, which basically goes like […]