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Steyn Brings On Teh Funny

ABOVE: Titian, Portrait of Doge Marco Supremazia Bianca del Canada (ca. 1575) Shorter Mark Steyn, America’s Shittiest Website™ Four Guys Named Mo Isn’t it freaking hilarious that, just like all black guys are named Leroy, all Muslim guys are named Mohammed? ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware […]


The Most Shameful and Indelible of Steyns

ABOVE: ‘Don’t panic, folks — that terrible odor is me’ In these dark and turbulent times, when it is hard to know the dark from the light, we grasp, yes, even the most faithless of us, for the eternal. In these days, when wars rage without end, when the savings of a lifetime can be […]


Being Mark Steyn Means Never Having To Say You’re Stupid

ABOVE: With great power comes great imbecility Because he is somewhat articulate and gives the appearance of thinking before he speaks, it is easy to believe that Mark “The Human” Steyn is only stupid about politics. But, in fact, as with his as-portrayed-by-Arnold-Stang American counterpart James Lileks, the musical theater enthusiast is capable of being […]


An Unnecessary Steyn On Silence And Nothingness

You know, we’re all having such a good time making fun of Jonah Goldberg’s last-minute term paper that it’s easy to forget that the greater world of right-wing inanity keeps on turning. For example, even as we all sit here chatting so amiably about Il Pantloadini’s belief that a desire to include something in one’s […]


Shorter Mark Steyn

Out of the Shadows Above: Canadian pundit Mark Steyn “O Canada GOP, we stand on guard for thee.” Mosques without minarets are just as evil as mosques with minarets. In fact, Muslim terrorists now like to build mosques in the West without any minarets so that we can’t find them. Even worse, they sometimes buy […]


Shorter Mark Steyn

Cruisin’ for jihadists The Muslims have overtaken the homos as the most powerful and well-protected minority in the United States. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


Shorter Mark Steyn

Above, Steyn under the influence of Heineken and amyl nitrate:“Chief Ho-mo Ind-i-an! Hunkpapa! Little Bighorn! It is to larf!!” ‘The internal contradictions of multiculturalism’ Behold the self-serving inconsistency of Charles Merrill (a gay atheist artist who regularly blasphemes monotheist religions) saying that he admires faggy polygamist Native American cultures because of their tolerance of faggotry! […]


Steyn Kampf

S,N! is the new Steyn Watch! Above: Steyn always lands butter side up. [Hanx! Marq] Let’s start with this conversation between Steyn and Hugh Hewitt where they discuss that big fat meany General Odom, who does not appreciate the perils of the Vast Muslim Conspiracy like he ought. General Odom, you see, “just hasn’t done […]


More Steyn

Poor Mark Steyn is simply shocked and appalled that people would interpret his remarks as pro-genocide: I see Andrew Sullivan has now elevated me from the pro-torture right to the pro-genocide right. Eat your heart out, Jonah and JPod! He’s based this on a quote from America Alone that a chap in The Calcutta Telegraph […]


Shorter Mark Steyn

Above: Steyn: ‘Peace. Good God, y’all, what is it good for? Aaabsolutely nothin, say it again!’ ‘A Ford Not A Lincoln’ Everyone’s talking about his anti-Semitism, but let me tell you about Henry Ford’s real crime against humanity: In 1915, he was a peacenik! Now I shall rant about that era’s version of the Dixie […]