Shorter Mark Steyn

Above, Steyn under the influence of Heineken and amyl nitrate:
“Chief Ho-mo Ind-i-an! Hunkpapa! Little Bighorn! It is to larf!!”

‘The internal contradictions of multiculturalism’

  • Behold the self-serving inconsistency of Charles Merrill (a gay atheist artist who regularly blasphemes monotheist religions) saying that he admires faggy polygamist Native American cultures because of their tolerance of faggotry! What a faggy fag-lover who loves fag-loving fags!!

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

Plus: Nice try. Steyn struggles with his own inconsistencies. Notably for this piece, how does he degrade Native American religions and homosexuality, defend monotheism (and its homophobia), yet remain the numero uno Islamophobe of world wingnuttia? How indeed: by implying that Islam alone among the “Abrahamic” religions has ever endorsed polygamy. Oooo-kay. On the other hand, Steyn exhibits amazing reticence in not calling Merrill a “ninny“.

PS: It’s worth noting that the hysterically homophobic Steyn is an expert on and huge fan of Broadway musicals.

PPS: Remember your neocon 101: Homosexuality saps morale, appeases Islamocommiefascists, has always formed an integral part of America’s fifth column.


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Why can’t these people tell the difference between sex and violence?


Too much Marquis de Sade and Jane’s Addiction?


Why can’t these people tell the difference between sex and violence?

Maybe they prefer a combination?


Hey, wasn’t he is ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’? Or was he Daddy Warbucks in ‘Annie’? My gayday must be out of whack this week.


Even I quaff a cold Chang, I couldn’t resist seeing what you guys were up to, and again. old Marky has belched out a real stupid one. No further comment is required, although he has banged on about ‘Native Americans’ before.

The contradiction, re , Mark’s love for musicals and his rampant homophobia has struck me before, remind me of that old Bill Hicks line;

“..someone that far right, must be hiding a deep, dark secret…”

and you know the rest.

Anyway, back to the cold beer.


Steyn is an expert on and huge fan of Broadway musicals.

It’s Guys and Dolls, not Guys and Guys!


Ahh yes the worlds evilest Hobbit!
To paraphrase Tom Servo “Mark Steyn, you make me want to vomit. Go away! Just go away!”

Can you believe someone actually called this guy the “greatest writer currently working in the English language”? I don’t remember but the fact that anybody said it is pitiful enough.


I see Miss Steyn can’t stop talking about the cock.


Charles Merrill, the artist who recently edited the Holy Bible with a black marker and pair of scissors

Oh no, another leading figure in the liberal movement gets taken down a peg! Wasn’t it enough for them to take Whats-his-face Churchill away from us?!?


I’m guessing Steyn was going for a “World O’ Crap/Sadly, No!” take down with that article. And other than the lack of anything remotely witty or humorous, he pretty much succeeded. Still, he managed to get a completely gratuitous and false slam against Islam.

God I despise Mark Steyn. Of all the Wingnut hack propagandists, I think I hate him most of all.

Hysterical Woman

Wow, a gay man hates homophobic religions! What a concept!


“Shouldn’t the Koran at least get some credit for being Abrahamic but polygamist? ”



PPS: Remember your neocon 101: homosexuality saps morale, appeases islamocommiefascists, has always formed an integral part of America’s fifth column.

Well I for one have no problem taking seriously those whose essential message is, “Gosh golly I hate them ay-rabs so much because they’re such a threat to everything I hate about America.”


Not only does he love Broadway musicals he has… a beard.

Here’s some more on Steyn’s inner Paul Lynde:


the old testament has plenty of polygamy in it, and does not comment on it unfavorably.

also, it’s a universal belief system that alleges to trump all other explanations of reality. so whether or not polygamy is ok hardly seems central…

see, i’m doing it. i’m taking a mark steyn argument seriously. it’s just impossible.

he’s a total fucking idiot. there is simply no more to it. people who read him and find themselves nodding are idiots.


people who read him and find themselves nodding are idiots.

Hey! I always find myself nodding when reading Mark Steyn…oh, wait, that’s nodding off. Never mind.

Was he actually surprised that a gay activist was in favor of cultures that don’t condemn homosexuality? Really? I’m almost tempted to go read him and find out.

Nah–not worth it. I’ll take your word for it.


Just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can’t have more respect for one religion than others on display. Steyn is just throwing a fuzz because the mean artist is meant to Jesus but not so mean to some other dudes who happen to be different.

The “atheist multiculturalist homo ninny who probably supports FGM and honor killings and only likes these Native Americans because they don’t drive big cars and are non-white” is not lauding the religion because it *exists*, but because it recognizes that the rules about two-partner relationships is quite arbitrary, and that *our* rules are a result of history and experience, not *ethics*. There is no conflict with having left-wing values yet supporting one religion more than the other because it happens to be more lax on love issues.

HOWEVER: If the tolerance and allowing of polygamy *only* extends to men in the community in question, then it is quite dumb and should not be applauded.


“implying that Islam alone among the “Abrahamic” religions has ever endorsed polygamy.”

One would have to only imply that; otherwise, readers would note that men in the Torah (say, Jacob) had two concurrent wives, and a mistresses or two as well.


Two wives and two mistresses? Hell, King David had hundreds of wives and concubines, and still turned traitor for a piece of tail. And he was one of God’s favorites.


To: Mitt Romney
From: Mark Steyn
Subject: Abrahamic Religions

Mitt –

Just thought you should know: you fucking Mormons are “non-Abrahamic”.

Hugs and Kisses –


Can’t stand Mark Steyn. It’s like he’s bent his whole career to trying to turn all of journalism into some laughing stock, and he’s acting out his own career to do that. If that makes sense… ugh. There are REAL journalists out there mark, who do real research, and don’t just get paid to sit around and opine without even the basic research tool of using Google.


Hey, wasn’t he is ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’?”

I think he was the dickless EPA bureaucrat in “Ghostbusters.”


Anything you can hate,
I can hate better.
I can hate anything
Better than you.


cokane, those voices in your head come from those snowflakes in your nose.


“Shouldn’t the Koran at least get some credit for being Abrahamic but polygamist?

Polygamist…like ABRAHAM? Do these people use their Bibles for anything other than as a device against which to thump their foreheads?


OMG! MzNicky. . . he is so Walter Peck it is scary!


Rejection of polygamy was a characteristic of Western civilization which predated Christianity. St Paul had to claim that Christianity rejected polygamy as part of his compromise with the Roman Empire.

The Self-Loathing Multiculturalist

First time poster, long time reader.

On behalf of Canada, I would like to thank you, America, for taking all our wingnuts from us (Steyn, Black, Frum). If you could be so kind as to take Paul Jackson, Colby Cosh, and the entire Byfield family from us, it would be most appreciated.


On behalf of Canada, I would like to thank you, America, for taking all our wingnuts from us (Steyn, Black, Frum).

Yoshida. Sort of.


[…] quickly learned that wingnut-welfare courtesy of Conrad Black paid better than being a critic of musical theater — he’s been at it ever since. Not exactly the resume of someone who can […]


Mark Steyn has exposed the entire motive of militant Islam in Europe.I have lived in the Middle East and it is difficult to go about your daily life when you are regarded as an “infidel.” In the UK, France, Sweden and Holland, huge segments of major cities are now so heavily populated by radical Muslims, non-Muslims are pressured to move out.

If anyone in here thinks that 50 million Muslims in Europe is a good thing, then you are ignorant of Islam’s true motives. And what of Muslim demonstrations in London, where the Union Flag is burned and death threats are made against those who dare to question Islam?

Here in Canada we are smugly secure within the confines of multiculturalism and political correctness, But these are the fuels that will ignite an even bigger problem in the long run. There are those of you here who would deny Steyn’s right to make his point, but he is entitled to his opinion, even if the facts make us uncomfortable. So far we have seen Muslims kill a gay politician and a left wing film maker in Holland for daring to question Islam. Then we had bombings in London, and a Muslim plot to blow up Parliament in Ottawa and behead the Prime Minister. That plot, by the way, was being planned when Paul Martin was occupying 24 Susses Drive. Just in case you try to tell me that it was all Stephen Harper’s fault.

Islam has no place for women’s rights, gay rights, different religious faiths, freedom of speech or anything else that Canadians take for granted. I find it rather obscene that Jack Layton, our very own Marxist working class hero, wants to negotiate with the Taliban, the very same group that forbade woman medical treatment if she was ill, forbade woman the right to an education, and hanged men for merely being suspected of being homosexual. Just make sure that your “life partner” Olivia Chow is covered from head to foot when you sit down to negotiate, Jack.

If you care about Canada remaining “strong and free” – whatever that means in this age of politial correctness,” just make sure you don’t wake up one morning and find that its been taken away from you. Perhaps Stephen Harper has the right idea after all. Let’s be more selective about the sort of immigrants we decide to take in.

As we all know, Mohamed Elmasry and Naiyer Habib of the Canadian Islamic Congress complained to the Canadian, Ontario and B.C. human rights authorities after the Toronto-based magazine published the article, titled The future belongs to Islam, in October of 2006. Elmasry is the same old git that proclaimed on TV no less, that all Israelis over the age of 18 were legitimate targets for terrorists. And he compalins that his feelings were “offended” when Steyn wrote a factual book (too factual for some) about the growth of Islam in Europe. Well, that’s only the start for those of us in Canada who risk a fine or even imprisonment for daring to publicly express views that are not politically correct.

Canada is no longer a democracy in the true sense of that word. And the “Super Mosque” in Calgary is only the beginning.


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