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People who lose their homes are the stormtroopers of liberal fascism

Y’know, there are days when I wish the Republicans would heed Michelle Malkin’s advice, if only to ensure a resounding and humiliating defeat in the 2008 elections. Michelle seems to think the GOP can take back Congress and hold onto the White House by telling voters to go eff themselves. Sure, waving a giant middle […]


The Dread Face Of Liberal Fascism

Y’know, as interesting and insightful as Jonah’s book has been, I think it fails in the end because it doesn’t identify who the strong, charismatic leader of the Great Liberal Fascisti is. Oh sure, it devotes a whole chapter explaining why a Hillary Clinton presidency will bring us one step closer to totalitarianism, but I […]


And Now, Your Daily Liberal Fascism Moment of Zen [Updated x2]

After work today, I plan on eating a salad, going for a three-mile run and then rounding up my fellow white guys and putting them into camps. It’s the least this liberal fascist can do for The Cause. Also: I swear to God, this book is like reading 400 pages of some whiny child shrieking, […]


See his next book, Liberal Stupidheads Who Are Stupid

MOMMY, THEY’RE TRYING TO MAKE ME DO WORK! TELL THEM MOMMY! IT’S LIKE TWENTY UMPTEEN MILLION HITLERS AND SO THERE! STUPIDHEADS! Jonah Goldberg, America’s Shittiest Website : Me and Black America It’s apparently National Review week here at Sadly, No. Today’s easy meat for the mincer is good ol’ Loadpants Goldberg himself. You see, something […]


Revenge of the Liberal Grammar Fascists

ABOVE: Right-wing diet tips Jonah Goldberg is piling on the McClellan business. Although that might be physically painful if literally true, Jonah’s takedown is scarcely perceptible in the metaphorical sense. He starts out with a swipe at McClellan’s grasp of the English language: It’s been rumored that McClellan was hired by the Bush White House […]


Liberals: Not Just Fascists, Also Vampires

And the Pantload is our Buffy: Similarly, now that I drive a stake through the heart of what Tom Wolfe calls the greatest hoax of modern history, [Timothy Noah] gripes “we knew that already.” Sorry, not buying it. Next up: ‘How Fascist Liberals’ Opposition to a Silver Standard Proves They Are Werewolves’


Hoover Vs. Pantload (Commentaries on Fascism, Part 1)

Doughy Pantload’s spectacularly stupid and dishonest effort at redefining ‘fascism’ jarred a memory of an essay I’d read not too long ago, an essay by the (sadly forgotten) Leftwing historian, William Appleman Williams. Since Pantload, ostensibly a conservative but in reality a hyper-reactionary nincompoop whose deviousness and chutzpah would inspire awe if his theses were […]


Another awesome LibFascism tag

This is the tag to end all tags: ein vol ein reich ein bag von cheetos (2) I swear by all that is ungodly and unholy, I will never stop laughing at this book.


IBM: The new liberal fascists

As all fans of Liberal Fascism know, the most fascist thing anyone in the world can do is to encourage people to


A Babe Still in Bunting

While the above did not get me out of bed, it certainly delayed my return. Just Look at that masterpiece. Savor the glowering majesty. Imagine the premise (as the straight to video dvd cover art asks) and what it would mean. I had no idea that this thing existed, or imagined that it could. Thanks […]