It’s Obama, It’s Obama…*

A.O. Spades makes a humorous remark:

Barack Obama Begins The Healing By Putting VaTech Massacre In Context With “Verbal Violence” of Don Imus

Magical Negro.


Ace’s new logo gets a rainbow Afro wig.


Man, this is turning into the finest right-wing blog logo ever. Keep ’em coming, Ace!

*Motörhead pun equals instant 20 points. Whee!


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Can the next add on be a fighter jet flying over “Ace of Spades HQ”?


Man, dat logo’s gonna make him shine! He’ll be your sister!


Yeah, jet fighters! That’ll be excellent!

By the time it gets done, Ace won’t deserve it.


Should they be towing a banner? Something like, “Let’s Roll”?


Somehow, I don’t think that the great poet Lemmy Kilmeister’s political philosophy, as espoused in “Just ‘cos you got the power, that don’t mean you got the right,” (with a great guitar solo by either Wurzel or Filthy Animal) would be acceptable to a neo-fascist like Ace. Then again, maybe Ace has a blown speaker wire, and isn’t getting the midrange, so he’s missing the lyrics.

I think he’d be much happier with the oeuvre of bands like Skrewdriver, or others that hang out over at Stormfront. Where everybody wears lots and lots of black leather and pouts and sulks and poses a lot, and is rilly rilly tough and totally not gay, they just like to hang out with other men, because only men really understand other men, and … and … (slams head repeatedly against keyboard to clear out mental images)

a different brad

You should make it an animated gif, where the fighters shoot missiles at a mosque, which remains completely undamaged once the smoke clears.
Who cares how much work that might take, git’r’done.


You dummies. If Gavin did that, the jet fighters would be flying through FIRE. They would melt. It’s more realistic the way it is now.

Over at Roy’s place, he was considering Ace’s warning that we should keep an eye on suspicious weirdos.

Ace, we’re way ahead of you. Sadly, No! is a full service Center for Wingnut Psychological Analysis. We monitor Ace so he doesn’t have to be self-aware.


Oh, an animated gif isn’t so much work with today’s automated tools, but the format switch would be murder on the color palette.



Last time I saw Rainbow Head, he was sitting behind home plate at the World Series, sharing the Good News. And now he’s modeling right-wing blog logos. It looks to me like a career setback, but maybe the money’s good.


insert “for” between modeling and right-wing.

This is probably too long, but maybe the banner could read, “Ace of Spades: Just Two Links from Porn.”


The banner updates are my favorite thing on this site because. They are silly, and I luvs the sillly. The glowing eyes? Teardrop with WTC? Toooo awesome. Fighting silly with silly is teh bezt.


Oooh, I think the jets should fly in and shoot the missiles at Ace’s text, which then explodes into flames. That way, Our Boys won’t have to fly through the flames, and Ace can be a real action hero, jumping out of the window as the building explodes.


(Gak–there’s supposed to be a “swoon” action tag at the end of that post.)


For those of us that became late Sadly No! Fans, could someone explain why the logo for Ace keeps changing?

Is the banner modified every time he pontificates?


It’s missing the Confederate flag.


For those of us that became late Sadly No! Fans, could someone explain why the logo for Ace keeps changing?

Is the banner modified every time he pontificates?

If you meant “defecates,” the answer is most definitely yes.


As a shortcut, in lieu of fast movers naping the HQ, maybe just frickin laser beams strapped on the eagle’s head?

Throw me a bone here…



ace’s got an HL menken qoute in the logo. is that some new sadly love?
maybe a B-2 bomber towing the banner, “near-retard”?

wait a minute…
NOW ace is getting all philosophical and thoughtful over there… and he’s got some funny pic of a doggy sex doll… this is not cool. i’m finding him tolerable. someone help me out here…


Miguel: I’m not sure if I got all of them, but these posts should give you an idea about how Ace’s logo has improved since Gavin took it in.








I guess he never heard of Rwanda oh wait they don’t have any oil.


Sorry to be the naysayer yet again, but the skull part is looking way much more like a Grateful Dead sticker than a frothing-at-the-mouth crazy insane Reich-wing blog logo.

Just my $0.02…


I agree with pepper – the teardrop cracks me up.


Did Ace ever fix the logo he’s using, at all?


I still think it ought to play an embedded version of Let The Eagle Soar.


Mind you, I only think that because I’ve found a little toy that mutes all sound from my browsers. (Tell me *that* isn’t cool.)


Why do right wingers get all the love? I want a logo, too!



You dummies. If Gavin did that, the jet fighters would be flying through FIRE. They would melt. It’s more realistic the way it is now.

R Yoo suggestin AMERICAN fighters are not FIREPORRF??!?

get a biran you moran! AMERICAN planes R bes t in teh WORLD!!11!

(excuse me, I have to go throw up and clean my brain with some Boraxo and a wire brush now…)


BORAXO!! I hated that goddam shit. Take the skin right off your flesh. And forget using it as a lubricant. Ouch!!



D. Sidhe,

Do tell us about that mute toy. I need it desperately for surfing at work!!

Smiling Mortician

And forget using it as a lubricant. Ouch!!

Thanks a lot for that image. Think I’ll go chew on aluminum foil for a while.


Maybe I’m missing something, but don’t you get the same effect by turning your speakers down or off?


Pretty cool, except the Afro wig is blocking our view of the spade and the whole thing is getting kind of busy.

Back to basics, I say. Lose the wig and that Flying V bullshit, and give Ace a 1965 Gretsch Tennessean with a custom stainless steel pickguard.


*sigh* Yes, you do. But you also get no alert messages from your email or IRC, nor can you hear your music if it plays through iTunes. And dang, I’m tired of having to answer that. I went on a prolonged search for solutions, since it seems like it ought to be easy enough to make one freaking application shut the hell up without having to turn everything else off, and everyone who asked the same question I have, and for the same reasons (embedded music in browser, still want to listen to MY music) got that same response: Just turn the volume off, as though that had never occurred to us.

I’m techdumb, but I’m not *that* techdumb. I am, however, techlazy enough to not want to bother with embedding links here, so just search for a toy called “FlashMute”. It will mute flash, but it will also mute your browser, works on IE and Firefox, and is easy to turn off and on if you want to hear something.

It does not appear to install anything nasty with it, it just sits quietly in a corner of your tray, not setting off your firewall, viruschecker, or adware spotter.


Well, I’m sorry if you took offense at my question, D. Sidhe. I asked it because I’M techdumb and forgot about listening to music through the computer. I certainly didn’t mean to imply anything nasty; I just didn’t see the advantage to the program you’re using.


Not really offended, just tired, headachey, and snappish. To whatever extent I was offended, I damned well shouldn’t have been, and I apologize. I should log off before I snarl at anyone else tonight.

My partner asked the same thing every time I pondered the possibility of such a thing not even existing–and after the fifth go round on that conversation, I *did* get offended at the question out of someone who theoretically promised to respect me in the morning, so to speak.

Sorry I jumped at you. I guess those of us asking for such a widget are continually astounded that nobody else seems to need one, and it’s easy to get defensive when we know we’re clueless. My partner does IT, btw, and still couldn’t figure out why on earth such a thing would be necessary, nor imagine that it would exist. I had a few moments of smug triumph once I found it, I’ll say that. Of course it took me six months of looking and thinking I was a freak…


When the sound in a browser is annoying me I just scream real loud to drown it out. Works wonders.

You guys never thought of that? Geez come on now!


Hmm. Shouldn’t teh eagle on teh right side of that logo get a comedy rainbow wig as well? Of course, that would probably constitute abusing an endangered species. But, not to worry-it’s all good–they’re de-listing it in June.


Dude I totally want to see Lemmy kick Ace of Spades ass for stealing his lyrics.


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