Teh Michelle Malkin Domestic Terrorism Clock

“Ann Coulter is a Goddess and I worship Laura Ingraham and Michele Malkin.” — serial fake-anthrax terror suspect Chad Castagana

Above: Shriekberry Double Freepcake

How long will it take domestic terror hysteric commentator Mickey Malkin to say something? How long, how long, how liggity-long-long?

Oxford University’s word of the year
By Michelle Malkin · November 13, 2006 12:42 PM

Oxford University e-mails that it has chosen its word (or rather, phrase) of the year…


Waging war on JROTC
By Michelle Malkin · November 13, 2006 01:33 PM

Caution: San Francisco values at work. Even the left-wing San Francisco Chronicle says the political leaders of Baghdad by the Bay have gone…


Mel Martinez, RNC chair…Sigh…
By Michelle Malkin · November 13, 2006 03:52 PM

Oh, well. Michael Steele has been passed up for Sen. Mel Martinez…



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I’m sure they’re just working on fine-tuning their response and denouncing of him as we speak. No doubt. Should be up before the Simpsons comes on.


hilarious! I wish you could put a sombrero on Michelle’s clock. Just to really piss her off! hee.


Some Guy beat me to it. The best the Pantloaders could snivel about was the Simpsons episode that was oh so insulting to the military. Priorities, people…

Matt Groening can just laugh while pissing on their heads from atop the mountain of cash he standing on.


My money’s on a quarter after never.


That wasn’t terrorism, HE’S A WHITE GUY!1!!

…it was horseplay.


Ah yes, crazy fucking loser right wing blogger. it’s a disease in search of a cure. and while the smart cure, the one that wouldn’t result in our getting sick as well, would be to simply ignore them, sadly, no. we must engage. largely because they are effecting the real world in which we live.

now i have a way of dealing with pussies like george (?) constanza. it involves “physically intimidating” them, to borrow a rather infelicitous phrase from Mr. Coulter. there just isn’t any other way. so, malkins et al, just be aware–to keep calling good americans like those of on the left who have policy disagreements with you “terrorists” or “al qaeda enablers” or the like will eventually get off of our last intellectual nerve and on to our physical nerves, and i for one am not afraid to start adminstering the beat down as appropriate.


Michelle does NOT live up to the Kit-Cat Creed:

Put a smile on everyone’s face,
Love in everyone’s heart,
Energy in everyone’s body,
And be a positive force in everyone’s life!


“Baghdad by the Bay?”

Give me a fucking break already.


Has anyone figured out how to register for comments at Hot Air? Is there a secret handshake or something?


This whole thing is making me visit sites I never thought I’d ever go to. It’s icky.

How do I wash off my browser?


Bagdad of the Bay? Guess it’s filled with newly painted schools then.


“Baghdad by the Bay?�

Actually, this phrase originated with beloved Chronical columnist Herb Caen. It was meant to convey the sense bustling intrigue that one gets from San Francisco. It was used in a loving way. Since he originated the phrase in the forties, I don’t think one should draw any particular conclusion to it’s use today…



If Michelle thinks the phrase “Baghdad by the Bay” is an O So Clever insult to San Francisco, she should try reading Herb Caen.

Or try reading.


Mikey, if it were anyone else but lovely Michelle M. I would agree…..

Half a Shriekberry Double Freepcake

Ooh, the forties! Wasn’t that, like, a long time ago? You damned liberals and your elitist “historical memory” and your treasonous historicointellectual relativism. Baghdad by the Bay means what I say it means, and it has never meant anything else. Also I have no intention of ever discussing the fake-anthrax-hijinks arrest unless the FBI comes up with the evidence necessary to prove what we all already know: that the much-maligned patriot Castanagaza was framed by none other than Deb Frisch!


Where did you guys find the Felix the Cat clock? Brings back pleasant childhood memories. Thanks.

Smiling Mortician

Last time I saw one of those clocks I was about six and it freaked me out. They still freak me out — but not as much as Malkin freaks me out.


Actually, this phrase originated with beloved Chronical columnist Herb Caen.

I always thought known terrorist appeaser Steve Perry came up with the phrase: “I want to get back to my Baghdad by the Bay.”


***update: a reader notes that the RNC chair has to be elected by GOP state chairmen (they meet in January)…are there any out there who are listening to conservatives and who will oppose Martinez?…A RedState blogger calls Martinez “the Harriet Miers of RNC chairs”…send your comments to info@gop.com***

Oh, well. Michael Steele has been passed up for Sen. Mel Martinez. Yes, a squish on border security is now the RNC chair. Has the GOP learned anything?

Anyone want to give the anchor baby an answer?


I wish I someone would Photoshop her picture so the eyes would move back and forth like Felix’s.

BTW, she won’t say a word about the Freeptard unless it’s a Latino.


Felix the Cat


The wonderful, wonderful cat
Whenever he finds himself in a fix
He reaches into his bag of tricks!
Felix the Cat
Teh wonderful, wonderful cat!

Felix is way too cool for Malkin.

Bucky Katt maybe.


Malkin the ‘bat
The hideous, amoral ‘bat
If you’re a muslim, brown, or a tramp
She’ll send you to the internment camp!

Malkin the ‘bat
The mouthfrothing jackbooted ‘bat
She’ll post your address to her horde
Who will show up with torches and bats
Reading ‘Malkin the hideous ‘bat


Once again, conservatives demonstrate their belief that the best way to demonstrate your love of America is to show your hatred for Americans.


I just want to chime in to say….nothing. Because I am speechless. But I wanted to let you know how hard I am laughing.


Silly goose. Liberals aren’t Americans! We’re not even human.


WTF? It’s still 10:10. Time’s a wastin’.

Have the wingnuts mentioned this guy or not? I don’t want to check.


I think Michelle Malkin is cute.

Is there something wrong with me?

Coulter’s kinda gross.

By the way, Ex-fed, your Malkin the Bat song is hi-larious. I’ll be humming that all day tomorrow.



Or not-gary. You make the call!


Do you guys critique Niall Ferguson? His column today was total douchebaggery and I wrote it up for Daily Kos. Is it cool for me to link to it?


Actually, I believe what Perry said was “I want to get back, to my Baghdad, by the BAAYYeeeeeeAAYYYEEEEE oooohhhhhwoo ooh ooohhhhwoo oh.”

Please don’t quote out of context.


Is it cool for me to link to it?


I started reading it awhile ago, will finish presently…

herr doktor bimler

Baghdad-by-the-Bay? Please tell me — somebody, anybody — that the Toronado Beer Bar is not going to change its name to Hammam-on-the-Haight.


So long as it’s purely a physiological reaction to her visual appearance, and not at all related to her personality or choosen profession, I’d say you’re in the clear, Hooseier X.


Definitely a purely physiological reaction to her appearance. She sounds like a stupid harpy with mental problems.

God in his infinite mercy has given her looks to help compensate for her shortcomings in the area of brains, basic humanity, decency, honesty, virtue, consistency.

I don’t know what God was thinking when he made Jean Schmidt. He gave Katharine Harris boobs at least.

He works in mysterious ways.


Let’s help Michelle with some more Baghdad-by-the-Bays, just in case she ever needs to use them:

Fallujah-by-the-Fjord (for use after the next cartoon crisis originating in Scandanavia)

Tikrit-Upon-Avon (for a lit crit piece in which Malkin accuses Shakespeare of being an Islamofascist appeaser for portraying Othello sympathetically)

Karbala-by-the-Keys (just in case Jimmy Buffett ever says something against torture or wiretapping or deporting orphans)

Ramadi-by-the-Ramada (for unionizing activity at a suburban office park, not that would ever happen)

Mosul-by-the-Mojave (for a critique of the Arizona voters who shot down the gay marriage ban)

Umm Dasr-by-the-Umbrella-Stand (for use by Malkin whenever she attends a dinner party on a rainy evening and somebody she doesn’t like happens to be occupying the space next to the umbrella stand)


I don’t know what God was thinking when he made Jean Schmidt. He gave Katharine Harris boobs at least.

I thought it was her surgeon who did that.


I thought it was her surgeon who did that.

Well, God gave her the money to pay the surgeon.


[…] Yes, I am concerned with a moral crisis in America. Now we may think that it’s OK to have people without healthcare. People may think it’s fine to go to war without cause. They may think that sheltering a sexual predator is somehow bad. They might be opposed to sending Anthrax to people. They may feel that women should have control over what happens to their bodies even if it makes some men uncomfortable. Holy hell, what’s wrong America? Never fear, Republican voter. The ghost of James Madison will protect you. The fact that the evil party has the House does not mean that Nancy Pelosi has the power to send her flying monkeys out at will. Rather, this means gridlock all the way for the next two years. A Democrat House, a Republican President, and a virtually-tied Senate (regardless of which way Virginia and Montana go) can’t do anything but piddle, twiddle and resolve. […]


I could only listen to just so much of Malkin of O’Reilly so perhaps I missed how she connected the present with Democrats handing out entitlements to everyone with their hand proffered. To my mind Congress in general (and Democrats by extension) has done relatively nothing in the past 10 years to grow entitlements. Is she un-aware that Democrats haven’t passed any legislation that the Republicans didn’t also supported since they became the majority? How can she so seamlessly jump to such an unsupported supposition? (Oh… right, it’s O’Reilly’s show)


I loved your ‘nommes des cities’ . Thanks .


Hey, wait, there’s a left-wing San Francisco Chronicle? All this time, I’ve been reading the wrong one…


Still chuckling. Thanks. Otto Messmer is rolling over.

Hoosier-X- In my experience, caucasian men seem to be attracted to Oriental women. Personally speaking, as an ex-WASP (now a WASA- white Anglo-Saxon atheist) if she wasn’t so bat-shit crazy, she’d be a good looking woman. Someone like that you’d want a couple condoms and a hotel that allows hourly rentals.


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