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Breaking: Is Breitbart’s Rotten To The Core?

**********NEWS ALERT: MUST CREDIT SADLY, NO! ********** **********EXCLUSIVE: NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN VIDEO ********** **********WHAT DID HE KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT? ********** **********BREITBART CRIME SYNDICATE SHOCKER ********** The arrest of’s James O’Keefe and three others for an alleged plot to interfere with Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s telephone system has raised new questions about the […]


The Ambiguously Gay GOP

Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog links to this NYT story with some background information on the ship the Republicans had hoped to use for their convention in New York City next year: Mr. DeLay, whose party’s relation with gay voters has been awkward at best, happened to pick a ship with a great […]


And You Thought That Newspapers Couldn’t Get Any Worse

He has a website whose only major line is ‘ This website details some of his most recent activities.’ It also has a link to something called ‘The Frank Report’ which is a SECOND website devoted to covering news about him that is written and maintained entirely by him. This one is festooned with his […]


Stop Injuring Our Fists With Your Face!

Most realistic plot since Red Dawn! Hollywoodland*, We Swear Ours is Big Hollywood: Video Game Depicts Occupy Wall Street Types as Terrorists *Hollywoodland is the Alan Smithee of Big Hollywood, the appelation that Breitbart and the other bottom feeders use on their posts when they aren’t quite sure they want their actual name on the […]


America’s Worst Bear Cub™

ABOVE: Thomas Gainsborough, The Blue Ben (oil on canvas, cir. 1770) Can there possibly be anything more rife with comic possibility than a Big Hollywood post by America’s Worst Unemployed Lawyer and Film Critic™ Ben Shapiro in which Ben, of all people, laments the disappearance of the manly men’s man from American culture. It’s rather […]


Give Me Your Well-Rested, Your Rich, Your Pampered Dignitaries etc.

ABOVE: Greg Gutfeld Shorter Greg Gutfeld, Big Hollywood: Daily Gut: What I Learned From ‘Cops’ It’s like Rand Paul says — the Sultan of Brunei would totally trade places in a heartbeat with a homeless septuagenarian schizophrenic living on the streets of Detroit, and I’m not being funny. No, seriously — I’m really not funny. […]


Lies, Damn Lies And Stale Biscuits

Shorter Steven Crowder, Big Hollywood Lonewolf Diaries: Poor People Can Be Greedy Too Poor people are selfish pigs because they give a lower percentage of their milk money to charity than rich people. It’s funny because it’s not true! ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all […]


We’ve Got This Going For Us

In roughly four month’s time: The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 7, 2010, Academy President Sid Ganis announced today. There is always a collective wingnut freakout over teh Hollywood left’s big event, but next year’s could be particularly hilarious. Especially if Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ wins an Oscar. At […]


The Raleigh-Durham Project

ABOVE: Pam Meister circa 1970 Shorter Pam Meister, Big Hollywood Pop Culture Exploits Matthew Shepard Tragedy to Create ‘Thought Crimes’ What’s really outrageous is that they made a movie about, and named a hate crime law for, an AIDS-ridden drug-addicted fag who was tortured and killed for his money, but those poor Lacrosse players from […]


‘No Underlying Crime’ Comes Back In The Mail

Above: Unfairica’s pout-rage Patrick Courrielche, Big Hollywood: EXPLOSIVE NEW AUDIO Reveals White House Using NEA to Push Partisan Agenda This appearance of impropriety suggests not only an unequal bias against right-wing art, but also a Nazi enslavement plot. The only action that can restore the NEA’s credibility is to dance! [bang] Haw-haw-haw. Dance! [bang] Yeee-hoo, […]