Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry! Your work on this project has been absolutely brilliant, and I can’t wait to see who wins!!! I couldn’t bring myself to cut any of the entries here, so I’m going to be posting all of them!!!!! Please vote for your three favorites in the comments so I can whittle the list down to five finalists!!!!!! VOTING WILL CLOSE SUNDAY NIGHT AFTER BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED THAT I WILL SOON BREAK MY EXCLAMATION POINT KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S.- Because there were so many entries, I forget who sent me what. Please claim your entry in teh comments. Also, please vote for your entries by their numbers.)

UPDATE: Because I suck, I somehow missed this one. Call it Entry #25, please:


UPDATE II: The Left left this in the comments and never e-mailed it to me as instructed, but it’s too good to not post. Entry #26:


Entry #1:


Entry #2:


(Note: You just had to mix Reynolds with the Jamil mosque, didn’t you? Why didn’t you just add in a giant sandwich to make my torment complete?)

Entry #3:




Entry #5:


Entry #6:


Entry #7:


Entry #8:


Entry #9:


Entry #10:


Entry #11:


Entry #12:


Entry #13:


Entry #14:


Entry #15:


Entry #16:


Entry #17:


Entry #18:


Entry #19:


Entry #20:


Entry #21:


(Note to the person who did the one above: YOU HAVE NO HONOUR!!!!)

Entry #22:


Entry #23:


Entry #24:


Whew. That’s a lotta RoboGlenns!!!! Thanks again to everyone for participating!!!!!!


Comments: 219


Urmph. Gah! Eyes … melting! Brain … hemorrhaging! Can’t even spell “hemorrhaging!” without spell check … Tell Mom … I ….


Oh, and #6, of course. Duh.


You can vote for three, remember 🙂


No! #12 is by far the superior one!!


Remember you can vote for three!!!! There are lots of entries, and I’d hate to limit peeps to just one!!! 😀


I vote for 11, 12 & 15.

Excellent work by all.

Tara the anti-social social worker

I’ll go with #1, #2 and #10……..and a gallon of brain bleach!



Tara the anti-social social worker

Yikes, the rest finally loaded! Revised vote: #2, #14, and the sick, sick #21. Will 60 gallons of brain bleach be enough?

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Hey, not so hard: #7 (I laughed out loud when I saw it), # 21 (someone’s goin’ to hell for that one!), and #22 (because I nearly swallowed my tongue).

In order? Gee, that’s tough. Maybe 21, 7, 22?

There’s plenty of good meat there, though. Some of you folks clearly have too little to do with your days.


#11, #21, #23


These are all soooo good! I’ll vote later when I have more time to pick three. It’s too difficult.


Goddamn it somebody did old B.O.B!!! I hate you but I can’t stop laughing!

[slim pickens voice]
“V.I.N.C.E.N.T., we’re transhumanists! we’re never gonna be obsolete”
[/slim pickens voice]


I vote #8, #11, and #21.

Please claim your entry in teh comments.

Mine is the winning entry, of course.




2, 7, 14


I vote for B.O.B. (#4), dammit. With fuckin Freedom Pundit getting vaccuumed into the black Hole is an especially good touch. I’m dying here.

ELO (#8) slays me too.

And 21 — OMG!!1!!!!

I’m just surprised no one put him into a TRON suit, or did I miss it?


I vote #2 — Voltron! YES!


Um, #24, technically Ultraman was NOT a robot. Nice image, though.


Okay, and #20 was pretty sweet, too. Oh, and what the hell: #6.

This is better than Something Awful.

No, I lie, it’s worse than Fark…


Them’s all good nut-bots, indeed.

But I guess my favorites are



#20 made me laugh out loud. The wing nut on his head was the clincher.


(With homorable mention to #18. I get the feeling that’s what Glenn himself dreams about)


Oh, shit could someone take Freedom Pundit from number 4 and add it to the B.O.B. in number 15? That would be the best ever. I mean, if you’re gonna totally destroy my sweet/sad childhood memory of B.O.B., do it with phunny overkill!!


#21, and about a mile behind it:





Great work!


2, 21, 23


#2 hands down.


Hey Brad!!!!!!!

What happened to mine? Did I fill out the entry form wrong?

mrs. ibrahim al-jafaari

#2, #7, and #22.

Glenn, she is teh hot killbot in #22


#21 rocks my world. Sez Atlas Pam: “It’s fooooooooooookin awesome, baby!”


#2. The lack of sandwich is more than made up for by Hindy’s nosh.


Peter- shit, I’m sorry. It might’ve got caught up in my spam filter. Can you send it to me again?


My entry is #19–Roboputz with wingnut accessory.


Sure. I’ll even send you a copy of the email you sent me saying, “OOOH! I Likes It!!”
if that will sway any votes.

19, by the way.




2, 6, and 21

I perpetrated #10.

(Brad had people claim their pictures in comments to prevent self-voting. Sneaky! But I would have voted for 2, 6 and 21 anyway.)

Has somebody made sure that InstaRoboCracker himself knows about the contest and gets an opportunity to vote?


#2 – the strategically placed assrocket corndog to enhance his manhood was perfect.


I’m limited to 3 picks? Aaarrrggghhh! Oh well…



I’ll take #1, #2, and #8.


1, 11, 21.

Also 24, because I remember Ultra-man fondly from the cold and rainy Sunday afternoons of my youth. But I guess that’ll have to be an honorable mention.


I’m going to say #1, #6, and #20.

#1 is my favorite, though – if I had any Photoshop skillz I’d have gone with the Rock-em Sock-em Robots too.

Well done, everyone!


Oh, shit – I didn’t even notice the Hindrocket face in #2! There’s so much going on there – and numbers 12 and 23 didn’t even show up the first time, both of which would have received serious consideration . . . goddamn intertubes. Ah, well, whaddaya gonna do?

Incontinentia Buttocks

Can I vote three times for #21?

If not, give my other votes to: #2 and #22.


I’ve got Jimmy Carter on the line, Brad. He’s willing to parachute in and straighten out this whole thing pronto.

Oh, and 2.

General Woundwort

#2, #11, and #21

I have to say, though, #2 is the runaway leader in my opinion. The face of hindrocket is just so perfectly placed.




Casting my vote for 1, 2, & 14.

1 – just makes so much sense

2 – Wingnuts on parade, plus VOLTRON! (Though perhaps they should have been ro-beasts…)

14 – Adding W in place of the cook is that little extra touch that propels the work into the realm of genius


2, 19, 21


2, 6, & 11.


Wow. Not even in the top 24.


Oh damn, I didn’t even notice Hinderaker in picture #2. That’s beautiful.


You made mine – Entry # 23 – all blurry by expanding it. The Magic Glennbot is not blurry! We demand rightsizedness! The Magic Glennbot is sharp-edged and focused and ALWAYS GIVE THE RIGHT ANSWER!

But 6, 7 and 15 for heroic runner ups, indeedydoodydoo.


15, 19, 11

I just blame Voltron for the whole Power Rangers crap.


Argh. Did you have to do this to me right before lunch?

2, 6, 13


7, 13, and my absolute favorite, 2! (Love that Assrocket appendage!)


All most excellent!!!!!!!

but I pick 2, 7 & 14

verplanck colvin

2, 21 &24


19 [twas the wingnutty hat made me laugh so, plus the little Bush doll]
21 [now that’s just mean — but fookin’ awesome]
22 [faster, pussycat…]


In no particular order*:

No. 1 – Minutes later, the defeated Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Reynolds launched pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the Mousetrap board.

No. 2 – … with Assrocket Corndogphallus Grip! Ewwwww!

No. 8 – Psychedelic 70’s sci-fi libertarian nanobot astral projection pron? What’s not to love?

No. 15 – *BEEDY BEEDY* Lileks *RZZT* has more *BRZZT SPRKK JXZZZ*!

No. 21 – … and Jeff Goldstein caught the bouquet. With his cock. By slapping it down, covering it in peanut butter and shoving it in his dog’s ass.

No. 22 – Glenn … or Glenda? Woo-hoo! Hey, big boy … is that an Army of Davids in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

*Except numerical





I gotta say, #13 is the coolest reference to Metropolis ever. Ties in nicely with Glenn’s authoritarian tendencies, doesn’t it?


Number 21 is clearly the winner. I’ll also pick 18, because that comes closest to how homeslice probably visualizes his future self. Then 13 to round it out.


Sorry about that, Brad, I put it in the original post and thought it had just been downloaded. In any event, it’s no better than 19th place.

I’ll go for 2, 13, and 23

Galactic Dustbin


and a little bit of advertising for mine, #7 Cyberputz


What, nobody did ED-209? Because when I think Glenn Reynolds, a robot that can’t walk down steps just seems so….appropriate.

#25. Because you know our future robot bodies will be made by Honda.
#20. Because in Glenn’s dreams, Michelle has apparenlty upgraded her body also. And her wardrobe. God that was a sexist thought and I’m ashamed. whover put Malkin in that picture is responsible.
and #21. Because it’s so wrong.




11 and 25 have my votes.


1, 8 and 26.


23 — that bonus image of Lileks looks like it was illegally downloaded from his own Id.


1, 7, 11

(#15 is mine, BTW…)


Well, 21 is my first pick. It’s also my next seven picks…

I’d round out my top three with 7 and 11, with an honorable mention for 19.

And thanks to all — these beauties make me want to develop photoshopping skills the same way that Chet Atkins led me to the guitar…


I submitted #24, I knew Ultraman was not a robot but I liked him and thought what the hell. The thought of Glenn having to fly to the sun for energy struck me as funny for some reason. But I’m actually surprised it got any votes.

My votes go to 2, 21 and 1 in that order.


Ivan, as the party responsible for #13, I appreciate your praise. Your cashier’s check is in the mail.

My picks, in reverse order:
3.) #19. I concur; the wingnut party hat completes the ensemble.
2.) #2. Hindy’s corndog is disturbingly mesmerizing.
1.) #21. Really took my basic idea to the next level.



But they are all pretty brilliant



Brad, peter ramus informs me you have posted his entry at #25.

Can somebody help me get out of this parachute?

not the senator

7, 11, 22 with a strong endorsement of 7.


#’s 25, 11, 15


#19, the pose and wingnut hat is just precious.

#21, classic beauty.

#25, that’s exactly how glennbot builds his posts.

Mine is #18, btw.


I thought the ‘R2Dtard’ on the bowtie was a nice touch.

Pabst Blue Ribbon


Cause it reminds me of this.


sorry not handy with the tags








Menken, sorry for peeing on your fond childhood memories in #15. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to remember ol’ H.E.H. B.O.B.


er, “Mencken” (just spell the name right, kid)


any of the black hole ones, i saw that movie with my dad and we both agreed that with the exception of maximilian schnell, that was the worst movie ever, disney should stay out of scifi, and that robot was like totally lame


I am very, very, very mad at Vrad Bocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Credit to The Left for pointing out how much Chucky Johnson looked like an Amish woman in that screencap.)


Wow, I didn’t really realize the true brilliance of #2. That is just fucking amazing. Who is the sick genius who came up with that?


my top three are: 19, 11, 25


2, 11, 19


11 – 16 – 21


9, 11, 15




7 (even though it disparages the great Bender)


They’re all awesome, but:

11, 19 and 21

with an honourable mention for 13




and all the rest get a nine and a half

i’d like to see westworld or V.I.C.I.


In order:


honorable mention to 13 and 26.


Oh Good Lord.

2, 22, and 25.

Brilliant, sick work. You people need therapy.


I sent in number 10. (Mine’s a lame effort compared to the others. I should have added accessories.)

the dryyyyyyy cracker

2, 2 and 2

Also 13 and 15


oops, i got the numbering wrong. Mine’s #9. R2Dtard.


Here’s me picks:


the dryyyyyyy cracker

Guys, you’re not experiencing this on a deep enough level if you’re not listening to “To the Point” on NPR. The subject: robot ethics.

Oh, and Lesley, just know that if you lose, it’s only because the second B.O.B. has the cute vote tied up.

And Norbizness has his own installation space, so I’m guessing that’ll cost him (I’m not voting for his Soundwave opus out of pique–he ruined my day off by posting links to the Feministe dustup and its tangents)


Rick Mercer has a regular photoshop contest (ridiculing mainly canadian politicians) and many of those entries are seamless.

Here’s a slide show of Bush entries. Wish I had those skillz.


i am free of the Zeroth Law!



absolute best entries ever are of Ralph Klein.

a different brad

2, 11, 26
Can the next photoshop challenge be of wingnuts holding a gun n standing over captain america’s body?


Wow! I cannot believe the photoshop talent on this group!



#2 (although the mosque isn’t technically destroyed)


#1 (i did it)


#11, #13, and #17

OK, now I can go read the other comments.


Gotta add that I am somwhat saddened that nobody did Conky from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, because “heh” would be the coolest secret word ever and we’d all be screamin’ real loud.


i wanna vote, i wanna vote! 2, 21 and 22. “hello, Mr. Powers…”


[…] You glenned it, you bot it. […]


changing my vote!!!!!

2, 21,26!!!! blue! blue!!!! hike!


Nos. 25, 13, and 15.

Margaret Feynman

#7 is mine, FWIW, and it wasn’t meant to disparage Bender. Bender is in the background; Teh Ole Perfesser is actually Flexo.


2, 19, 26


2, 22, 19.

The trance-inducing corndog subdues all foes!

Karatist Preacher

#9, #9, #9


#2. The Capt. Corndog codpiece had me on the floor.


7, 15, 21


I know, the competition is over, but I thought I’d give it a try. Be kind, it’s my first one.



9, 11, 25

Incontinentia Buttocks

Those are two great new entries! Please replace my old vote (21, 2, 22) with:



2, 11, and yes 21

They’re all wonderful. It was hard to only select three.



I actually didn’t enter but I did do this one which even contains some kind of cyborg dog I think.


But the Malkin duck is the one I really put my heart into man.


#21. I keep returning to it as if caught in a mesmeric spell.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Why does Brad R. hate my dial-up modem? It is a mystery.


I like 2, 25, and 7. And a bunch more. (Honorable mention to 10 and. and 20.)





Would like to see the photoshop challenge as a regular feature.


19, 13, 2

The headgear sold me.

Thanks for sponsoring the contest.


Sorry about the whoring of my stuff.

My votes are:


Anyone not voting for #15 is objectively pro-Fat Joke.


Entry #2 is the best IMHO. Form Blazing Dildo!!! VVVVVVVVVRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…………..

Herr Doktor Bimler

7, 21, 23.
Voted earlier but the comment appears to have been consumed by a giant aubergine. Or possibly by your spam filter.


I am overwhelmed by all the awesome.

But gun to the head: 15, 16, 22.


I like 25, 1 and 15.

I did 11. Comic books are pretty god-damned stupid, yet I feel like I have desecrated something.


2, 25, 26.



But it was hard to choose. Hard work.

Smiling Mortician

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Danny Guam is my new best friend, for he is the only person who tossed a vote in the direction of my entry (#5). If it was a typo, Danny, please don’t tell me — there are some things I just don’t need to know about.

My votes are:


but the competition was . . . uh . . . stiff.

And I concur with the clamoring for a regular PS contest. How else will I ever develop da skillz?


For some reason, #8 just DOES it for me. #15 and #9 as well.



#11 rocks, Bubba. Nicely done.



I have no photoshop skillz. Also, apparently, the same honor quotient as the genius behind #21.

You , Sir or Madam Photoshopper!11eleven!


2, 7, and 20.

Honorable mention for 9 and 15.

I did the “Glenbot” #22 Beautiful but deadly.


The best entry is the one with I, Ann Althouse. That is because I am a better feminist than you.


all the entries were great. Seriously.

I vote for # 1, # 2, and # 21.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste


UltraMan is, of course, my sentimental favourite.


#11 rocks, Bubba. Nicely done.

Thanks. All hail the smudge tool!


You know, 12 is really fun because he looks like his exhaust tube has some sort of blockage.


2, 11, 13, but they’re all hilarious.


First, thanks to anyone who thought my effort was worth it (#19–headgear)…I’m deliberately recusing myself because I’d like to think I’m not as crass as Scalia or Thomas, but I’m certainly impressed by all of them…and have a particular fondness of #13, just cause I really like “Metropolis.”

And, in the spirit of “People called Romani they go the house”…

Ceterum censeo Reynolds esse putz.

No, your other left

2, 7, 21




#19, 21 and 22. Especially 22.


Oh–I hope I didn’t imply that anyone voting for their work IS like Scalia or Thomas…that wasn’t my intention at all…


I vote for 2, 21 and 22

Geddy says he likes 1, 24 and 21

Alex tells me he likes 1, 21 and 22






And just one question – Who do I have to fuck to get a couple more votes for #17?





I demanded (not like in the real world) that there must be at least one Maria, and here I get two!

And I like all the others, not a suxxor in teh lotz, but those get me goin’.


It was SO HARD to get down to three from six. All of them were funny.

But after another glass of wine:
2 for being in harmony with the concept of transformers and cruelty to all
11 for imagination, excellence in photoshopping technique, and producing a very pleasing image.
21 for sheer, laugh out loud lack of honor


#2 corndog codpiece is the icing on the cakehole
#14 mars bitches!
#22 umm, cuz i like boobies!1!!eleventybillion1!!


22 16 7


Votin’ is hard. It’s hard work! But I’m the decider, see?…

1, 2, 15


1, 21, and 22- not only the coolest, but the best photoshopping as well.


#23 get some love for putting Lileks into a crappy old game.


#2. But only because it’s an opportunity to make an inadvertant poop joke.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Y’know, after looking at them all again, can I vote for another dozen? Because there’s so many that have a more complex bouquet that kind of develops over time…

Oh, and Lesley, #9 in the Bush series was priceless. The face matched the hands matched the map matched the situation. Comedy gold.


2, 8, 7

Eight should get more votes, wink wink.

I’m in ur future snorting ur nanobots!


#21, #17, #2


In no particular order…

#1, ‘cos I just lurves me some Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Reynoldses.

#17. THX would have been much more amusing had that been the cast!

#22. You gotta WORK!!1!






Incidentally, could we re-do the rock ’em sock ’em robots with Jeff Gannon and Matt Sanchez? Just for funsies?



I think that’s a brilliant idea, and it gets my creative juices flowing, but considering the threads that have been flying around this place the past couple days, are we ready for “Fuck ’em Suck ’em Robots”? It is a mystery.



Is there ever a BAD time for “Fuck ’em Suck ’em Robots”?

Besides, as we all know, bowing to oppression means that the terrorists win. Or something.


Um, what the hell is this? (10 posts up)


March 10, 2007 at 9:54

[…] Original post by Dakota Blue […]”

I had nothing to do with that, nor can I figure out what that is. Is my computer buggy?


DB, it’s spam masquerading as a trackback.


I shall have to take responsibility for Entry #16. I wish I had had more time…I was trying to find a good one of the Lost in Space Robot with Dr. Smith, but alas….

I’ll vote for Entry #21, 10, and 11.



#2,10, 22


This contest is confusing. Therefore, I, Ann Althouse, have decided it is satire.


21, 19, 12



(This was rough, because I like robots — and as we all know, robots can transcend their wiring. Does Data not laugh? Does Robby not bleed?)


Where is a preview button when you need it?

Here is a shorter url: http://tinyurl.com/ypgc7r


Here is a shorter url: http://tinyurl.com/ypgc7r

You are so fucking right. I feel shame.



Nice work y’all


The Fembot, #22.


[…]but considering the threads that have been flying around this place the past couple days, are we ready for “Fuck ‘em Suck ‘em Robotsâ€??


Herr Doktor Bimler

I vaguely remember that as a recurring line in The Marching Morons, where it reminded readers of the all-persuasive imbecility of that future world. is that what you were referring to, Marq?

A quick Google search informs me that IBTFAD now a wide-spread meme (apparently radiating out from a line in Robocop). This can’t be good.



Michael said,

March 11, 2007 at 3:46

Travis and Righteous Bubba, here you go:

That is awesome.





Kudos (Kodos?) to all for the nice work.


I vote for 13 and 13 and 13


Travis and Righteous Bubba, here you go:

Whoa. Incroyable.


14, by far. Best use of context, with the bonus of George taking the role of Earl Holliman.


#’s 8, 14 and 15. But it was really hard to choose just three.

john in california

15,17,and 22


I did #14 and #21.

My votes : #8, #9 and #11


19, 21 & 24


You always did love those transformers :).


Thanks to my family, friends and loyal supporters for all your votes!

Looks like we’re in a three-way tie for fifth place!!!!



Michael said,

March 11, 2007 at 3:46

Travis and Righteous Bubba, here you go:

wow. that is so great.


Michael said,
March 11, 2007 at 3:46

Travis and Righteous Bubba, here you go:

wow. that is so great.


nice work Michael. that is so cool.


Thanks. It wasn’t all that difficult, to be honest. The version of Photoshop I have is WAY old (version 4.0), but has layer options. Once I pasted Putz’s head to the body, I modified the layer (I forget–I either used “multiply,” “overlay,” or “hard light”), then selected the background and did a little bit of cleaning up.

Photoshop for me is sort of the equivalent of computer games. I’m mostly self taught, although a couple of times I’ve gone to this site to look stuff up


The poster formerly known as

Manipulating fotos for fun and profit (if by profit one means ‘a copy of an old book and a bottle of beer’) is all well and good, but you know that Freedom of Speech at its worst will be exploited by those who HATE our country?

Go ahead, click the link, scroll down past the pictures of your heroes Hanoi jane (name left un-capitalized on purpose) and Sean Penn. Is that you? Why does your ilk hate America?

These colours don’t run, bitches.

The poster formerly known as

Manipulating fotos for fun and profit (if by profit one means ‘a copy of an old book and a bottle of beer’) is all well and good, but you know that Freedom of Speech at its worst will be exploited by those who HATE our country?

Go ahead, click the link, scroll down past the pictures of your heroes Hanoi jane ( name left uncapitalized on purpose) and Sean Penn. Is that you? Why does your ilk hate America?

These colours don’t run, bitches.

I see, call my comment spam. You ilk can’t handle the truth.


[…] sorry it’s taken me so long to tabulate the results of the Glenn Reynolds Roboshop Challenge, but in my defense, I’m a lazy sack of […]


[…] we all know what that means, […]


[…] Elton Beard. I am aware of all Internet traditions;™ or so go The Sadly, Naughts! and their Intrepid Robots. var google_ad_client = “pub-0490979434562042”; var google_ad_width = 468; var […]


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