The best piece on the election so far

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to Jon Swift. So now I’m going to link to Jon Swift. Please read the whole thing. I still have tears in my eyes.


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damn, that’s good.


Christ those wingnuts are stupid. It seems that they will believe anything that flatters their world view. Y’know, I don’t like Bush but if someone told me he was secretly a costumed super villain or an evil cyborg from the future I wouldn’t just accept it because it lets me not like Bush even more.


if someone told me he was secretly a costumed super villain or an evil cyborg from the future

Even that isn’t as stupid as the birth certificate conspiracy and the “underage gay affair.”


Yeah, that’s why it’s sooooo good to have Mister Swift writing regularly again.


Part of Jon Swift’s greatness lies in his clever wordplay. To wit, notice the following orthographic apposition he uses when discussing Ms. Ann Outhouse: “exhaustive analySis. One would think he was sum kinda eeeleetist, using fancy-ass words like dat dere.


From his comments
I think this is meant to be a joke. I hope this is meant to be a joke. If not….you are a freaking insane lunatic.

He’s still getting people who don’t get the satire??? Wow!


He’s still getting people who don’t get the satire??? Wow!

Well, consider the reality Swift was mocking. Hell, we don’t even need drugs anymore. Just read your average right-wing blogger next time you want to screw with your perception of reality.


He’s still getting people who don’t get the satire??? Wow!

Which means that at this very moment, someone is looking into the Obama/Mrs. Calabash connection.



To doubt the truth of their findings, you would have to believe that an entire segment of the blogosphere has suddenly been gripped by hysteria and gone collectively insane, which is a pretty unlikely scenario.

As Omar would say, “Oh, indeed.”


That was good. But nothing is ever going to top Furries for McCain attacking the patriotism and honesty of WWII who liberated concentration camps:

That was the shit.



A truly masterful analysis of the inner workings of the Right wing hive mind. This is sort of like the people that clutch one’s elbows in the street and ask you if you have Heard the Truth Today.
My theory is that there is a small group of unconnected people getting payed enormous amounts of money for “research ” into Obama and thus have a wild and extravagant lifestyle (cheez whiz on everything) based on feeding the hounds.
The New Zealander involved in this “trade” is a Mr. Trevor Loudon


So, while I was over there, I decided to check out his review of Battlestar Galatica. It appears that about half the commenters didn’t get that either.

But, y’know, it’s one thing to be able to keep a completely straight face while performing satire in person (or on video). The difficulty of doing so in writing it seems to me is several orders of magnitude higher, unless you inject your keyboard with botox, which Jon Swift apparently does.


Kleptomania is a serious affliction! You have no right to make fun of people who have it. People who can’t even make a simple $150,000 clothing purchase without stealing!

Apparently, there is no record at the stores for many of the claimed purchases for Palin’s wardrobe. Looks like her personal shopper, Mr. “Robocall” Larson, was skimming!


But even if the RNC ripped each other off in the process of ripping their GOP donors off, I still think Sadly, No! is the best site on the web.
As I have said before, if you will have me, I’d like to have Sadly, No!’s baby. I will raise it as my own, and treasure it as Lady Hamilton treasured Horatia Nelson. A memento of our love.


This sort of thing calls out for a Best of Election 2008 retrospective, even if it is a little early. My own personal favorite Obama-is-Satan fever dream was the Barack Obama murder list. But there are so many fine right-wing paranoid delusions out there to choose from.


Wow, that was really good. Thanks Jonathan!

Rugged in Montana

Holy crap! I walked into my local watering hole, the Blood Clot, for a trayful of Brandy Alexanders and when I walked back out, my beloved Montana had turned BLUE!!!

I can tell you this, the Butte-ocks are in a frenzy over this.


So uh wait, Obama isn’t gonna to subject us to Shania Law?



my friends I believe I have ID’d Gary Ruppert.

A senior Republican strategist, speaking with authority about the view of the party’s establishment, issued a wide-ranging critique of the McCain high command: … “The fact is, when you’re the party standard-bearer, you have an obligation to fight to the finish,” this strategist continued.

It makes perfect sense!!


There is only one Republican strategist. They create clones of it on demand from those giant vats deep underground beneath the Denver airport. And since each clone begins as a blank they put them in a life simulator to give each one different muscle tone, fat distribution and even emotional experiences. The clones can appear very different but deep down they are really just clones.

The Goddamn Batman Would Never Eat An Irish Baby

When you bring all the wingnut craziness together, it really does sound like David Lynch’s next movie, eh?


Can we start the campaign to vote him ‘Comedy Blog of the Year’ or whatever S, N! wins every year?

I think it would only be fitting for us Sadlynaughts to bestow that own upon the lad, no?


Writing from Germany: a German told me the other day that there was a serious report in the media that Obama wasn’t born in the USA. I found the accusation laughable and did my best to dismiss it. Still, that it got all the way over here and could be believed – yikes!

Turbine Yukon Palin

That article was filled with so much compressed madness, I think light bends around it.

Fire is so pretty to watch. Especially when it comes from the smoking crater that is the wingnutosphere.


Ann Althouse has completely lost it. I think she’s ever-so slightly miffed at being bracketed with Ace of Spades and similar. She responds to Jon Swift’s comments with some quite un-lady-like words (I’m sure it’s OK for a law professor to call their opponents “shithead”, “hypocrite”, “asshole”, “little prick” in court, though – they had different standards there, don’t they?)

Just as well she didn’t resort to a vicious attack like calling someone “harebrained” and a “glue sniffer”, as was done to her when she completely reasonably saw words that weren’t there. Otherwise she’d be a hypocrite.


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