About them children in Iraqi prisons

Yesterday, we wrote about a report on German TV dealing with the alleged abuse by US forces of imprisoned Iraqi children. For those with a working knowledge of German, we can offer the video from last night’s show. You can download this clip (320×240 resolution, 9.3MB, RealMedia format.) We’d make the file smaller if we could (or knew how.) Sadly however, we can’t (or don’t.) [Note: For reasons we cannot hope to understand, starting the video clip on our desktop causes the volume to be set to 0. If you can’t hear the sound, please do check volume settings in Control Panel.]

We hope to offer a partial translation later today.

Edit: Full translation of the Spiegel article quoted in our earlier post here. (Thanks to idleworm.)


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A 15-year-old boy stripped, splashed with water, and driven around in the cold? Kids held without access to their families? A non-response from the American government?

This stuff is terrifying. We seem to be getting to the point where our only defense will be “Yeah, but we’re still better than Saddam.”


Chidren Abused At Abu Ghraib

The political blog Sadly No has a video of a German television report of abuse of children at Abu Ghraib. For those that dont understand German there is a translation here.


The USA is no better than Saddam – because SH never took prode in being a champion of Human Rights, whereas the USA has always pursued the values of respect for the dignity of the human condition.
And now kids.


Madness At Abu Ghraib

How can our political leaders ask our soldiers to abuse children at Abu Ghraib. The thought alone is sickening. Senator Joe Biden has disagreed with the neoconservatives in the Bush administration, but has called them “patriotic Americans.” I don’t b…


How do we find out if this is true? This is not a Republican or Democratic issue this is inexcusable behavior and the American people need to know what is happening in their name. I am so upset I’ve spent most of this day e-mailing Senators, the House, and every news agentcy I can think of. I even e-mailed Michael Moore.


How do we find out if it’s true? We have the photographs, memoes, signed instructions authorizing specific prohibited “techniques” of torture. And we have the Bushit War Crimes Family’s “failure” to renounce the use of torture. They cannot be wrong, after all, so why should they?

As for the unsubstantiated allegations against Saddam Hussein? How do we find out if they’re true? Not by listening to the Bushit War Crimes Family, Chalabi, and their ilk. And most of the _alleged_ evidence against Hussein was destroyed when the US refused to protect municipal buildings and they were torched. Rumsfeld’s loony notion of “freedom” destroyed the evidence.

I’m still waiting for the _EVIDENCE_ for the claim that Hussein tried to assassinate Bushit’s daddy.

The wingnuts who try to avoid the issue by dragging in Hussein, and asserting the disproven “few bad apples” lie are relying upon, behind all that, the Nazi “I was only following orders” claim. That that was rejected as a defense doesn’t make any difference to wingnuts: they will tell any lie in effort to advance Bushit and his fellow travelers in fascism.

But let’s start here:

The Geneva Conventions were written, foremost, to protect _our_ troops should they become POWs. Bushit’s contempt for the Geneva Conventions is equaled by his contempt for the troops from whom he removed the Conventions’ protections.

One can support Bushit. Or one can support the troops. But one _cannot_ support _both_.

In so doing, Bushit voluntarily handed the terrorists a huge propaganda victory. And that equates with assisting the enemy. And that is treason.

Add in that he has betrayed and abused the military. Add in that he’s a petty, vindictive, sadistic little Napoleon Mussolini prick who enjoys inflicting pain on others. He only wishes he was directly imposing the torture. That is demonstrated by the fact that he authorized torture — violations not only of Geneva Conventions and treaties but also of the Federal “War Crimes Act,” which includes the death penalty. It includes the death penalty because that’s how serious is torture.

And by drips we learn more and more about the torture of children. Children!

This is not the place to attempt to list all the treasonous acts committed by the Bushit War Crimes Family. He is a disgrace. Worse, he has disgraced our country. When are we going to wake up and exercise our duty to correct the situation? When are we going to remove the Bushit War Crimes Family from their stolen office and deliver them to the Hague?


Until 2 months ago, I never really paid the attention to the Iraqi invasion that it deserved. I started to study footage of the war, pictures, opinions of Iraqis, articles, everything I could lay my hands on. I can’t believe the scenes. I’m so so sorry for the destruction caused. I hate seeing people in so much pain, and so many dead bodies. I hate the hypocrisy of America’s leaders and their minions. And I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. I live in Australia and the media is monopolised by two people who are staunch supporters of our Prime Minister John Howard – Bush’s #2 minion. I’ve never seen a dead Iraqi child in my life until I took the time to dig up sites online. I’m a perfect example of the ignorance that’s fed to us. And as you are, I’m so bloody sorry for it all.


God you people are beyond moronic. Please, promise me you won’t reproduce.


Rumsfield said it was alright because Bush said it was alright and the kids said he was molesting them too.


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