My first attempt at making a video

I’m in Baltimore right now. Here is a Saturday night present:

This is my first attempt at making a video. It’s a collection of some of Dear Leader’s finest moments. Hope you enjoy.

Also, after reading Gavin’s chronicle of the Scott Beauchamp affair… sigh…

Of all the useless f_cks who write crazy shi_t on the Internet, the cult of _ssholes who have dedicated the past four years to claiming, “the Iraq war would have worked were it not for you darned kids and the liberal media!” are by far the most tiresome. It doesn’t matter how many times they get humiliated, shamed and proven wrong: at the end of the day, they’ll concoct some other sub-retarded conspiracy theory that reinforces their creepy “stabbed-in-the-back” narrative. Trying to keep up with these guys is like journeying to the center of a black hole: you’re basically trying to crawl through something that’s infinitely dense.

So when I get back from vacation, I’m going back to my meat-and-potatoes of Pastor Swank and Renew America. They may be stupid and illiterate, but at least they won’t leave permanent mental scarring.


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Bonds just tied Aaron. In san diego. He kissed his son and his daughter. I wonder why nobody ever mentions that…

I got a bit damp….



The Iraq war would have worked if we killed them all.


Bonds… Jesus Christ, what a cheating tosspot… I still like him better than Vick though…


You need a new foley guy – the sound effects were a bit lacking. The movie could have used some “SPROINNNNNGG!”s and some “DOINKK!”s and maybe one or two “ah-OOOO-gah!”s, to properly underscore the gravitas of the piece. Otherwise, nice first effort!


Good, but not enough fearmongering!
The brave keyboardist bedsoilers won’t be convinced!


I hear Dear Leader got his Gordon Browns confused. Perhaps there’s some footage of that that can be used in the next video?


At least right-wing Germans waited until after the Great War was over before they started whining about getting stabbed in the back.

a different brad

I love Bonds for a very simple reason; he treats the sporting press like the scum they are. I hope he doesn’t bother with a post game press conference.

N great video, but the ultimate Bush vid will always be him singing Sunday, Bloody Sunday.


I’m going back to my meat-and-potatoes of Pastor Swank and Renew America

The classics are always a good way to refresh oneself.


Shit, you’re in Baltimore for vacation? I lived there for ten friggin years. I got beaten up in 1995 in the Inner Harbor by 8 guys. They dislocated my shoulder and walked away. They used to land helicopters in my neighborhood too. Now I’m in South Central LA, where it’s safer.

Good times.


brad, that’s a great video. but really, dude, “cheating” is the essence of baseball. look up the definition of “greenies” and get back to me on how different barry bonds is from a half-century of speed freaks playing MLB. while you’re at it, you can look up androstenedione, HGH, and a whole bunch of other things. the point is that this is a steroids ERA, and to focus on bonds is hypocrisy. he’s not the only one juicing. or do you think a whole bunch of pitchers all of a sudden developed 95 mph fastballs by hard work alone? look, it’s always total respect for you and SN on my part. but you need to rethink this.


The classics are always a good way to refresh oneself.

Hey, whatever happened to HTML’s girlfriend Teh Apostrophed One? I think a good Marie Jon’ post would give us all a sorely needed relief of uncontrollable giggles.


Nice work with the musical break.


It’s over / under time:

Number of hours required for the wingnut-o-sphere to declare that the lying, cheating, un-civil, vile, foul-mouthed, *cough* black *cough* (and probably Muslim), Barry Bonds is teh number one leftist hero and therefore every objective reason why Iraq is a debacle (which of course it isn’t; teh surge is working!!), after Bonds hits 756 (probably off of a military hero who goes to church 8 days a week):

0.23 hours.


Sadly, No! I heart you sooooooooooooooooooo much! That was fantastical!


Ha ha! I had totally forgotten that line about how Osama bin Laden can’t experience the joy of Hanukkah. How is it that people voted for this five-year-old?


All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments,
Imagine you’d be here.
All of my memories keep you near,
Your silent whispers, silent tears.


Bushspeak speaks for itself.

Great video… Keep the sadlyno productions coming.

Btw, drinking Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale…it’s yummy.


these are the same guys who keep whinging that we DIDN’T LOSE VIETNAM!!! (even though we did). They can’t through their thick skulls into their small, peanut-like brains, so how do you expect them to pick up on the Iraq thingy?


Baltimore, eh?

Home of the three greatest tv-shows ever:

Homicide: Life On The Street, The Corner and The Wire.

Damn, I can’t wait for the final season of The Wire…


I love the smirking ‘No, do you?’ response to the president of Chechnya question, like he knows he just landed a real zinger.


nice work though



I was going to say the same thing last night…


You’re vacationing in Baltimore?????
I hope you will check out the Visionary Arts Museum, Brewer’s Art and the Owl Bar.

From a resident of Catonsville (more churches per capita than most other Maryland towns).


Brad, to paraphrase Michael Ledeen:

“More videos. And faster, please.”

To quote Michael Ledeen:

“Simone! Where the fuck’s my cut of the 9 billion?!”

Hysterical Woman

I’m ashamed that I had to look up the names of the current leaders Bush was quizzed on. For the record:
President of Chechen: Ramzan Kadyrov
President of Taiwan: Chen Shui-bian (not Kuomintang!)
President of Pakistan: Pervez Musharraf
Prime Minister of India: Manmohan Singh


I knew three of those. The Chechnian dude was news to me.

Can I be president now?


Smiling Mortician


Yes. Please.

Smiling Mortician

Dunno, Simba. A lot can happen between now and ’08. I”m leaning toward setting up a Jeopardy-style faceoff, winner take all, mikey and dubya — say, sometime this week? I propose the following topics:

current events
small arms
fine single malts


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