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Uh-oh! Cliff Schecter is engaging in *scary music* LOOKISM!!!!!

This “Woman” Wants John Edwards “Killed”

I use the term “woman” loosely, as I would with anyone with an Adam’s Apple the size of Mount Olympus.

But hey, it’s good to see her getting more network appearances. I sure do love our liberal media!

You know why so many of us use “lookism” to attack wingnuts, peeps? Because it’s funny.


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Okay, let’s get this settled. Lookism, or Looksism?


Obviously the Republicans are looking to diffuse Cheney’s “Fourth Branch” fall out.

Thus the appearance of Annie. The woman that looks like a man impersonating a woman. The pinnacle of SECKSIE to repressed Rethugs everywhere…

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Now, boys and girls (and whatever), a little decorum please. We can’t help the way we’re made.

All the same, my mother would no doubt opine that she’s ‘uglier than a hatful of arseholes’.


As I said at my pad: These days, every time I see Coulter roll out her stupid schtick, I’m reminded of this classic Onion piece.


Anne’s act always includes at least one good eliminationist fantasy.

In fact, it was at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2002 that she famously claimed:
“We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too.”

Always with the jokes.

A friend of mine likes to refer to the Coulter look as “Horsey”, which I think is about right.


Somewhere in Annie’s attic there’s a picture of her a la Dorian Gray that shows how ugly she really is at heart.

The funny thing is, the magic ain’t working because the ugliness shows in the public face too.


Hey! Good morning. We caught another rat overnight in the Rat Zapper!


Hey guys, totally off topic, but apparently there’s been legislation introduced to undermine the most odious aspect of MCA – the removal of habeas corpus rights in perpetuity. Call your reps, email them, whatever, to get them to support H.R. 1416 and S. 185 (the names of the bill in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, respectively).

Firedoglake’s got the details. Please call on this one. It’s a chance to right a great and terrible wrong – and the mood of the country is such that we just might get it…which means that we’d actually get back something vaguely resembling democracy, instead of the viscious fiat state we currently have.


I watched the clip of Edwards (distaff) asking Coulter to stop making ugly personal attacks on her husband. Coulter’s unbelievably fourth-grade response was, “Yeah, okay, so you want me to stop writing? Okay, I’ll stop writing.” As if the only way she can write is by a) making fun of the Edwardseseses’ dead son; b) calling Edwards a “faggot”; and c) saying that she wanted him to die in a terrorist bombing.

She is so unbelievably hateful that simply thinking about her gets me quivering with rage. Or lust. I’m not sure which.

No, wait: it’s rage.


That little smile at the end says it all. “The media is my bitch! I can say any crazy shit and get away with it. Like just now!”

Am I the only person that sees this as a possible parody of the ballsless behavior of the media and its mere echoing of what is said into a microphone or camera lens without calling those people out on the shit they spew?

Y’know, like Andy Kaufman but uglier in every way possible?


So yeah. No name liberal blogger gets pissed at someone (I forget who) and makes comments regarding their kid? Hounded down and fired from their job.

Anne goes on National TV (repeatedly) and vocally wishes for the suffering and death of fellow Americans, including members of the government? “Awwwwww, she’s so scrappy! Let’s give her more air time.”

Yeah. My will to live is pretty low right now…


I detest Ann Coulter- but the “tranny” jokes are really hateful. Trans folks are subject to enough hate, discrimination and violence (far more than gays and lesbians generally) without folks on “our” side implying there’s something wrong with them.

Disparaging Coulter’s femininity or implying she is transgendered is the least useful or funny thing to say about her. Moreover it perpetuates the very culture of violence and hatred that she spews.


So how does her last book being released in paperback earn her an entire hour on Matthews’ show,and a spot on the morning talk shows? WTH? Ack. American media blows goats.


She really does look like a poorly-costumed man, though.


Every time Little Annie Succubus trots out her act, I’m reminded of this one-post blog that reads like the Rude Pundit on a really good day.

Ah, the classics never grow stale.


Holy crap, laserda!

Wingnut debasement porn?

I guess you learn something new every day…

Principal Blackman

These days, every time I see Coulter roll out her stupid schtick, I’m reminded of this classic Onion piece.

You and me both, Otto Man.


Disparaging Coulter’s femininity or implying she is transgendered is the least useful or funny thing to say about her.

Since I want to be as useful as possible, I won’t point out that she looks like the mummy of Ramses II with a blond wig. And I’ll stifle the John D. Rockefeller in pantyhose comments, too. And not a word about Ichabod Crane in drag.


Allie, what is funny is not that Anne Coulter looks like a transsexual. What is so funny is how a Very masculine looking woman is such a sex symbol to so many self-styled “Macho-Master Heterostuds”.



“Disparaging Coulter’s femininity or implying she is transgendered is the least useful or funny thing to say about her.”


Trannies fucking RULE. They are, like midgets and lesbians who look like Elvis, the Special Sauce that makes life worth living. Every time I’m in a dour mood, I think of a cowboy midget riding a tricycle or a dowdy tranny in a housedress and I smile again.


It’s also sort of fair game as she is this thin, elitest blonde woman in an LBD screaming the most horrendous “kill-em-all” rhetoric, and the visual disconnect is jarring to say the least, making it kind of hard not to at least mention…



Reckon why she’s got such a hate-on for John Edwards, anyway. I mean, that’s pretty harshing, wishing someone got killed in a terrorist assasination plot. I mean, seriously…even if this wasn’t a U.S. senator or a candidate for U.S. president, this woman – this public figure – is on television hoping for his violent death.

Shouldn’t some law enforcement officials be a-knockin’ at her door? Or is this like Limbaugh’s drug use, reckon.


Quite a while ago I was arriving at my building on a Saturday night. Stabbing away at the intercom buttons was a dwarfish Carmen Miranda with stubble who I recognized from around the neighbourhood. He was ordinarily a bland dresser but the weekend was playtime. Eventually there was a crackle, someone asked who was there and the guy said, in a voice not unlike Blacque Jacque Shellacque, “Hello! It’s Henri! Let me in!” The intercom was a really loud, so everyone walking by could hear giggling and plotting and then out blared a sing-song “DRAG QUEEEEEN! EVERYBODY LOOO-OOOK!” He turns around and faces me like a miniature parade float, then stretches out his hand palms up, adds an exasperating look and says “Whad can yoo doo?”

I’m fairly certain I’m some kind of idiot, but I still smile when I think of that scene, which is not to diminish the worth of the short, the French, the gay, or the interestingly clothed. Some things are just funny and squirming can be a large part of the formula. Let it be said that I have some things to squirm about myself.

Still, and with picking on looks endorsed as a comedic device, I’d rather imagine Ann as, oh, some freakish crustacean trying to gnaw goo off rocks at a superfund clean-up. Ann Coulter as a man is now about as funny as Michael Moore being fat, which is to say not funny, although I’ll allow that someone may come up with a variation on the theme that may get a rise out of me.


If you keep getting complaints about lookism, just move on to her being a damned, dirty hippie! (mean-spirited fascist variety)


Can anyone at S,N! Enterprises work up the appropriate photoshop, complete w/ tie-die, peace signs, beads, bong, frisbee, incense, copy of mein kampf and starr report, etc.?


Does she HAVE anything to wear besides a Little Black Dresses?

The fashion police should throw her in Fashion Gitmo.


As my granny used to say: “That’s an unfortunate looking girl.” (kindlier looksism)


Does she HAVE anything to wear besides a Little Black Dresses?

There are the ones made out of human skin, but that overplays the hand.


Stretched Alice is the image that comes to mind whenever I see Coulter. She really does look like she’s swallowed a nasty pill.


laserda; That’s for having that available. Not, however, a one-off, but a two off:


laserda: Thank’s for remembering that. Not, however, a one-off, but a two-off:


GDF!: Shouldn’ta had that apostrophe in “thanks.” Can’t type, spell, punctuate or submit any more. Sorry.


Righteous B, you made me spit out my apple.

that’s the funny, right there.


I’ve sworn I would not criticize Ann’s physical appearance again, but let’s face it, she dresses like a slut. Me, I don’t care if women are very liberal in their sexual outlooks. I’m 51 now, female, and so a bit past my prime (read, getting fat), but I was a looker in my time and had my days of showing off the hardware. And I liked it. It was power.

But I never held myself out as an author of books like “Godless” and extolling the virtues of abstinence and Christian morality. Ann is a slut, with her leather min-skirts and various “come hither” outfits.” Nothing wrong with that, except she sells her bullshit to folks who giver her a pass for being a slut. Come on, she’s in her late 40s, and do you think she is a virgin, she who looks and dresses like that, and has never been married? Yet the far religious right (ahem) eat her up.


Wow. So I clicked on it. I have purposely avoided seeing Ann Coulter for a long time. But this time I clicked on it.

Wow. Even this little clip – she is fucking weird. No, I don’t mean she’s a tranny (although that’s funny as hell as a joke) or anorexic, but you can really see, when you look at her, how the brittle poison nastiness in her [dare I say] soul has shaped her physical being. The strange tight mouth. The tense, movements. The monotone voice.

It must be hell to be a member of her family, or a close associate. Can you imagine working for or with this woman?


Her boney, heroin-chic reptilian face and pronounced Adam’s apple remind me of a snake swallowing a rat, and the vacuous deer-in-the-headlights eyes make me think the rat has diarrhea.


she HAVE anything to wear besides a Little Black Dresses??


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