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They’re like cockroaches, you see, just waiting for you to turn out the lights so they can vote for dhimmitude!

Steyn: “They’re everywhere!1!!!”

[T]he correspondents who think that the disadvantage of “living in the shadows” is that you can’t vote might like to ponder this far from untypical story:

Hundreds Of Illegals Have Registered To Vote In Bexar County


Oh, and speaking of fun headlines:

Growing Number Of Hispanic Americans Converting To Islam

Gavin adds: Famous lookalikes, wingnut edition (slight return):



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Qetesh the Abyssinian

Jesus weeping Christ. Why have so many folks been hit with the stupid stick?


Hundreds Of Illegals Have Registered To Vote In Bexar County

I guess it doesn’t pay to politicize Justice.


Yeah, you laugh now. But who will you be counting on when the time comes to get rid of that fucking ring, huh?


Aieee! Mexlamofascits!

Incontinentia Buttocks

Jesus weeping Christ. Why have so many folks been hit with the stupid stick?

Steyn saved someone a swipe of that stick…I’m convinced he was born that way.


Voter fraud, my aunt fanny, everyone knows what’s going on now, the Republicans have shot themselves in the head with this piece of shit legislation, snuck it onto the floor Tuesday because an oppositional senator was sick with the flu. He was called at home, got out of bed and rushed into the capitol to kill it. The fight shut down the Senate for the rest of day and most of Wednesday, killing 2 days worth of pending legislation. Then Friday the ailing Senator Gallegos was ordered back to Houston for an operation, he shouldn’t even be here, but he’s been showing up everyday to stop HB 218 from going to the floor. If it passes 2 million Texans will become instantly disenfranchised, but the Democrats are down to 10 senators now, not enough to keep it from coming to debate. Three days til the session ends. If it comes up they’ll filibuster, killing hundreds more bills. Democrats are in print saying they are afraid to leave the chamber to use the restroom. It’s all so despicable, this has got to be it for Texas Rethugs, everyone knows what this is about, the whole state is seeing what these people are made of.


Since when is Islam intrinsically bad? I have the same relationship with Islam that I have it with all other religions (automatically very poor, with changes according to present state and direction, effect on humanity and historical evidence of ethical progression of humanity contra regression). Yet the message here is that Islam is bad because hispanics (some of whom are, no telling which one but suspicion is good for your sperm I guess, illegal) are joining it to a degree while Hispanics are bad because some are joining Islam. Oh My Logic.

The main thing with Steyn’s secretions is that the prose fluctuates between gumption and martyrdom, passive-aggressiveness and contempt, pride and shame, irony and honesty, with the resulting being that his congregation – much like those who are not part of that worrying cabal – only get the gist yet can vibrate in tune with said gist until squealing and a nice drag on a ciggarette invariably ensues.

Logos, ethos and pathos is often tangential and repetitve, the perspective is slanted and closed, the implications of the deductions or the arguments are inconsiderate of realities and/or ethics while the conclusions are not borne out by the facts/fabrications/rumors/whathaveone. Of course – you don’t remember specifics from the columns if you are part of the choir – you come for the sublimation, the release, the deepening of your conviction and the occasionall, sharp, chuckle-worthy sentence.

Go read Johann Hari instead, he is too socialist to be indispensible in my book, but he is honest, has morale and a sense of history and knows his limits.


from the article – ‘Jesus Marti, Hispanic Muslim’. Boy, that just has to get the winger’s heads reeling.

A hispanic muslim – the mixture of two dark, scary cultures. Not only are they pouring over our boarders, but they might be islamoterrorists as well! Aiieeeeiieeee!


Say what you will about Steyn, but he’s going to be hilarious in “Knocked Up.”


If it hadn’t been the Muslims, he would have written a stupid book about the Mexican’s and how they are all coming to take us over, and make us sniff incense, or whatever catholics do!


Say what you will about Steyn, but he’s going to be hilarious in “Knocked Up.�

Oh thank God, I’m not the only one who sees that. I’ve been seeing that guy in place of Steyn since… 40-Year Old Virgin at least. Maybe earlier thanks to Undeclared.

Galactic Dustbin

And now we are but one word away from Our Ultimate Goal:

GAY Hispanic Muslims!!



I’m confused. I need some help here. He hates mexicans. Catholic mexicans, protestant mexicans, atheist mexicans. He’s already established that they are teh enemy. AND, he hates muslims. No greater perjorative in the world can be used to describe another human being than “muslim”. Any muslim should be immediately killed, unless someone is watching, then they should be sent to a camp and locked up forever.

Ok, we get all that. But that being the case, what is the source of concern if the mexicans become muslims? You hated them before they became muslims, and you already hate muslims, so mexican muslims are different how? Or is he concerned that the two perjoratives cancel each other out and he’ll have to embrace mexican muslims as friends and let them marry his sister?

Anyway, I need an explanation, ’cause I’m just not getting the point…



It’s that he’s telling a crowd that already fears and loathes Mexicans that they are right in their fears more than they know: the mexicans will become a muslimofascist enemy within.


Oh noes! Before you know it, San Diego will be another Dearborn! We’re gonna need help from our intrepid friend Debbiecakes Schlussel!


Principal Blackman

Since when is Islam intrinsically bad?

Since Osama declared war on Our Freedom(tm) by carrying out the 9/11 attacks in an effort to kill Jesus so he (Osama) could gay marry his bestest buddy in the whole world, Saddam. Also, if Islam really were the superior faith, then America would be Muslim. After all, America is where God actually pays attention, right? Q.E.D.

OK, seriously, my attitude is pretty much the same as yours. When hyperreligious folks get into these bullshit squabbles claiming that their deity/holy book would totally kick your deity/holy book’s ass–and be morally superior in doing so–it just looks like a bunch of bald guys arguing over a comb.


From the WOAI story Steyn and other wingnuts are all excited about:

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have registered to vote in Bexar County in recent years and dozens of them have actually cast ballots, canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens, 1200 WOAI news will report Thursday morning.

Figures obtained by 1200 WOAI news shows 303 illegals successfully registered to vote, and at least 41 cast ballots in various elections.

Contrary to WOAI’s claim to having exclusive news, there’s nothing new about this story or these numbers. Here’s Brent Connett of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, writing in the San Antonio Express-News on December 17, 2006:

In response to a public information request, however, the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute found that between 2003 and 2005, 303 noncitizens were removed from the voter rolls in Bexar County.

Before being canceled, 41 of those 303 noncitizens illegally cast ballots in bond elections, runoffs, primaries and general elections.

And to put these numbers in context, here’s Jaime Castillo, writing in the same paper on April 24, 2007:

Still, the central question on the voter ID bill has to be: Is there rampant fraud that would be addressed by the legislation?

Bexar County’s First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg said he couldn’t recall the prosecution of a single voter impersonation case in the eight years he’s been there.

The Texas attorney general’s office, which has ramped up voter fraud investigations in recent years, has produced 14 election-related indictments across the state since May 2005.

But a spokeswoman couldn’t say if even one involved a person showing up to vote on Election Day who tried to cast a ballot as someone else.

A review of press releases on the attorney general’s Web site indicated that many of those indictments dealt with fraud involving mail-in ballots, illegally marked ballots and unlawful voter assistance. None I saw addressed the voter impersonation issue.

In other words, the bill by state Rep. Betty Brown, R-Terrell, would do absolutely nothing to stop the majority of fraud taking place on a regular basis.

So, if voter fraud is truly the concern of Republican lawmakers, what sort of legislation might root it out?

“The typical scenario we run into is people who assist voters, whether they be the elderly or disabled, with mail-in ballots,” Herberg said.

See also this discussion at Burnt Orange Report, which includes the text of a letter on the Lt. Governor’s stationary which repeats these numbers. Lt. Gov. Dewhurst denies the letter is his.


Ah, the Texas GOP at work. In December 2006 the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute published “Porous Borders, Porous Elections: The Imperative to Verify Voters’ Citizenship” (pdf). Here one finds the numbers regarding improper registration and voting in Bexar County. The report recommends requiring voters to show ID at the polls, among other things. Brent Connett repeats these numbes and recommendations in his Express-News op-ed piece. A few months later Rep. Betty Brown introduces HR 218 in the Texas state legislature.

The president of the TCCRI board of directors is Warren “Fixed Earth” Chisum. Betty Brown is also a member.


Thanks for that J, I felt like a boob for semi-hijacking the thread. Since we’re on it, this just in:

Ailing state Sen. Mario Gallegos, D-Houston, has a hospital bed set up in the sergeant’s office — about a 100 feet from Gallegos’ Senate chamber desk, Monday so that he could help block a contentious voter ID bill from debate.

“I’m hurting. I’m hurting,” Gallegos said a few minutes ago as the Senate went into session.

Gallegos went through a liver transplant surgery earlier this year and had a follow-up procedure on Friday.

Doctors wanted Gallegos to stay in Houston. But doing so would have given Republicans enough votes to pass a voter identification bill.

Gallegos and every Democrat oppose the legislation, contending that it’s part of an orchestrated campaign to suppress voting of low-income and elderly citizens.

Saints be with him. It’s not every day we get to feel proud of our government in Texas.

Houston Chronicle:

“Gallegos says it is worth risking his life to block the bill in memory of his grandmothers.”


I don’t see any thread-jacking, flawedplan. Steyn is doing his part to protect the GOP business.

I don’t follow Texas politics and only had a vague notion the GOP was trying to pass voter ID legislation during the current session. The WOAI “exclusive” smelled funny to me, so I started looking around for other recent reports about registration and voting problems in Bexar County. I didn’t find any news on the subject from the few last week besides the radio report. What I did find were right-wing bloggers linking to the same WOAI piece: Patterico, Kathryn Jean Lopez, the Lone Star Times, and Christian News Wire, to give some examples.

And then I saw your comment at 16:55 and the timing of it all became clear.


few last week last few weeks

Here’s another one from Corruption Chronicles: A Judicial Watch Blog.


Strike ouch! Let me try that again.

few last week last few weeks

Here’s another one from Corruption Chronicles: A Judicial Watch Blog.


This has been so thoroughly vetted on the House floor and in the press, everyone knows it’s a complete scam to make Rethugs a permanent majority in TX by disenfranchising the Democratic base. A major Texas Republican pundit came out against it saying his mother wouldn’t be able to vote if the bill passes.

Democratic lawmakers have been amazing in their efforts at blocking this, the House floor debates were like nothing I’ve seen, we’ve got real angry heroes under the dome this session, and they’re making us stronger. Any Democrat who ever feels whipped and in need of inspiration, I’ll show you some shiver-giving live-streaming links to put you back on your feet. Or this —

Sen. Gallegos in his hospital bed at the Senate today.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst could take HB 218 off the intent calendar and let the man go home and mend in peace, instead he’s putting his life at risk to pass a damn poll tax.

How do they sleep?

Should probably blog about this at my own site, but my blog’s about mental illness.


Should probably blog about this at my own site, but my blog’s about mental illness.

And you think that doesn’t qualify?


a spokeswoman couldn’t say if even one involved a person showing up to vote on Election Day who tried to cast a ballot as someone else.

No shit, Sherlock. In other news, people notably reluctant to jump off high buildings to see if they can fly.


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