Frothing with rage

Holy crap. Look at the op-ed that Fred Hiatt published this morning:

How the CIA Failed America

This in and of itself is not a bad title. The CIA certainly did fail America in the run-up to the Iraq war. The only way this editorial could possibly be bogus is if it were written…

By Richard N. Perle

Holy mother of God. If you guys could see me at my laptop right now, you’d see me literally frothing with uncontrollable rage. “RICHARD BLEEPIN’ ‘AN END TO EVIL’ PERLE??!??!!” I’m saying. “FROTH-LOGAETWRWWTE!!!!! LOOOHRQEGER!!!!” Reading this editorial makes me want to rip my shirt off, turn bright green, storm into Hiatt’s office, break his computer over my knee and yell, “BRAAAAAD SMAAAAAAAAASH!!!!”

If I owned fruity-arsed purple shorts, this’d be me right now.

Again, kiddies, read ‘er and weep:

How the CIA Failed America

By Richard N. Perle

George Tenet sets the stage in his memoir by recalling a conversation he claims to have had with me on Sept. 12, 2001: “As I walked beneath the awning that leads to the West Wing[, I] saw Richard Perle exiting the building just as I was about to enter. . . . Perle turned to me and said, ‘Iraq has to pay a price for what happened yesterday. They bear responsibility.’ I looked back at Perle and thought: Who has [he] been meeting with in the White House so early in the morning on today of all days?”

But I was in Europe on Sept. 12, 2001, unable to get a return flight to Washington, and I did not tell Tenet that Iraq was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, not then, not ever. That should have been the end of the story: a faulty recollection, perhaps attributing to me something he may have heard elsewhere, an honest mistake.

So I was surprised when, having been made aware of his error, Tenet reasserted his claim, saying: “So I may have been off on the day, but I’m not off on what he said and what he believed.”

On “Meet the Press” last Sunday, Tenet argued that his version “seems to be corroborated” by a comment I made to columnist Robert D. Novak on Sept. 17 and a letter to President Bush that I signed, with 40 others, on Sept. 20. But my 10-word comment to Novak made no claim that Iraq was responsible for Sept. 11. Neither did the letter to the president, which said that “any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power.”

Shorter Richard Perle: Sure, I started pushing for Bush to lead us into a disastrous war just days after al-Qaeda attacked America, but not in the exact way George Tenet says I did.

Here’s the best part:

Understandably anxious to counter the myth that we went into Iraq on the basis of his agency’s faulty intelligence, Tenet seeks to substitute another myth: that the decision to remove Saddam Hussein resulted from the nefarious influence of the vice president and a cabal of neoconservative intellectuals.

Richard. Oh my God. You just acknowledged that you signed a letter urging Bush to take out Saddam less than ten days after the 9/11 attacks occurred. You and your neocon buddies were clearly, obviously, and ridiculously obsessed with taking out Saddam for the purpose of…???? Hell, I still don’t know. Here’s Perle to Novak in Februrary of 2001:

National security expert Richard Perle, an unofficial Bush adviser, flatly predicts that the Iraqi president will be gone within a year. That surely won’t be accomplished by military action that would require a minimum of 250,000 U.S. troops and guarantee the world’s disapproval. Nor is there any chance of repeating the prolonged bombing by the Western alliance that ultimately drove Slobodan Milosevic from power in Serbia. But Perle believes, along with key Bush administration figures, that a U.S.-financed opposition in Iraq can drive Saddam from power. No specialist familiar with Iraq agrees with that.

Of course they didn’t. The Big Lesson here is that Richard Perle is Always Wrong. Always, always, always.

Here’s another Perle-to-Novak touchdown pass from August 2002 (my emphasis):

Doughty cold warrior Richard Perle, a hero of the victory over Soviet Russia, at the moment terrorists struck Sept. 11 laid out a strategy enjoying strong support in the Bush administration: the U.S., aligned with Israel against Islam and the Arab world, with the removal of Saddam Hussein even more important than pacifying Afghanistan.

Oopsie-doodles! Now why would Tenet ever conclude that poor li’l Richard Perle was obsessed with taking out Saddam, and would push for his ouster no matter what the evidence? Maybe because it was completely bloody obvious to everyone but Fred Hiatt?



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Ah, yes, the old “see? he got one inconsequential detail wrong so that proves he’s wrong about everything” defense. Teh Wingnuts are nothing if not predictable.

As for your Hulkamaniacal smashing, Brad, you know that can only end in tears.


12 pages of comments at the Post, all but one excoriating Perle (and that one was talking about “red mercury,” which as far as I know has never been proved to be anything) and many of them really socking it to the Post for printing Perle, and asking WTF’s wrong with the Post in general.
Their new policy of requiring registration seems to have cut down on the right wing droolers who could just spew their disconnected, illiterate rantings at will from their bunkers in the red zone.

Worst. President. Ever.

Now, I fully agree that Richard Perle deserves an orange jumpsuit and free plane ride to the Hague.

But, in fairness, it should be noted that after being appointed to the board of directors of Conrad Black’s Hollinger Inc. (along with fellow celebrity appointees Henry Kissinger and Margaret Thatcher)— as soon as Conman’s legal troubles began, good old Richard jumped from the sinking ship and began baying for Lord Tub-o-Lard’s blood. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.


The fact is, Perle offers a counterbalance to the biased lies that Tenent and the group of liberal Bush haters spew.You may have hate for Perle but you know he is right and you are wrong.


I know what you mean, but it’s not quite right to say that Perle is always wrong. That assumes that he’s trying to be right, rather than simply persuasive. As far as these guys are concerned, being accurate is for pussies — you know, castrated ivory tower leftists. Real men know how to lie to get what they want.

Any truth to this? Sadly, yes.


Most just call him Dick.


Is there such a thing as an unbiased lie?

BTW, if you’re not the real Rupperto, you sure got his incoherence and tenuous grasp on reality just right. Kudos.

Matt of the Open Range

I thought it was Gavin who wore the short shorts.


Perle got some letters mixed up.

How the CIA PNAC Failed America

Fixed to reflect reality…


Uh oh, Gary Rupperto appears to have snuck back over the border.


Rove must be using him for the upcoming 08 elections!


Have the neocons not heard the news? Even my dumb ass dad thinks the media is made up of Bush/Republican/conservative lackeys. This is coming from a man who used to uncritically tell me what Rush Limbaugh was “reporting” on any given day.

Fred Hiatt is mistaken if he thinks his PNAC (Propaganda Newspaper for Asshole Conspirators) leanings aren’t glaringly obvious.


I’m stunned to see that Brad is a user of steroids. My proof: the complete lack of bulge in his purple pants. The cream or the clear, Brad?


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It’s the clear.

Also, have I mentioned that I really, really, really want Barry Bonds to break Aaron’s record at Fenway Park, in front of some of the nastiest and meanest fans on the planet (along with Yankees and Phillees fans)?


What is it with the wingnut chuckleheads and their inability to spell Tenet’s name correectly? didn’t Lawnmower Man do the same thing a couple of days ago, then pen an incoherent mess of pottage as a defense?

Is it some kind of reactionary dogwhistle insult that mekse them think they’re being clever? Or is it just garden variety stupidity?


billy, it’s the latter but if called on it, they will insist to their deathbed it’s the former.

David Robinson

Lies do not “counterbalance” the truth.


He’s an intellectual. He’s an expert. He’s a hero. (I feel a song coming on.)

He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK, he’s sleeps all night and he works all day.

Do you think these people are smart enough and devious enough to have left Tenet (who we now see is a complete moron who shouldn’t be in charge of anything bigger than a trip to the grocery store) in place precisely SO they could blame him and Bill Clinton for Iraq?


Also, have I mentioned that I really, really, really want Barry Bonds to break Aaron’s record at Fenway Park, in front of some of the nastiest and meanest fans on the planet (along with Yankees and Phillees fans)?

Off Curt the right wing Shillster would be perfect.


This Perle-Tenet bitchfest is like elementary school girls yanking each others hair and ripping fistfuls free. You both are sorry asses. You both deserve to be behind bars.


Just like Abu Gonzales, these guys are eventually pinned into the corner where the only two possiblities are “evil or incompetent”. Ol’ Abu warmed my heart by retreating into the “I’m an idiot” defense. But I’m waiting for one of these guys to just stand up, look us right in the eye and say “stupid? Hardly. It was a nasty, brutish evil plan, and we carried it out to perfection”…




Classic. I raise my stein to you.


the folks who were wrong about everything sure are busy trying to blame everyone else for being wrong about everything aren’t they? truth be told they got the oil they wanted, although it hasn’t worked out as well for israel as they had hoped. now, outside of some bad press they will get away with what they have done to this country scot-free. isn’t america great.


“From his vacation home in southern France late Friday, issuing the outlines of his legal defense for the first time, Mr. Perle said that he was misled.”

home in southern France, traitor !!!


This country will be so much better off with a Dick-less government.


and george w…who clearly can’t say no to dick.


Indeed, Shrubbie does like his Dick.


Honestly I think that Bonds should just go all the way if he breaks the record on the road. Play it up: do the hand up to the ear “I can'[t hear you” gesture, slow trot, maybe point to Schilling if he’s at Fenway, just go all out to make his point.


The balls on these people!


Josh Marshall showed a rare moment of snarky wit when he said the Tenet – Perle flap was “See No Evil versus Evil.”

These fucking vipers deserve one another. I hope Tenet tries to garrote that saggy-assed traitor Perle with his Medal of Freedom and then Perle reverts to his true form as a Lovecraftian unspeakable, eats Tenet’s face and slithers down into the sewers where he is devoured by rats.


I hope Tenet tries to garrote that saggy-assed traitor Perle with his Medal of Freedom and then Perle reverts to his true form as a Lovecraftian unspeakable, eats Tenet’s face and slithers down into the sewers where he is devoured by rats.

Not an unlikely scenario.

a different brad

I can only think of one pitcher I’d rather Bonds broke the record against than Schilling, and John Rocker is retired.


It’ll be very interesting, when he’s sitting on 755, to see which pitchers will throw strikes to him. A lot of these guys aren’t gonna want their name in the books for that piece of that record. So it’ll be some young kid trying to stay in the show who figures “hell, if I get bonds out, that’s good for me, and if he hits the home run, I’ll be famous and people will say hey, whaddaya expect, it’s bonds”…


solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

Sorry, Jay B, but JMM stole that line from… uh… hold on a sec. Mind like a steel sieve over here.

Ah. The exact quote is “There they are: See no evil, hear no evil, and evil.” Bob Dole said it about Ford, Carter, and Nixon, who were seated together at a function.

Thank you, Google, for timing your emergence to coincide with my early-onset Alzeimer’s.


Ah, the blame game.



The US invaded and occupied Iraq for one reason, oil.
Please read Kevin Phillips’ “American Dynasty”. Three generations of the
Bush family beginning in 1918 have had the mission of establishing US
control of the oil reserves of the Middle East and Central Asia,
especially the Caspian Sea. The US has built four permanent bases in
Iraq to control Iraq’s 216 billion barrels of oil, to continue to keep the
Saud family in power in Saudi Arabia, to intimidate Iran through a massive
show of force, and to block China and Russia from acquiring the vast oil
reserves of the Caspian Sea. Oil is power. The nation that controls oil
rules the world. The US will never leave Iraq because remaining the sole
superpower requires managing the flow of oil to China and Russia, the
main rivals of the US. Once Bush made the decision to occupy Iraq to
continue the Bush family mission, the occupation became permanent and a
partition of Iraq into three segments will take place. If the American people
want to continue to enjoy the prosperous economy that they seem to
regard as their due by God’s grace, any future US president can merely
attempt to better manage the occupation. Read the book and connect the
dots. Nobody ever said life was fair. He who has the gold, rules. Like it
or not, that is the reality of the American way.

Rowan Berkeley

oil, schmoil. This ain’t about ‘oil’, put that one to bed please.


When Cheney was just there trying to get the Oil Bill signerd before they lose Republican support?

hmmm 70% of the profits for American companies for 30 years?

great deal for Iraq-ya think?- dude!

Oil and permanent bases is what we are currently fighting for.


Look on the bright side: Given his past history with Lord Black, if Perle is publicly abusing George Tenet, it’s to cover the fact that Perle is now giving Patrick Fitzgerald, Henry Waxman, or even the CIA a complete set of incriminatory emails from Karl Rove concerning the PNAC lies that got us into Iraq. Because, as Pearly Dick will explain after the Democrat landslide of 2008 (and 2012, and 2016), he never left the Repubs — the Repubs left *him*… and Perle considers himself far too finely made to do hard time in the Hague.


John Byrne’s Hulk smash neocons! Arrrr–ggghh!


Schilling is a right wing doofus. He is woefully misinformed about most everything and is all too happy to open his mouth and proove it. He was however, TOTALLY right about Barry Bonds. If you are a Giants fan and you actually cheer this guy, you have no regard for the sport of baseball. As for Red Sox fans being “mean”, did you see mariano rivera get cheered at fenway during our ring ceremony in 2005? Yankees were introduced 1 by 1, (boos for sheffield and giambi, the steroid boys) and mariano was introduced to loud boos, he smiled, removed his cap and laughed, and the entirety of fenway turned around and started cheering for him. So, yeah, we are really mean. Oh, BTW, jeter was cheered too by us.


Kevin Phillips? Do you mean Kevin Phillips-Bong, who received 0 votes for the Slightly Silly Party in Luton?


Rowan Berkeley said, “oil, schmoil. This ain’t about ‘oil’, put that one to bed please.”

Not about the oil? Then why did they call it “Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)”?

What? They changed “liberation” to “freedom”? Oh, dear. Never mind.

Now, about those violins in schools . . .

Rowan Berkeley

If I was an oilman I would have kicked Cheney right in the shin, the very first time he came up with this bullshit.


If you are a Giants fan and you actually cheer this guy, you have no regard for the sport of baseball.

See, this crap is crazy. I enjoy baseball. It is entertainment. It is not a religion. It is a kids game played by millionaires for my amusement. I don’t worship it, I don’t bow down and pray to it, I watch it on TV when I have time, and I go to the park when I get a chance. One thing that makes it entertaining is when a power hitter comes to the plate with a chance to turn the game around with one swing. It’s high drama. It’s fun to watch. Now, explain to me why I should fucking CARE if the guy ingests toxic substances that may allow him to play longer, or recover from injury more quickly. That’s just silly. That’s no different than saying that people performing on stage in a musical shouldn’t do “performance enhancing drugs”. Why would I care?



Even if they claim they were evil, not incompetent, they’re still incompetent. Darth Dick was in Baghdad the other day trying to ramrod through his oil law, his baby, the point of the whole exercise. But, due to Dick & Friends’ boneheaded handling of the occupation, the only thing the various Iraqi factions and sects can agree on is that they’d rather blow themselves up than have their oil stolen by the Americans. Dick and the Oil Companies (a death metal band) may get their law, but they won’t be able to keep their law, and they won’t be able to keep their bases. I think Dick won’t be so welcome at the next Petroleum Institute barbecue.


That’s no different than saying that people performing on stage in a musical shouldn’t do “performance enhancing drugs�.

Too true Mikey. In fact, IMO Broadway musicals would be far more entertaining, on the average, in the performers were all twisted on baaaaaaad ass designer drugs. That is, in fact, the only way I’d pay $150 to see a play about Billy Joel singing about the people he finds insufferable for not being as real as he is.

Yeah, I went there. Billy Joel sucks. Wanna fight about it? Where’s my drugs!?


IF the performers

grumble grumble preview button grumble drugs grumble


Mikey- because Bonds is a fraud. Pure and simple.


Mikey- because Bonds is a fraud. Pure and simple.


Ok, that’s bullshit. I just wrote a reasonable piece, and the fucking comments engine ate it. Arrgghhh…

The point, Brad, is that Bonds is NOT a fraud. If you give the credit for his accomplishments to the drugs, then you are saying that other people who did the drugs could do what he’s done. Canseco? Nope. Palmeiro? Uh uh. Sosa? No way. McGuire? Hah. Nope. Gotta be more happening there than the substance, and to deny it is just beyond silly….



I agree with Mikey. Bonds is not the only cheat in the game, he’s just the most talented one. Also an asshole, but so were many of the greats, and how many of those would have cheated too?

This belief that baseball somehow has some kind of pure and perfect form is weird.

Brady Anderson

I am baseball purity personified.


What’s wrong with “fruity-arsed purple shorts?” Besides, that’s not what they are. They’re fruity-arsed purple speedos! Elastic very important to Hulk!!1!


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