Gravel ’08

The dude is awesome. Get me my Gravel ’08 pin now.

UPDATE: OMG, OMG. Gravel just kicked Chris Matthews’ ass in a post-debate interview. Chris asked him why so many Dems were reluctant to challenge Bush’s basic view of preventive war, and he said, “Because they’re running for office and it’s politics as usual.” He then went on to say that “they’ll keep doing it because you in the media let them get away with it keep building them up.”

I. Is. In. Love.

UPDATE II: Gravel-Wily Mo Pe&#241a ’08.

UPDATE III: Despite my newly-found man-crush on Gravel, I still think vaginas are awesome. Unlike some people.


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Uhhh… perhaps a link to help us real-world people?


“These things don’t work. They don’t work. And you know what? We’re not doing it! WHO ARE YOU PLANNING TO NUKE, BARACK?! WHO ARE YOU PLANNING TO NUKE?!”
-Michael Gravel

Coutesy of wonkette.


god, am i glad i got the hell away from him! i don’t think i could feel clean again after 100 washings!

wait.. so gravel’s one of them democrats?


Damn, I feel really stupid. I didn’t know he was running. Hell, I didn’t know he was still ALIVE!!



Oh, he’s alive all right.

The reason Gravel was THE MAN tonight is that he basically said everything I’ve dreamed of saying in a debate. It was like having Roy Edroso (as I imagine him, anyway) running for prez- a cranky, bitter truth-tellin’ MACHINE. Gravel ’08. The revolution starts here.


I’m sorry, but…Mike Gravel? Obvious pseudonym. Wasn’t he an action figure marketed by Hasbro in the ’70s to go along with G.I. Joe?


Will somebody please tell Brian Williams to save the stupid-ass fucking guns & abortion questions for the GOP debates, where somebody might actually give a shit?

Just sayin.


Brian Williams is Dick Cheney’s sock puppet.


Gravel Kucinich!

peace, no income tax, healthcare..

worse than nader!


Gravel = Pentagon Papers, dudes. Before your time (most of you younguns, anyway), I know.

To be fair, I didn’t know he was still alive either until a few weeks ago.

Hit ’em with the chair, Mike!



i can’t wait to see tweety and gravel later..

what would the world be like if we had a cycle of progressive government as far left as the neocons have been right?


Man, the people at Wonkette sure hate anyone who has basically anything to say with any passion.


Gravel just kicked Chris Matthews’ ass in a post-debate interview.

Clip! Clip! Clip! Oh, wait, I’ll just check on youtube myself….

FUCK! Nothing yet…


Gravel is not alive. Half the Democratic presidential candidates are sock puppets, and he’s one of them.


Guy advocates both the Fair Tax and a National Health Care system, says on his website. Hey, what the hell.


Yeah, Brad, Chris Ray and Chris Matthews are sharing a beer somewhere tonight.
Four barstools, to make room for both of their handed-back asses.


For a guy with so much passion, Gravel sure had a hard time putting his words in order.


What’s this about Gabbo?


apogsies, but dis Gummo markxs? cant bother to check too durnk right now….



The time is late October, 2008. The place: the third and final Presidential Debate. Let’s watch…

Chris Mathews: “Mr. Gravel, this next question is for you: During your campaign, you have repeatedly offered your position as pro-homosexuality and for gay-marriage*, however, you also insist upon your own heterosexuality. The question is this; can you stop the flip-flopping and give the American people a straight answer on your position on vaginal ickiness, or can you not?”

Thanks a LOT, “Brad”. THat’s some great discourse-lowerin’ there…

*may or may nor be true, I dunno. It’s funny. Shut up.


This thread is pretty entertaining and all, but can we get back to the vaginas?


Pammy’s new v-log uses the vaunted “Oh shut up! He did so! He did!” argument against the libtards!


Despite my newly-found man-crush on Gravel, I still think vaginas are awesome.

Oh, yeah? Well, what about teh Real Dollsâ„¢, then? Hmm?


Riehl Dolls? Have you no decency, sir?


Here’s that video of Gravel talking to Chris Matthews.


Gravel was also the guy who ran the five-month long filibuster that finally made Nixon stop funding the expansion of the Vietnam war into Cambodia. He did that all on his lonesome, too.

Talk about an American hero…’s almost enough to make me want to register Democrat, so I can vote in the primaries.


If only he weren’t for a national sales tax.


At the start of the debate, I was like “Who the hell is this guy.” 30 seconds after he started talking, I thought, “I am so gonna vote for this crazy-ass old man. He rules!”

Could this be the start of a brand new movement?

>> If only he weren’t for a national sales tax.

Vivek, you’re killing my buzz man.


He’s pro-school vouchers, too, it seems.



I wanted to slap Chris Matthews for his motherfucking condescension.


I seem to remember Gravel literally weeping for his country when the Pentagon Papers came out. It was long ago, but it stuck with me. To see him emerge from the past is extraordinary.


That’s the trouble with the crazy old guys. One minute they say something so identifiably awesome that hasn’t ever been said before on the media that every leaps around and suddenly thinks “Hoorah, the world has become a better place!” And then they shouting about the Martians living in his head that poke him in the bad places. Swings and roundabouts, alas.


Tweety’s second question to Gravel in the yt clip:

(interrupting Gravel in mid-sentence, naturally)
“Ok, let’s not dance around, Senator, let’s not dance around… why do people like Hillary Clinton, why do Hillary Clinton and the other candidates at the top, with the exception perhaps of a few of them, why are they so careful not to challenge this president’s central foreign policy of war in Iraq and potential war in other countries, why don’t they challenge it?”

Seriously, what the fuck? Did he actually watch the debate? Every one of them, including Clinton and Dodd, all pledged to end the war as soon as possible. All of them who were asked about it described it as a disaster. The only difference, as far as I can tell, among them is that some want to withdraw slowly and others want complete withdrawal NOW.

But Tweety can’t actually see that or admit it, can he? Even as he has finally figured out that the war is stupid, he can’t frame the question in any way that doesn’t imply that it’s all the result of spineless Democrats.

Ugh. I can’t even watch any more of this asshole. Why does he have a job still?


I had the pleasure of interviewing Sen. Gravel back in December, and I like much of what he has to say (including last night’s performance, what I’ve seen of it). But yes, his support of vouchers and the “Fair” tax does make me wonder if we wouldn’t be in for a Great Pumpkin moment.



Having said the above, I do like the guy, and he has a bigger set of cojones than most. After you’ve read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record, everything else is cake.



damn. gravel’s the man.

i’m almost tempted to switch my support to him from kucinich.


The only difference, as far as I can tell, among them is that some want to withdraw slowly and others want complete.


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[…] II: As I’ve said before, Gravel ‘08. He may be semi-insane, but he accurately captures my emotional state when I watch the Democrats in […]


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