Did you miss us as much as we missed you?

Hi, remember us? French Canadian, nasty attitude, unhealthy obsession with Amber Pawlik’s breasts… in other words, the regular management of Sadly, No! It was eight weeks and two days ago that we last posted here, turning things over to Peanut, World O’Crap‘s s.z. and Blair. Much changed while we were away from S,N! Enterprises. All of a sudden, many of the posts here turned out to be insightful, demonstrated research, were funny and informative. Will they continue to be so now that we’re back? (Sadly, No!)

Indeed, effective immediately we announce a return to what had made S,N! what it is: the mocking of mentally retarded Canadians (we didn’t get to be ranked #3 by Google for nothin’,) more Amber Pawlik tit jokes than you can shake a tit stick at (not that you would want to do any such thing, believe you us,) and stick figures pornography. Yes — we know. Your first reaction upon reading this is “Hey Sadly, aren’t you just doing the same thing that the people at The Corner do?” Well insightful readers we ask you: have the people of The Corner ever sent their readers a smart forfour? An old Simpsons CD? Will they send them a smart formore in 2006? Malheureusement, non!

We hope you’ll join us in saying thanks to the trio of guests we had here to keep you busy and away from doing whatever you people would otherwise have done, though we bet it would have involved sharp objects and in Frederick’ case, this. So we’re back. There seems to be a lot of crap to catch up with, so please make yourselves comfortable while we see what the usual suspects have been up to. [And stay tuned as well for more S,N! news…]

PS: The first person to respond to the question that constitutes the title of this post with “Sadly, No!” will receive a free kick in the balls or a knee in the temple and…


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Welcome back, Seb, and you certainly arrived with a bang. Your “mentally retarded Canadian” link to Adam Yoshida’s bizarro rantings was totally U.C. (ultra-craptacular) and I’m sure all your fans will want to send their regards to Adam.

BTW, as great as Peanut and s.z.’s work was in your absence, we have fallen WAY behind on the Amber Pawlik news front…

The Foolosopher

Who are you and what have you done with Peanut?


Welcome back, Seb! I’m so happy that the authorities commuted your sentence!

While you were gone, Amber gave a favorable review to that remake of “Walking Tall” (because it featured a real man beating the crap out of people, and demonstrated that woman doesn’t have to be a hooker or a drug addict, but can achieve her potential and be a girlfriend). Andrew Sullivan has been making up stats about his site again (but I was too lazy to actually research them, so I’m glad you’re back). Doug Giles (or one of his more rabid fans) sent me a virus. Kyle Williams got boring, so I kind of lost track of him. And Peanut has been doing you proud.

So, get a Coke, rest up for a couple of minutes, and then get back to blogging!


Welcome back!

Not much happened while you were away but I did hear that Private England wanted to point at the back of your hospital gown.


Did we miss you as much as you missed us? Sadly, occasionally!

I hope you weren’t the victim of any “fraternity hazing stunts” during your, um, sequestration.

But fo’ really, welcome back.


Welcome back Seb! Were you missed? – Sadly, Yes! Though I must admit I have acquired quite a taste for Peanut(s).


Welcome back! So sorry for running into you as you emerged from the shower, all gleaming and rarin’ to go! (Folks, he has the body of a French Canadian god!) I hope you don’t mind that all your instant microwaveable poutine is gone, and most of the Le Maudit pony amber, but it just went so well together!

Great to see you back and I must confess, I too missed the Ambah tit jokes — probably more than is psychologically healthy!


Hey, Peanut was hanging out at the General’s blog all day and just slacking off here. Sorry, Peanut, I lied when I said I wouldn’t tell. Welcome back, Seb.


Did your body reject the penis extension this time?


Welcome, welcome welcome! Yes we all missed you.


No, the penis extension rejected me… (Scroll down to Monty Python…)


I think CJ just has a case of Peanuts envy.

But as to whether the quality will improve now that you’ve returned? Sadly, no!

But seriously folks, I hope everything is well on the medical front and you stick around in perpetuity. Or at least until I die which will be the same length of time as far as I can tell.

doghouse riley

I swear, those other bloggers didn’t mean a thing to me.


I swear, those other bloggers didn’t mean a thing to me.

It’s ok, you get a free pass for getting the Dr. Oetker joke.


Seb, you’re back!!!! I had despaired of ever “seeing” you again. Legume Girl and Fecal Planet (and very occasionally the Prime Minister) did a truly outstanding job in your absence. I’m sorry to hear that your penis extension didn’t take (Amber has told me that you desperately need help in that regard), but I get lots of spam e-mail on that subject that I’d be happy to forward to you. Seriously, it’s great to have you back.


I see you came back just a day after I posted this comment to Blair’s May 10 “Post From The Management”:

It’s been two months and five days since the last post by He-Who-Is-Not-Named-After-a-“Little-Mermaid”-Character. 🙁 I sure hope he’s all right.


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