When the going gets tough …

… Mr. “Who are you talking to?” President goes to a fundraiser, a baseball game, and back to Crawford for eight days.

From an article in today’s Washington Post discussing Bush’s reactions to current violence in Iraq:

Bush and his press secretary blamed the Shiite resistance in Baghdad — where bloody clashes killed scores over the weekend — on the work of “one man,” cleric Moqtada Sadr, who helped trigger a Shiite Muslim uprising. And except for a seven-minute exchange with reporters that was added to his schedule to address the turmoil, the president went about his schedule, including his last fundraiser for his reelection campaign and an appearance at a baseball game in St. Louis. …

… Other than the unscheduled remarks on Iraq, Bush did not alter his plans for the day. His stops in Charlotte and St. Louis were en route to an eight-day stay on his ranch in central Texas.


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Bush in Crawford for 8 days? A terrorist attack is imminent.


But I’m looking forward to the conversation. I’m looking forward to Condi testifying. … I’m looking forward to people hearing her.

… and being royally pissed when the Republican Palace tries to sit on the report till after the election. (“Former Republican New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean said he was ‘surprised’ by the situation, but saw no way around it.”) We should start giving odds on when the report gets leaked and which cliches the Palace uses to complain about “personal” attacks on the Emperor.


Sacre Bleu…

The Sun King goes of to his rustic Versaille while Cardinal Cheney is left to rule by intrigue back in the City of Lies…


Personally, I like the Crawford Cretin the best when he is busy vacationing at the ranch.

At least he’s not f—-ing things up any worse than they already are.


I wish that were true — but Bush doesn have to DO anything. He has his cabal running loose whether he’s in Crawford or D.C.


The rumor is going around that they were so afraid of W being booed at the Cardinals game that they pumped fake applause and cheering over the PA system.

More confirmed is that, as at the Nascar race, large numbers of people were severely inconvenience by the “security” requirements needed by the Emperor to mingle with His people.


Hey, at least he’ll get a lot of work done clearing brush in his fields, and doing other manly ranch chores.


That’s our “wartime president” for you! I have more at BeatBushBlog


Sorry, messed up that link. I have more at BeatBushBlog.


What is it with this guy and vacations?? Is he that overworked?? I mean, jumpin’ jehosefat, how much brush is there to clear at that effing ranch??


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