An Army of Dafydds

Remember those heady days of, like, two days ago when the WingNet was all jumping up and down holding a paper plate over its head like a halo, saying, “Nonsense! We didn’t ‘out’ Jamil Hussein, endangering his life and causing him to be arrested — the Associated Press outed Jamil Hussein by publishing his name sixty-two times!”

Welp, what do you suppose they attempted to do today?

No, guess. Nono, after you; I insist.

Now, that’s the same Daffy le Pew Dafydd Ab Hugh, imitation Welshman and pulp science-fiction author, who just oomphed a grandiloquent Sousaphone suite in reply to Eric Boehlert, the WingNet’s enemy-of-the-century for a couple of days straddling the weekend. Boehlert wrote a Media Matters piece on the mordant foolishness and lynch-mob danger of the Jamil Hussein affair. Ab Hugh replied with a catalogue of Debate Club sophistries, of which the following is typical:

Where does Boehlert blog from, one wonders? As an honorable man, I am certain he spends quite a bit of time in the Iraq or Afghanistan war zone. If he has any military background, he certainly doesn’t mention it in his presumably self-written bio over at the Huffington Post, where he also blogs…

Many are familiar with our controversial picture of Dafydd ab Hugh, which we now reproduce for informational purposes only.

Above: Spends quite a bit of time in Iraq or Afghanistan war zones

But, to follow in ab Hugh’s junior-college conceit of imitating Mark Antony’s oration in Julius Caesar (I mean really now, gag us with a frickin’ Norton’s Guide) (and you just have to imagine the cocked eyebrow here, and the Friars Club cadence), ‘Dafydd ab Hugh is an honorable man.’

We look forward to Michelle Malkin’s posts from Iraq. Ol’ Michelle is a lot of things, but if she actually goes out on patrol in Baghdad, there are a few things we’ll be happy never to say about her afterwards.


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The McCain Occlusion: Once your ass has been on the line it’s hard(ER) to snark at you.


“Oomphed a grandiloquent Sousaphone suite” is now officially my favorite phrase ever.


Let’s show a little sympathy. It’s not easy being the only gay in the village. Oh, wait, wrong Daffyd. He’s a dead wringer for Emily though.


No. This one is the famed inventor of the AB-Hewitt, as seen on TV, with testimonials from Hugh Huw Hoo Hewitt now available on HughTube.

For only five payments of $49.95 you can blast those love handles away (unfortunately the fat tends to collect in the pectoral region, as they explain on the last page of the manual). Other occasional problems: the appearance of hard, unsightly bristles on the upper and lower lips which cannot be removed with ordinary disposable razors and which sadly may disqualify you for military service as a result of chafing.


Caption for photo of Dafyyd ab Hugh (which, IMO, can’t be published often enough):

“Yes, this should provide adequate sustenance for the Doctor Who marathon.”

(Yes, I know the monster sub has been Photoshopped on. Still, if there were ever a quintessential wingnut in terms of physical appearance, this guy is it.)


Damn, I was hoping this would be a post about Daffyd Ieuan. It would have been such a nice tie in with Song of the Day.


Dafyyd doesn’t look like a martini kinda guy. Does one eat a party sub with a martini? Perhaps it’s part of his army training. (Since he’s doing the ‘honorable’ thing…)


ab Hugh also writes, “[t]hus, this honorable men[sic] — all these honorable men — trying so hard to save us from ourselves, to use the vision-vaccine to innoculate[sic] us against free inquiry, are on a fool’s errand; they’re tilting at winos. The future looms; they know that every year, more of the population rejects them as the final arbiters of reality and seeks alternatives.”

Instead we will embrace the warbloggers, who demand transparency and accountability from all but themselves, who are for free inquiry except when it questions them, and who don’t believe in holding lack of military experience against a writer as long as s/he agrees with them.


The Welsh translation of “oy!” is “ach y fy!” (pronounced och uh vee). You are hereby authorized to use this in all future posts dealing with the fake Welshman Dafydd ab Hugh…


“but if she actually goes out on patrol in Baghdad, there are a few things we’ll be happy never to say about her afterwards.”

Like, “…the crap-free pants of Michelle Malkin.”

Or possibly, “Boy, Michelle Malkin sure is alive.”


I’m sure the Right (except Malkin) bets that Malkin would blend right in on Haifa Street, what with the Brown Folk all looking alike and all that.

All the more reason for her to go, I say (and have Pammy A ride shotgun).


Look, I refuse to participate in some kind of litmus test in order to have a political opinion. You are entitled to believe what you believe without having somehow “earned” the right to your opinion.

That said, just exactly how tone-deaf, how self unaware do you have to be to be this particular ass clown and raise these questions? Do they ever do any thinking? Do they ever consider their own place in the world, how they mesh with the real world? One begins truly to understand all the teasing D&D references – it’s genuinely as if that’s their only experience, so recognizing the real world is beyond their capability…



Is he the only gay in the village?


The sandwich looks like a formidable adversary, but I’m sure Dafyyd will take care of it with his +2 long sword.


In the pantheon of stupid, this guy stands out as quite a dick. No wonder he’s got posting privileges at MM’s house of hate.
Gotta love his argument, tho. Starts with the premise that it’s not the killings themselves that cause the AP to cover them, but desire by the AP to run stories about Iraqis dying. It’s like he’s saying, yeah, iraqis are dying, but do we really have to acknowledge it? Especially when it’s politically harmful to the ‘right’ people.


I love me some pulpy sci-fi (there must be worse vices), but the novelization of a computer game? A shoot-em-up game? Doom??

I guess he could not get the Grand Theft Auto novelization gig, and had to settle for this one.



On behalf of fake Welshman and Welsh-related sockpuppets throughout the internets, I urge you not to unfairly tar us with the Cheetos-stained brush of Mr. ab Hugh.

Diolch yn Fawr,



mikey: Do they ever consider their own place in the world, how they mesh with the real world?


This has been another, etc.



On behalf of the fake Welshmen and Welsh-themed sockpuppets of the intertubes, I ask that you cease and desist your implication that Dafydd ab Hugh’s many pathologies are somehow related to his pseudo-Welshery.

Diolch yn Fawr,



Exactly DT. Now I understand he’s of Welsh and Jewish ancestry which explains the semitic patronymic which sounds like the Welsh ‘ap’. Just because it looks incredibly pretentious doesn’t mean it is. In much the same way someone who claims to be Welsh might not know the difference between a small house and ‘y ty bach’.


“” then what are we to make of [Jamil Hussein’s] 62 stories we have read during the last two years? Those stories are the only evidence we have of systematic, widespread slaughter of Sunnis by death squads.””

No, really. That’s what he says…
Malkin Article


[…] accuse others of cowardice for not reporting from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan — as ab Hugh recently did to Eric Boehlert — then it had better not be funny if, for example, that person wears a red shirt (see above) […]


Dafydds and his Japanese wife Sachiko spreads “nothing but Lie” in Japanese BBS.

their username is


(I suspect they got more usernames to create their fake conversation.)

their web site is introduced in the profile .

they used to use “oxnardnokakashi” a lot but once Japanese found out who they are, “physics4dummys” is used more frequently.

“Every Lie” they presents in Japanese BBS can counter aruge by normal references. and Dafydds and Sachiko just keep on ingoring those facts and call everyone “Jihadist” who represents article that contradicts with their lies.

This couple (Dafydds and his Japanese wife Sachiko) is nothing but psycho who lives in a fantasy world.


[…] should he win it, Mr. Mencken replied that he would like to open a chain of restaurants featuring Giant Sammiches, “get more gay abortions,” and spend more time with his live-in companions, wingnut […]


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