Bulldog Clarke stares down BushCo pack attack

Further to the Sunday Dogfight Schedule, appearing on NPR’s All Things Considered Saturday, Richard Clarke made the White House look like even bigger scumbags by urging them to declassify the documents they claim show Clarke is a liar — but which they won’t let the public see just yet.

In case you missed the latest mudslinging from the character-ridden GOP, here’s the recap: On Friday, Bush Fedayeen leaders in congress came forward to continue the attacks on Richard Clarke and give Condi Rice some time to hyperventilate into a brown paper bag while Washington’s finest put out the five alarm blaze roaring through all of her pants.

On the Senate floor, Bill Frist essentially accused Clarke of perjury by threatening to investigate him for any perjury that could be found in past congressional testimony under oath, such perjurious morsels the White House would then helpfully declassify, with advance copies going to Fox. (This is what’s known as the Preznit being above the fray.) Ludicrously, while accusing Clarke of inconsistency, Frist couldn’t keep his own story straight. (See Atrios, TPM and Corrente for a comprehensive overview. Also, check out Kevin Drum’s ongoing roll of how many times the Bush administration has used selective declassification for smearing critics, a vital aspect of the War on Terra and Stuff.)

Here’s an excerpt from Clarke’s appearance on All Things Considered:

{Intro: … Republican congressional leaders said they wanted the WH to declassify past congressional testimony by Clarke, hoping the documents would show he lied. Clarke spoke to NPR’s Libby Lewis about the documents in question …}

CLARKE: I’d love to have not only my testimony but all the materials and documents related to this investigation declassified, and that’s both my testimony before the joint commission, the joint committee of the House and Senate, and also the document that the 9/11 commission referred to in its interim report, the document I sent to Condi Rice early in the administration in January.

Now they say, the White House says, the document doesn’t exist. Obviously it does because the commission staff has seen it and reported on it publicly. I think that document ought to be released too.

I’d like to be able to have the public compare what I gave her in January and what she then approved and the other principles approved on September 4th, because they’re virtually identical. So if we’re going to start declassifying materials, let’s not do it selectively. Let’s declassify my entire testimony, all 196 pages of it, or whatever it is, and let’s also declassify those two key documents

CLARKE: The truth is a powerful force. If I can get people to look at the facts, if I can get people to put aside the personal attacks and innuendo and whatnot, and focus on the policy issues — Is the United States safer or not? Did going into Iraq help or hurt the war on terrorism? — if we can get it back to that level of debate than I think it’ll be worth it.

What a bastard!

I transcribed the short interview and archived here. Download the text file or link to the HTML document.

(Note: It will be interesting to compare what emerges from Clarke’s appearance on Press the Meat against Condi’s appearance later on 60 Minutes. Condi’s interview was taped yesterday, so perhaps a lie counter or drinking game might be in order. I’ll be filching mass quantities of Seb’s Jagermeister as I can no longer understand this administration sober.)

Update: I corrected my use of principles in the transcripts to principals (thanks, Frederick!). Also, I’ve read conflicting information about whether Condi Rice’s interview on 60 Minutes was pre-taped, or will be broadcast live tonight. I’d find it enthralling regardless, but if it’s live it would be riveting in a white Ford Bronco making a run for it kind of way.

Update: Rice interview is being taped, but after Clarke’s journey through Punditstan, giving Condi the benefit of rebuttal with crib notes.


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Who woulda predicted that someone’s who’s basically a hawk has become my friggin’ hero? What BushCo hasn’t counted on is that Americans basically hate being lied to, especially by elected officials, and have a strong record of punishing those who are demonstrated to have done so.

Oh, speed November!!


And from the Associated Press:

Clarke told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he “would welcome” that declassification. He also said Rice’s private testimony before the commission should be declassified, as well as e-mails, memos and all other correspondence between Rice and Clarke.

“Let’s declassify everything,” Clarke said.

He also accused the administration of waging a “campaign to destroy me professionally and personally,” and called on the White House to “raise the level of discourse.”

Clarke also fired back at the administration by reading Bush’s response to his resignation letter.

Noting it was in the president’s handwriting, Clarke said the letter read that he would “be missed. You served our nation with distinction and honor,” and had “left a positive mark on our government.”

“He thinks I served with distinction and honor,” Clarke said, while “the rest of his staff is out there to destroy me.”

Another round of Jagermeister, please!


“…I can no longer understand this administration sober.”

It’s okay, P-nut, neither can Bush!


I second what Mad AZ Monk said. I love you, Richard Clarke!! (no, Seb, I’m not gay) You’re doing a great public service transcribing Clarke’s interviews, Peanut. I hope you do it for his Press the Meat interview too. There’s a misspelling in the last line of the first bit of Clarke’s NPR interview — “principles” should be “principals.”


Wow, that MTP appearance was great. My eyes have never been this wide open that early on a Sunday before.

I’ve read conflicting information about Condi’s 60-minutes interview: one report said the interview was pre-taped. Another said it would be live to respond to the Clarke appearance. (I’m checking around and will update accordingly.) If it’s live — oh baby — finally TeeVee gets some reality programming I can really devour. Condi’s handlers will surely pump her with lots of pharm just to keep her from doing her bang-on expression of The Scream.


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