Fan Club (Beware, Brendan!)

Above: Some prefer the spring traps,
but we find this method most effective.

This, by Brendan at Brendan Calling, is a lovely post with an exquisite target; also, therein is the best use of the word “cuntface” at least since Thomas Harris had a young Francis Dollarhyde in a flashback chapter cheerfully explain what the mean kiddies called him at school.

Is Brendan’s post cruel and vulgar? Certainly. But not nearly so much so as the writing and public persona of its target, the much-dreaded Anne Applebaum, who has long delighted in smearing those of whom she asks, in ‘good faith,’ to please, please shape up for everyone’s benefit. Brendan slaps Applebaum around for insulting the ‘Old Europe’ which got it exactly right on Iraq; would that someone more responsible than Hitchens and less hacktastic than Peter Robinson had been there to tell Applebaum to kindly go fuck herself during this exchange when she categorically laid the blame for Stalinism on the American Left, tut-tutted the Vietnam Era New Left, and then concluded with this bit of advice to the modern American Left, the ripest quote I know of in her considerable oeuvre:

Anne Applebaum: In a brief way I would say not to see the use of American force abroad as always negative and not to identify with critics of the United States abroad simply because you want to criticize at home. In other words, you don’t like the system so you make friends with Mullah Omar. I would cease that. Those are the two things I would say.

How Instaneoconcuntface of her. But then she’s not one of David Frum’s favorites for nothing. What a perfect ‘centrist’ she is.

Anyway, Brendan’s post was right on, earned several links from the big blogs; and I count myself as a fan of his work. Unfortunately for Brendan, his post also drew interest from other quarters:

Joshua Trevino says:
December 21st, 2006 at 12:27 am

You’ve actually accused Anne Applebaum(!) of disrespecting Europe — and invoked the “forgot Poland� line on her, of all people.

Appallingly stupid of you. But then, one suspects your consciousness of her sprang ex nihilo from the WaPo site, yes? Yes.

Emphatically yes.

Uh-oh. Brendan replies in exactly the right manner, but he may wish he hadn’t. Anyone remember this?:

Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 71.4.63.# (XO Communications)
ISP XO Communications
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : San Francisco
Lat/Long : 37.7645, -122.4294 (Map)
Language English (United States)
Operating System Macintosh MacOSX
Browser Mozilla
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060427 Camino/1.0.1
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution : 1440 x 900
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Aug 15 2006 6:12:02 pm
Last Page View Aug 15 2006 6:45:06 pm
Visit Length 33 minutes 4 seconds
Page Views 5
Referring URL…a2&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
Search Engine
Search Words “retardo montalban� “real name�

No? Neither did I, until a few weeks back when I discovered a certain paste-eater’s goons were doing some heavy research on lil’ ol’ me. But being the object of such affection made a lightbulb fizzle in my noggin. Hmm. Was Scott Lemieux right about…? Yes, he was:

New comment on your post #3102 “Ticky, Tacky – D’oh!”
Author : Josh Trevino (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :

So congratulations, Brendan — you’ve just earned the interest of a batshit stalker and proud online heir of Richard “I have a shitlist” Nixon and Joe “I have here in my hand a list” McCarthy.

Trevino: “Ahh, Brendan, I, the epitome of Online Integrity, shall
assiduously dig into Google so that the rest of the WingNet will know
that Mrs. Black, your second grade teacher, gave you a B in handwriting.”

Seriously, be careful out there folks. The irony of the WingNet’s hyperventilating a while back over Kos’s mailing list is that there is out there somewhere a wingnut sewing circle in which the personal, private information of pseudonymous/anonymous ‘Enemies Within’ is collected and exchanged. Or, as Tacky himself put it:

Josh Trevino said,

May 11, 2006 at 4:05

As if to illustrate the point: Billmon. Good times poking at him for his dumb e-mailing of his real name to Donald Luskin. Such were the days.

Even though Brendan is not anonymous, who knows what an unhinged stalker cuntface like Dig Dug Trevino is capable of.


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Cool pic! How’d you get ‘hold of his modeling portfolio?

The hardhat one was from a Marlboro ad, I think. Or maybe New England Power and Light? Or maybe the time he auditioned to replace one of the Village People? I forget.


So, was Gulag – a History by any chance ghostwritten by a sane person?


I was offended by all the offensive comments by cuntfaces who were offended by Brendan’s use of the word “cuntface”.

Can they really be unaware that to the cuntfaces across the pond words like “fag” and “cuntface” spring from a different cultural milieu? Have those cuntfaces never seen Trainspotting?

Feggin’ cuntfaces.


Hey thanks for the visit guys!

Honestly, I’m not all that worried about the wingnut-o-sphere. The brunt of what I write isn’t politics, and if the Dingaling Brigade wants to wade through reams of “For Better or For Worse” deconstructions and recaptioned “Family Circus”es, well that’s their perogative.

I just wish I could get rid of the troll I have now, who’s just a fuckin’ idiot.



I get a lot of trolls, mostly for opinions I post at my various geek sites on just how horribly horribly horrible most Modern Age comics are. I’ve discovered the best way to fight them is to moderate comments, and to ruthlessly refuse to publish anything by such idiots.

Like all of us, they live for attention; if they waste a lot of time typing something into a window and it never appears or is acknowledged in any way, they’ll lose interest and go piss in someone else’s well.

It’s always tempting, of course, to print their idiotic comments and do a whole entry burning them to the waterline, and this can work — it is especially frustrating for them when you do not let their responses be published, or acknowledge them in any way… but in general, I advocate complete starvation. When you do not feed the trolls, the trolls wander away.

That’s just my advise, but, as I say, I am a long time veteran of the Troll Wars. Take it for whatever it’s worth to you.


Ooops. I mean, ‘that’s just my advice‘.

Sometimes I can spell. Other times, not so much.


My God. Six comments in and he still hasn’t showed up. That must be some kind of record.


How many Trevino invocations does it usually take?


I think the caption for the Trevino pic is: “Spelunking in Cheney’s colon is work… hard work!”

Tacitus, tacitus, tacitus! There’s your invocation.


I feel for Brendan; he now has a genocidal maniac trolling Google for his private bits. If only that stalker hadn’t staked out Monica Seles first, who knows how the world would be different?


cut him some slack, guys. bad habits are hard to break: once you get to stalking all those women who mock you day after day in their little skirts and their high heels, so tall in their heels, and they never look at you and they never pay you any mind like they’re so special like they’re better than you…well, it’s just a hop and a skip to stalking smarty-pants bloggers, with their bad language and expansive post-modern education.


Retardo! You’re alive!


I still think the simple solution to the offense some take at the word cunt is to switch to the word twunt. Cuntface may be rude and abrasive to some, but Twuntie McMeatcurtains is fun for the whole family.



I have a general policy of avoiding things written by people whose names start with “AN…”

Anne Coulter
Ann Althouse
Anne Applebaum
Ann-drew Sullivan
Ann-drew Bolt
Ann-drew Landeryou
Ann Bart*w

Annie Laurie
Anntichrist S. Coulter
(You will notice that the two exceptions are both pseudonyms.)

I recommend instituting Ann(e)-‘n’-Andy Profiling on a worldwide scale. I am not a nut.


“My God. Six comments in and he still hasn’t showed up. That must be some kind of record”

He hasn’t turned up because he’s horribly embarrassed at his pathetic investigative skills. searching for “Retardo Montalban Real Name”? Jesus, thats spasticated. No wonder he’s hiding. It’s a bit of a letdown to find out all this cloak and dagger superspy bollocks boils down to a google search. It reminded me that the people he’s previously outed (billmon and spartikus) had accidentally given away the relevant information themselves. He made a big deal laughing about their supposed stupidity, but it implies that like patterico he has no idea how to trace someone who hasn’t effectively told you who they are already.


Maybe i shouldn’t knock it. I just typed “Joshua Trevino Real Name” into google and within minutes I discovered all sorts of personal details about him.


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