A Reason For Optimism: “The left… is going to keep letting the nasty peek through”

Ah, the Left. Arrogant, vindictive, vicious, and insulting in defeat, and arrogant, vindictive, vicious and insulting even in victory.

Hey Ace, we finally got fed up and fixed your super-crappy logo, which kept blasting us in the face with molten Suck.



Ah, the Left. Benificent, generous, forgiving, and gracious in defeat and victory.

Email us for a full jpeg, our pleasure. Just calm down and stop throwing dishware around, a’ight?

Pelosi can sense fear, you know.


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I don’t think he’ll want to upgrade. After reading his stuff it appears he likes to suck.


I would vote for changing the top text from something other then Times New Roman. It really just does not go with the grey, and clashes with the theme of the logo.

So, are they down to the “Democrats are MEAN!” meme?
Hehe, bite us, loser. Maybe you should try winning an election.

And remember, everytime you see some one say, “Democrats want to tax and spend.” reply with, “Republicans want to hand over our bank account and PIN number to China.”


I think it’s actually Baskerville or something. I got the type tool out, but then got lazy and left it.

Heh heh. Teh blue meanies are MEAN. Snarl, gribble.


Aww, poor virulent reactionaries. Are you gonna cry? Huh baby? Huh?


Ahhh fick ace and all them chickenshite cowards to hell where they belong.

Teh General has a rockin’ logo!


Oh yeah, us lefties are nothing but arrogant, vindictive, vicious, and insulting. You’ve sure got our number.


I think we should help Ace to better resemble his logo and shove a couple swords into his head. Oops, that was clearly not in the spirit jocular bipartisan comardarie, I am so ashamed!


Fixing the internet again? The job’s too big for one little blog.


Oh no, Lemmy would be embarrassed by this whingey little wimp calling himself the Ace of Spades.

Another failed junior high hall monitor trying to get the unruly mean lefties to respect their authoritay and faux maturitay.

So when does the FBI come over to inquire about those rope statements? One should have pre-emptive detention for such terra-ist threats in the wake of our terra-ist loon at Freeperville.


I want the world to know that I love Gavin. Although it shouldn’t be messing around looking at my IP number or anything.


I’ve been banned from my normal IP!~!

Was nice guys, maybe I’ll check back in ’08.

Stay safe!


Although I question the timeing, I’d hit it.


Although I question the timing, I’d hit it.


Okay. So I’d hit it twice.


Heh, sorry Gavin, Copperplate is full-frontal suck until slain and buried a mass grave with Palatino, Ariel and Impact. Unless you’re ready to re-typeset that honking piece of shit, it’s a blight of pixels that the world bears only because it doesn’t know who the fuck Ace is either.


The unbelievable arrogance of the Left – just because it won sweeping victories and control of both houses of Congress, and the President whose policies it strenuously opposes has fallen to a Nixonian 31% job approval, they think they have earned the right to have a say in the policies and directions of this country! Such effrontery!


It’s pretty interesting that the Ace of Spades post that attracted the attention of our Freeper friend Chad was “Shock: Brian DePalma Directs Movie About Graphic Psychosexual Mutilation of Woman, and It Sucks”

Chad may have posted about a story about the Clenis, but he linked to a story about the portrayal of Graphic Psychosexual Mutilation of Woman. ewwwww…

check out this thread Chad started at Freeperville for more on this fascination with mass murderers and murder/mutilation. Makes me wonder why the FBI was in no rush to sweep this ticking timebomb off the streets.

:::Maybe so, but if it weren’t for such occasional macabre incidents, our world would be a lot let interesting place to live in, wouldn’t it ?

Some bigwig in the corporate offices of Hollywood has got to be thinking this will be a great basis for a movie – –

The Canadians are probably writing a script to turn this gruesome event into a low-budget horror film right now !

25 posted on 10/19/2006 12:44:17 AM PDT by marc costanzo :::


Outdated graphic. 3 posts in one. Consequently, his comments are an incoherent mess. How long has Ace been on the Internets?


They’re arguing about the Simpsons over there. And some guy named Ed says Bush has had to deal with the most difficult world situation since Lincoln was president. Airbrushing WW 1&2, the Great Depression, and the Soviet Union from history takes a special bubble-boy personality. No threat from that patch of unreality, I’d say.


Copperplate is full-frontal suck until slain and buried a mass grave with Palatino, Ariel and Impact.

I really like Copperplate in theory, but every time you try to use it, it just sits there like, “Hey everyone, I’m a font,” nodding in rhythm to the Scritti Politti track on its Walkman.

I gotta add MS Comic to the kill list. People still use it, apparently still thinking it adds a ‘funky’ or ‘offbeat’ quality to the text which it utterly ruins.

How long has Ace been on the Internets?

Jeesh, the blog has been there for at least a couple years…


“That’s the way I like it, baby, I don’t wanna live forever…. and don’t forget the Palantino with double shadow font!”

When I get asked by somebody to be gracious, the effect is the same as when Homer mentions to Mr. Burns that he has a sick dog (pushing the ‘security’ button as quickly as possible.”


How long has Ace been on the Internets?

Before he started his own blog, Ace was a commenter at “the Mote”. But…

“Ace drove himself out as a result of his post-9/11 mental breakdown. His suspension was like watching a crazy man begging a police officer to shoot him. While the Mote may perhaps be quieter than it used to be, Ace’s departure removed a major obstacle to–relatively–civil discourse. TPW is welcome to him.
and “the Perfect World”

— Wombat – 3/30/2004 12:08:23 AM

At “The Perfect World”, Ace fine-tuned his blogging strategy…

“…I just mean the thing that makes me different is the thing that wouldn’t really be very appropriate for blogging…
See, IN CASE anyone didn’t notice (har, har), I’m not a profound thinker. To the extent I’m anything, I’m just facile. I just don’t know if you can do a blog on a lot of attitude and name-calling…”

— Ace of Spades — Tuesday, June 24, 2003

“…Okay. Well, Glenn Reynolds has all these fucking childish suck-up creatures that are always posting cute little jokes about him — never funny, just cute in that revolting, “Oh, hah hah” manner. And then Reynolds of course feels the need to extend the courtesy of a link-back.

And that’s how you build audience. You kiss Glenn Reynolds’ ass every other day…

Thus, the mutual jerk-off society.”

Ace of Spades — Tuesday, June 24, 2003 — 03:13:40 PM — 331 of 1558

The rest is history.


[…] Every time you guys throw one of your tantrums, we’ll just fix Ace’s logo more. […]


I live in a Book Antigua world, with Book Antigua furniture and Book Antigua fixtures. Another decision I don’t have to make, and that is a good thing…



It’s funny to see blogosphere rightards like Ace fantasize about hoisting the black flag and rebelling against the Man (according to the Menken quote in his logo), when their entire life is spent writing sycophantic suck up puff pieces for the Powers that Be.

Hey Ace, you can’t be against the Man. You’re eating his shit and calling it pudding.

Leave the black flag be. You’re desecrating all that it stands for.

herr doktor bimler

Curse you Mikey. Now I have a Madonna ear-worm stuck in my head, singing “Book Antigua Girl”.

Smiling Mortician

Sorry to join so late. I was wrapped up all day writing a Goodfish manifesto with a Trebuchet MS chaser.


I like Comic sans MS. Mostly because the name of it amuses me.


We’re in Yr Fontz tw34king Yr Serifs


“We’re in Yr Fontz tw34king Yr Serifs”
Hahaha! Brilliant.


Thank you.
All your typefaces are belong to us!


[…] time you guys throw one of your tantrums, we’ll just fix Ace’s logo […]


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