Don’t Turn Around Or Anything, But He’s Still At It

Dan Riehl, that is.

Riehl: “I don’t particularly hate gays, you fag douchebag who is a clown! I will bitch-slap you.”

What’s In A Name?

Update: This one ought to please the ladies, though I doubt many ladies use the MTA facilities as it is:

The line for the girls’ room just got longer.
Men who live as women can now legally use women’s rest rooms in New York’s transit system under an unprecedented deal revealed yesterday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to allow riders to use MTA rest rooms “consistent with their gender expression,” the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund announced yesterday.

Ace notes that the NJ Supremo’s did leave it to the Democratic process, what’s left of it, to name Gay Marriage. lol That’s so freaking silly, as if it needs another name. But I suppose we could call it the Homo-Cohabitation Bill, or would bill be sexist?

Dan, you know, if there’s something you feel a need to share…

Above: cheap pun loaded with cultural freight

We’re not saying anything here; we’re just saying.


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How would one enforce that anyways?

You know, for a minute there, i was thinking to myself, “hey, you know, maybe teh S,N! peoples are taking this guy out of context. I mean, maybe this Riehl feller is just some guy with a blog somewhere, who’s really not all that important, and Gavin’s just stringing him up like a GOP Pinata.”

Then the update with him on Fox News.

I don’t feel so bad about it, now. This guys reads like a bad middle school newspaper editorial.


This guys reads like a bad middle school newspaper editorial.

Well, to be far, they all read like that. Sowell, Coulter, Elder, O’Reilly, Friedman, D’Souza, Will, Stossel, Malkin, Boot, Gerlerntner. And Jonah Goldberg. ESPECIALLY Jonah Goldberg.

The grammar’s a little bit better some of the time. (Except for Malkin and Sowell.) But, like a bad middle school newspaper editorialist, they all look as if they are still a little too young to take a critical thinking or logic class that teaches you to avoid logical fallacies like straw man arguments, ad hominems, ad absurdems, non-sequiturs, etc.

I mean, Sowell has a Ph.D., so he should have had this at some point. But then his Ph.D. is in Economics, the social science that thinks it’s Physics. And the density of arrogant dipshits per acre ay any university is higher in the Economics Department than in any other Department on campus.

If the Hoover Institution was interested in having any credibility among decent people, it would fire Sowell yesterday. And D’Souza too. And pretty much all the other poseurs in its ranks.


Hey, Dan Riehl, a big “Fuck you up the nose” from all us folks here at the MTA! You are hereby banned from all our restroom facilities, as you cannot be classified as male, female or any human variant thereof.

Smiling Mortician

To borrow from Jillian the other day, in another post, on another topic: I’m just depressed. I don’t see a way to fix this.

I’m not sure how it’s even possible, but I find that I despair more about the utter assholery that passes as public discourse in the U.S. than I do about the fire-sale on the bill of rights. There’s a part of me that believes we will be able to restore the bill of rights because at least it’s a focused and identifiable thing, an artifact that we can point to in a concerted effort to rectify grievous sins against it.

But the fetid swamp of lies, stupidity, bigotry, fear and hatred that masquerades as journalism and commentary is, I fear, just too pervasive to be stopped. It’s a cancer, and it has metastasized beyond what any treatment could be expected to address. When mean-spirited and intellectually lazy vermin like Riehl et al are given unlimited opportunities to spew on cable teevee at will, with graphics and banners lending their drivel some sort of authority, how will the great masses of uninformed and frightened but otherwise good people ever know the truth of the world around them? How can we expect them to do the right thing in such circumstances?


That’s exactly what you’d expect Riehl to look like.


Given the Republican’t’s track record to date (Bill Bennett, Jack Ryan, Mark Foley, et alia — or to be more precise, all of them), I wouldn’t be surprised if he already has webcams installed in the MTA toilets — webcams he maintains after his usual sordid gloryhole rendezvous in the men’s facilities…

The Devil's Advocate

How many industrial septic tanks did FOX drag before finding this guy?

Just how does Chicken Little think the MTA could enforce a prohibition against transsexual men using women’s rest rooms – have transit cops peek under every skirt?

Why the blue fuck would anyone desperate enough to use a transit station bathroom care if the person in the next stall is a guy in drag? My only concern would be in getting out without contracting a disease.


Dan Riehl looks like Tom DeLay before the syphilis took hold.


I think I speak for all New Yorkers when I say:

“The MTA has restrooms? Where?”


Doc Memory –

I dunno if we have any restrooms, or where they are (except the basement of Grand Central), but if there are any, Dan Riehl can’t use them, even if he wouldn’t want to. Or something like that.


Just shows ta go ya that the Right is OBSESSED with sex. Most lefties here react with a, “Huh, who knew they even had restrooms? Guys in drag can go in the women’s room now. Huh…. So what’s for lunch?”

The Right, on the other hand, think it is IMPORTANT! That it demands A Response! That it Means the Decline of Our Values!’ They are the folks who care deeply what goes on in other people’s bedrooms. They are the ones who want to define exactly who gets to do what with whom. They are the ones who want to get out the calipers and figure out to micrometer how small a swimsuit is and how much buttock is showing in order to classify it as a thong! Our children are still reeling from Janet Jackson’s nipple! Ohmygod! ohmygod!

And the bizarre twist is, while they can’t stop talking and writing about sex, they accuse US of focusing on it. Please.


They are the folks who care deeply what goes on in other people’s bedrooms.

Actually, in this case, they seem to care deeply what goes on in other peoples’ bathrooms. But they must think it’s S-E-X. Golly. If I’m desperate enough to venture into a MTA terlet, I gotta whiz. Whatever anyone else is in there doing, well, like I said, I’m kind of busy.

Honestly, this is like Sen. Inhofe and the girls’ bathroom “problem” in Oklahoma. Do wingnuts have a problem keeping their hands off once the pants are down?


He does look like the illegitimate son of John Fund, doesn’t he?


“But then his Ph.D. is in Economics, the social science that thinks it’s Physics.”

It’s like the wizard of capitalism…pay no attention to those five demonstrably untrue assumptions behind the curtain.

Also, I have used men’s rooms. I didn’t realize I was contributing to the decline of Western civilization. My bad.


Riehl has Hitler Hair!


Mort, come join me on a nice Carribean island someplace…we’ll drink sugar cane rum drinks out of little coconut shells and pretend the world isn’t going to shit around us. No more depression then!


Riehl has Hitler Hair!

Hmm, my first thought was “hair by Quaker State,” but I see your point.


Wait a minute. Did he actually write “lol” in that piece? Why yes, yes he did.

Proof positive that “Dan Riehl,” despite his appearance on Fox News, is actually a 15-year-old Encino girl named Kirsten.

Smiling Mortician

Hey Jillian, I haven’t been to St. Bart’s yet. I hear it’s nice.

Wow. I’m feeling better already.


This does disturb me, as when I do my business in a bathroom, public or otherwise, I figure it’s private and no one’s thinking about it.
Now I’m not so sure.
That’s fucked up.


And as someone mentioned previously, he looked exactly like I thought he would.
Again, that’s fucked up.

Smiling Mortician

Well, y’know, lemonheads, pretty much everything’s fucked up. But if it helps, I promise not to think about you doing your business, ‘k?


He kinda strikes me as an older, Still-Virgin Ben.


Thanks, Mortician. One off the list.


I’ll ignore you too, lemonheads


At this rate I’ll be invisible. Cool!


It’s like that old trick:

Everyone, quick! Don’t think of mmm…lemonheads pissing! Or pooping, you filthy thing you, gosh.


Thanks a bunch MCH.


And as someone mentioned previously, he looked exactly like I thought he would

They ALL look that way. It’s a tribal thing, or a subculture or something. Or maybe there’s a chromosomal linkage between ignorant conservatism and desperately unflattering part-placement (originally meant to refer to hairstyles, but true in so many other areas as well…).

herr doktor bimler

So if mmm…lemonheads has a slash in the bathroom, and no-one thinks about it, does it make a noise?


I didn’t know there were any women’s toilets that trans/xdressers couldn’t use. I mean, why would there be? Who’s gonna stop them? I’ve swapped lipstick application tips with trannies in women’s rooms and I live in fucking Missouri. I use men’s toilets in clubs if the lines are too long for the women’s. Doesn’t everyone?

Don’t these people ever actually go out in public? You know, where actual, everyday people are just, like, living and stuff?

Haven’t they ever seen or heard of a unisex toilet? Like the ones they probably have in their houses??

What am I missing?

PS Dan Riehl is a moran. Too moranic to be real (hahaha I crack me up with the puns). Almost sub-moranic, in fact.


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I invited Jillian to the tropics once, but my post got deleted! I was so sad.


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