That Was NOT NOT NOT Nice of You,
The Editors


The Editors have thrown down the gauntlet.

Jimminy Christmas is that difficult to top. I fear that I may have to surrender and then…

Oh wait. What’s that you say, Editors? You have a particular aversion to Christian hair metal? Especially when said Christian hair metallers dress up like yellow-and-black insects?

Well, BITCH, you’re fresh outta luck. Here comes STRYPER, goin’ right up ya AZZ!!11!!11!!:

“Bah, the yellow and black attack doth not affect me!” doth say the Editors.

Well, I have a response to that. It’s a fashion show. And not just any fashion show, mind you. It’s a fashion show starring Mr. T. Oh yes, Editors. You are totally eating it.

Gavin adds: [snicker chortle huck-snuck hee!] Toto Coelo – ‘I Eat Cannibals.’


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Does any of this beat that Balkan thing he just posted? He is INSANE!

Gavin! Go to the mattresses!


Well, if you’re gonna depart from the standard music videos, then the infamous Wendy’s training rap has got to enter the discussion.


When will they ever stop trying to step to SN’s uncanny ability to find anything better then anyone else? You can only screw with daddy lion for so long before he smacks you across the savanah.
Course, the 80’s are a veritable Saddam Hussein hidden weapons cache of annoying, tacky, ungodly-bad videos.


If you want to risk the hell that is foreign music, there’s always the Polysics. “I, My, Me, Mine” is particularly breathtaking in its annoyance. As seen here.

I’ve been watching it for a whole day now in awe.




You could have at least used the Toto Coelo video where they are all running around in lingerie.


Re: “I My Me Mine”

I may need to show that video to others just to make sure I didn’t hallucinate it.


I may need to show that video to others just to make sure I didn’t hallucinate it.

Well, we couldn’t have had the same hallucination, but Jesus, that was weird.

Here’s something I think you will all wish I didn’t remind you of:


I my me mine. that was awesome. f***!


How bout a statue of Lincoln singing?

Starship- We built this city

And any video where Robin Williams makes a cameo has to be in the top ten of worst videos!

Bobby McFerrin- Don’t worry, Be happy!

Now this next artist was great… but come on, this video had a dancing parrot.

George Harrison- I got my mind set on you

Finally, any video by Paris Hilton is just truly, truly aweful.

Paris Hilton- Stars are Blind

Jeez, I can’t help myself… one last one. David Hasselhoff. Nuf said.

David Hasselhoff-Jump in my Car

Ok last one, for real… the lead singer had wristbands with saw blades…. come on.

WASP- Wild Child

Feel free to use any of them against the Editors. 🙂


Actually I have two of the baddest videos ever at my site, here. I would leave a trackback, if I could figure them out…


Well, at this point I can’t leave this one in the vaults.


Short and sweet. See if The Editors can beat that.


oh, please, as an atriot, i beg you….make it stop. he’s lost his mind, and won’t declare victory until youtube takes over the internets.


A New Edition arrow for your quiver.


*peeks out from under the covers on a bed soaked with vomit*…Is it over yet?

I retreated after the “Armi ja Dani” video at The Poorman.

K. Ron Silkwood

Please stop this madness. It is polluting the Internet tubings.


And now for something we hope you’ll really like!


And if The Editors keeps fronting, you can always go Menudo on his ass.


Hey BenA, thanks for pointing out the fake vid… ya know when something looks too good to be true yada yada yada.

I have a backup though… a danish singer. 🙂


psst… hey, guys:


The real tragedy is they don’t let Corky sing more…


If someone doesn’t post a Heino video in this mess there’s going to be hell to pay.


Truly the information super-highway


I am become Shiva, destroyer of worlds.


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Oh Dear God.
Just don’t put up “Seasons in the Sun.”
I can’t even go find it, mainly because I don’t want to.


Ach, you young kids and your high bandwidth! I may only have dial-up, but *I* grew up in the SEVENTIES, the Golden Age of Crap Music!

That’s right, young’uns: Top THAT!

Guess what songs were the THREE MOST POPULAR SONGS OF 1974?

Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were”…
Terry Jacks’ “Seasons in the Sun”…

..and (get ready!)…

Paul Anka’s “You’re Having My Baby”.

Top THAT, lightweights! Mwwahahahaha!

I defy ANY of you to top “Afternoon Delight”! Or “Telephone Man”!

Or “Billy, Don’t Be A Hero”!


I worked as stage manager for Stryper for a short time. What a negative and insane experience. There were people on that tour who, inspite of their born-again admissions, were simply some of the worst people I have ever experienced.

“I can do anything I want, break any commandment, because I have a personal relationship with the savior, I’m born again and bathed in ther blood of the lamb. All I have to do is dial 1-800-JEEBUS! and I am forgiven.”


Aw, jeeze Gavin. I actually *like* the Toto Coelo song. In a cheezy sorta way, of course.


Aw, jeeze Gavin. I actually *like* the Toto Coelo song. In a cheezy sorta way, of course.

But the costumes and choreography…!

Dude, the Liberal Avenger just posted one of my favorite songs (‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’). We’re all feeling the hurt a little.


Gavin, get out of my head, seriously. I posted “I Eat Cannibals” and saw you did like immediately after. My glory done got stoled. I care not for any of this modern shit. Give me old-fashioned stompy weird songs about oral sex that make it sound kind of violent.


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