Ooooh Editors. So, so, sad.

The Editors thinks Billy Squier will suffice. Sadly, nope:

I’ve got more… MUCH MORE… where that came from.

Gavin adds: Oh, let me just reach into the backpack here, and…


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Fuck You Bonnie Tyler Hatin Pansies

Dudes, now you’re hatin’ Squier? You’re losing readership with every key pressed. Maybe you haven’t read the survey that tells you your readership is much older than you. They are. Love you, but stop slamming teh old peoples’ icons. Cuz’ we are old (37) and you are seriously pissing us off.

Fine…if you can’t manage to do that, give the old a shout out by putting up a “Lover Boy” video.


I’m sorry was the contest about annoying, er…AWESOME????


Alright, goddammit. I don’t give a rat’s arse who started flingin’ kitsch. I said lights out, and I mean lights out.


Styx was annoying under the best of circumstances.

And Kilroy Was Here was _not_ the best of circumstances.


[…] … Jesus wept. That was entirely uncalled-for. […]


Youtube minions…


…..FULL AUTO!!!!!!

(uh… bayonet the wounded?


And, yes, technically this is an assymetric warfare ’90s attack.


Funny — I just saw Mr. Roboto on VH1C a few days ago and I was frozen watching it due to its really pathetic futuristic posturing. (Also, Dennis DeYoung has one of those voices that just GRATES ON MY NERVES, similar to Steve Perry.)


Dennis DeYoung- Clay Aiken’s fantasy.


This one’s kind of like a solar eclipse. Try not to look right into it.

Islamonazis have nothing on Phil Collins.


Fellas, my heart yearns to join this little contest.


[…] While we were busy pummelling the Editors with Stryper, Styx, Wesley Willis, Dio and Billy Ray Cyrus, it seems that Atrios launched a direct assault on our shores. And quite a formidable attack it was- there is almost nothing more painful than watching the ‘85 Bears performing the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” […]


[…] A vast war has been waged between three brutal forces. The severity of their violence has shocked all, but it is now that I must announce that The Baltimore Group has been the first victim of their unrelenting onslaught. Austin is missing, presumed dead, and my eyes and ears bleed from this sonic assault. With humility and hope that my actions will bring peace through the required introspection that the attackers must feel when learning of civilian casualties, I hereby surrender and respectfully ask that this war move to a different part of the internets. […]


I’m waiting for The Editors, Atrios and Sadly, No! to explain that this was their experiment defining the REAL Top 50 Conservative songs. That “domo arigato, Mr Roboto” has got it all! From the “technology/free market will save us” to the (dare I say?) trans-human motif of the actual video. While the lavender suit/jumpsuit thing is a tad unfortunate, I’m sure the color choice could be explained away as a protest against Communism or something.


Hey, Styx is wildly underrated. Or something.

Besides, neither of these are any match for the Shatner Rocket Man.


I have to say Sadly No in a rout. The Editors has awful ktisch, but SN has found Billy Ray Cyrus, Styx, music that not only was horrible but popular in its time, showing how humanity has never before or ever will crawl out of the evolutionary swamp.


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