Now That’s What I Call Sharp Analysis

God, what would we do without Newsmax?

President Bush’s job approval rating has jumped six points in the wake of a media barrage of criticism over his administration’s telephone records collection program.

A Harris Interactive poll published in The Wall Street Journal Online on Friday had Bush’s approval rating at an all time low – with just 29 percent of Americans saying they liked the way he was handling his job. […]

A Gallup survey released Friday yielded a similar result, with just 31 percent giving Bush a positive job approval rating.

A Newsweek survey released on Sunday, however, found that the president’s approval numbers had improved markedly, with 35 percent saying he was doing a good job.

I could point out that it’s stupid to take data from two seperate polls and claim that one poll represents a “boost” for Bush simply because it gives him higher ratings than an earlier poll taken by a completely different company. I could also point out that Bush’s popularity in the Newsweek poll has dropped since March and that Bush’s latest approval rating is the lowest ever recorded in a Newsweek poll. Finally, I could note that Newsmax presents no evidence to back up its claim that Bush’s mythical “bounce” has anything to do with the NSA’s telephone data mining program.

But that would involve putting in much more effort than I’m willing to exert, so I’ll just say “NEW MEDIA SUX, LOL!!!1!” and leave it at that.

UPDATE: The Heretik notes that Instapundit actually fell for the Newsmax story. Here’s the best part:

Dave Weigel emails that the story above is unreliable, comparing two polls with different methodology.

Heh. Indeed. Or you could have bothered to read the story for yourself before mindlessly linking to it, Glenn. Ouch!


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Because even IF they weren’t comparing apples to oranges, jumping up to a mighty 35% proves Bush was right all along.


You forgot to add “COBAGZ!!!one!

Worst. President. Ever.

Sounds like “fuzzy liberal math”!


What a bunch of dipshits.


Is it Memorial Day weekend yet, when gas prices traditionally hit an annual high? Has Rove been indicted and resigned yet? Has the Senate heard the testimony of the intel guy promising to reveal far worse details?

No? Well I guess we finally get to see exactly where the exact percentage of the obstinate knuckle draggers is.

I’m guessing it’s one point in either direction from 27%. Within a week or two, it’s coming. Only a pending impeachment or resignation could take it lower. Inevitably then, he’ll get a rebound, and the neo-simians will grunt and pound their chests and try to fondle Faye Dunaway. To no avail.

The counteroffensive begins with the Bush border speech where he gets to push the fear button and the hate button simultaneously. Ohboyohboy, I can’t wait.

Knowing that it requires a level of dexterity to depress two buttons and speak simultaneously, that he’s yet to accomplish successfully, I’m placing my bet on the toy airplanes frustrating him so bad that he’ll fall off the stump he’s climbing on and stub his tongue.

Any takers?

Worst. President. Ever.

the Bush border speech where he gets to push the fear button and the hate button simultaneously.

…and the “don’t look at Turdblossom being frog-marched!” button.


Hello all — Last week, I made a total ass of myself on the comments here when I lashed out at annieangel, and everyone else here, in some ridiculous blog fight. My only excuse is that I had a bad week personally, coupled with waaaay too much to drink, and I let AA get to me far more than I should have.

It’s taken me a week to get over my shame and embarrasment over this episode, and to come back here and apologize to all of you, as I should have done so immediately.

Honestly though, I felt my first apology was owed to AA herself. I’ve posted several comments to her blog apologizing for my actions. She’s deleted all of my comments thus far. That’s fine. It’s her blog to do with as she will.

But I very much enjoy S,N!, and especially all of the commentors here. And so I promise, no more lashing out, no more feeding the trolls.

I hope to get back into everyone’s good graces. Thanks all!


So okay: we’ve seen all the poll numbers. We know how the tide is turning against Bush among most sane (if slow) Americans. My question is this: At what point do the corporate media stop fellating him?

committee to make song blogging illegal

Cranky, you are a big person to step up and apologize. Someone should really apologize to Gary too. We may not all agree with him, but like that infamous troll from the past that we all secretly love (or, secretly love to hate) said in a song:

Right-wingers Need Love Too
words and music by Dr. BLT


Right-wingers say they need love. But so do sociopaths. I’m so confused…


[eyes roll so far back, I’m looking at my brain]
…and on to something else. cranky, I don’t think anybody here was particularly offended. I didn’t see any “Boy, that cranky is sure a bastard! ” comments posted up. It’s nice you tried to apologize to annie, though. But, she was participating in the escalating vitriol, so it’s not like she was an innocent bystander or anything. Good to have you back. And, annie can’t delete this one.

committee to make song blogging illegal

Well we’re certainly glad that you didn’t put right-wingers in the same category as sociopaths. Of course everybody knows that sociopaths cross all political, socioeconomic, cultural and racial boundary. The fact is most right-wingers and most sociopaths do not say they need love, at least not as directly and openly as Dr. BLT does. Of course if song blogging were a crime, then he would be a sociopath. Would you like to join our committee so we can make that happen? We certainly hope you don’t think we’re sociopaths for pirating his music.


Oh, and two things, one on topic and one off:
Instabonehead ha ha!!1! What a goober!
And OT, what adjacent holiday are we to rename in honor of the impending festivities? Mother Fitz’s Day? Hmm, doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? Fitzmorial Day? Better, but I don’t know…
The thing I’m dying to see is the post indictment press gaggle where Tony Snow tries to spin the whole thing out of existence and avoid questions about why Turd Blossom remains gainfully employed (with security clearances yet!) at the White House. Guarenteed comedy gold!


I fail to see why anyone takes Glen Reynolds seriously. I mean, after answering the question “What should we do in Iraq?” with “Win.” it’s clear he doesn’t even take himself seriously — at least not seriously enough avoid making himself look like a total bullshit artist.

This is just another example of that.


Political Arithmetik is a good place to go to understand and follow polls.

Worst. President. Ever.

Cranky, were you actually worried about getting banned from S, N! for bashing trolls?

‘Cause if so, I think you should worry about more practical things, like solving global warming or how to safely get rid of nuclear waste.

I’ve never seen anybody banned from here yet. But what the hell, apology is sometimes therapeutic… although come to think of it, I’ve never seen any other commenter apologize at this website…


What, did the Crankster get started with the cranking and I missed it? Best watch out, or New York Law Firm will be breathing down your neck.

The trolls will always out-petty you if you let them. Please leave their care and feeding to the professionals, or you will just make yourself crazy.

Take my advice, strong language is completely inapropriate in these parts. So is html cluelessness, and I think you are required to have your own blog as well.



“I’ve never seen any other commenter apologize at this website…

Damn straight. Right in the middle of the horror of Katrina he was playing his little troll games. Can’t out-petty that.

Anybody remember September 3d? Remember where you were in those days? Here is the majic people:


The NSA Terrorist Surveillence Program is sending Bush’s ratings up. It’s pretty obvious.

And Bush’s speech tonight will get him to 45% by Memorial Day.

The vast majority of Americans support more guards on the boarder. Bush is going to get that done.

The Democrats will be stuck between their desire to say Bush is soft on illegal immigration and their love for amnesty.


And you, Gary, will be given a medal for meritorious service in the bunker, handing out cyanide pills and shooting the pets. Phyrric victories are the most pure!


Cranky, you are making me laugh so hard!


mindlessly linking to it.

Instapudding can link in no other manner…


The only thing that’s obvious is that Ruppert is a moron.


The fact is that Gary is a moron.


“The Democrats will be stuck between their desire to say Bush is soft on illegal immigration and their love for amnesty.”

Now Gary, let’s go over this one carefully. What is George Bush’s policy on immigration?


I think it’s funny that GR’s dream is a return to the halcyon days of 45% approval.


Yosef: stop being mean, cobag.

cranky: there is absolutely no need to apologize, but I respect the fact that you’re a big enough person to want to try. Good on you.


Hasn’t GR posted that before?

I’ve got a new Gary theory: I think he’s some kind of computer script. It would explain why he can post to threads so quickly, and why he never seems to directly respond to anyone.


Drew: I was thinking the same thing. He’s a spambot that’s programmed to regurgitate a “The fact is…” response everytime the keyword “Bush”, “Cheney”, “Rove”, Republican”, “Democrat”, “Congress”, “Senate”, “Immigation”, “Iraq”, “Iran”, “Illegals”….well, you get the idea. He’s Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In other words, a total computerized doofus.


It’s the only thing that makes sense. It makes way more sense than his posts.


I’m almost afraid to ask, but…whatever happened to annieangel?

She flipped out last week, but she hasn’t been heard from since.

I notice she’s wiped her blog clean of the rantings from that period.


I’ve got a new Gary theory: I think he’s some kind of computer script.

That would explain the flat affect. But what about the smell?


That would explain the flat affect. But what about the smell?

He’s written in VB.


He’s Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Ah, but HAL was capable of rational decision-making.


The fact is since Bush got a rating of 29% in the WSJ, 31% from Gallop and 35% from Newsweek, this adds up to a whopping 95% approval rating.

You liberals and your reality-based math.


The fact is since Bush got a rating of 29% in the WSJ, 31% from Gallop and 35% from Newsweek, this adds up to a whopping 95% approval rating.

Heh indeedy! After all, these were three polls of different people, right? And that does add up to 95!


I fail to see how a man who has such a cavalier attitude to information can be a professor.

What are his classes like?


I’m almost afraid to ask, but…whatever happened to annieangel?

I think she’s bored with us. If she were a person capable of it, I’d guess “embarrassed to show her face in these parts,” but I don’t think she is. She’s posted a few times over at 3 Bulls since then, but it’s not like anybody there doesn’t know what happened over here, so….


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