Malkin plays catcher for the Cleveland Steamers

By Michelle Malkin
May 06, 2006 10:44 AM


I’m not a baseball fan, but several readers wrote in about the Yankees-Rangers game last night. A sample:

Reader K…

Michelle, did you happen to see last night’s Texas Rangers NY Yankees baseball game? The Rangers uniforms were changed to read “LOS Rangers.” I guess this was done for that great American holiday, 5th of May. What an insult to the Texas Rangers.

Reader Steve…

I’m watching the Yankees-Rangers game tonight. I watch sports incessantly, and I can’t recognize who the Yankees are playing. Wooops, the “Los Rangers” painted on the front of their jersey. I had to work for three innings to figure that out because it was nothing but “neck-up” or wide angle shots. Don’t try checking (“CNN of sports”) or any other major sports website, it’s not even mentioned or advertised…Google searches will reveal obscure articles attributing the uniform to a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Certainly not a coincidental political statement, right? The hell with the MLB, I’m not watching another game.


I understand the Rangers wanted to do something innocuous to recognize a holiday celebrating historical and cultural pride. But the politically correct selectivity here is telling. While it’s considered a celebration of “diversity” to acknowledge the military sacrifices of another nation’s heroes, it’s considered racist to acknowledge the military sacrifices of one’s own.

Case in point: Can you imagine if someone proposed changing the Rangers’ jerseys to “Confederate Rangers” to celebrate Confederate Heroes’ Day?

Oh, and I’m sure I’ll be labeled a racist for pointing out the double standard.

Like that’s anything new…

She’s catching on to us.

Hey Michelle. Woop-woop action alert. Look what this team did to their logo:

Above: La insignia del equipo de béisbol, ‘The Saint James Fathers.’

Bradrocket adds: Michelle writes:

While it’s considered a celebration of “diversity” to acknowledge the military sacrifices of another nation’s heroes, it’s considered racist to acknowledge the military sacrifices of one’s own.

Congrats, Michelle. You’ve earned a well-deserved “¡Lamentablemente, No!”

Saturday’s 7:05 p.m. matchup with the Mets marks the Eleventh Annual “Military Opening Day” presented by Northrop Grumman Corporation. The Padres will continue their custom of donning camouflage uniforms, this time wearing a desert pattern worn by troops serving the Middle East.

Above: All-Star catcher Mike Piazza, who is definitely not acknowledging the military sacrifices of our troops.


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Now I’m as Southren as you get–but I’m going to guess that the reason why M. Maligning would be labled racist, were she to advocate sports jersey celebrating Confederacy Day, is that such an act would be, in fact, racist as shit.


Does Michelle even know what Cico de Mayo is, that the 5th of May, for those that don’t speak Mexican.

Wonder if Malkin knows that after the Civil War, US troops helped the Mexians defeat the, oh my GOD, French Army? And no mention of the evil French in her article!

Oh those are historical FACTS, and we don’t believe in FACTS.


So what‘s that team called the other 364 days of the year?

By 1835, as the movement for Texas independence was about to boil over, a council of local government representatives created a “Corps of Rangers” to protect the frontier from Indians…. The following year, when Texas declared its independence from Mexico, some Rangers took part in the fighting, though most served as scouts…. By the end of Reconstruction, however, the urgent need for law and order returned. In addition to the continued threat of Indians on the western frontier and a resurgence of pillaging by Mexican bandits along the Rio Grande, a new and perhaps even greater threat to Texas appeared–that of lawless Texans.

Well, I guess ol’ Michelle is disappointed with them for turning on white people.


I mentioned it in the last thread, but it bears repeating, her new video site is fucking hilarious, the opener is good, but then you click on other stuff and there\’s tons of shoddy, underproduced garbage from all sorts of crazy whacked out blogs.


In fact, speaking of the Confederacy (though IME people don’t make a big deal of the Confederacy at all here, except for the same kind of racist loony you’ll find with a Confederate flag in Pennsylvania).


I guess Michelle wouldn’t like that the Philadelphia Phillies and some other teams traditionally wear green uniforms on St. Patrick’s Day during spring training. Those drunken micks better lay off the Guinness, get out of the pub and get a goddamn job, OK.


Uh, didn’t the confederate army fght AGAINST the US army? Just curious.

I think the Yankees should do a “Loyalist Heroes of the Revolutionary War” promotion. Maybe give away Benedict Arnold bobbleheads wearing Johnny Damon’s number.


Poor Michelle won’t get to whip up an actual froth of righteous indignation about “Confederate Heroes Day” attire – it falls on January 19th, well outside of baseball season.

However, candidates might be June 19th, which is “Emancipation Day in Texas”, or August 27th – LBJ Day.


Damn those namby-pamby squishy-swishy multiculti liberal baseball team owners! What kind of Chicanislamofascist would do such a thing to the Great American Pastime?

(Baseball’s owners go to bat for Bush: More than 12 current, former owners and family members are among top re-election fund-raisers, AP, 9/14/2004)


Please don’t call Michelle’s attention to California. With all of our Spanish place-names, she’ll want to get us deported.


Michelle Malkin’s Readers: Crazier Than Any People I’ve Ever Seen

So I foolishly decided to read some of the trackbacks to Michelle Malkin’s “Los Rangers” post (see below for analysis). As bad as Michelle is, her readers are… well, take a look for yourself… Crazed Malkin Reader #1:GringoMan. Post Title:…


Hey, Gay Jeff (comment #1): Are you saying that “shit” is now racist? Are we committing a racist act every time we use the toilet?


Another candidate is Patriot’s Day, which celebrates the battles of Concord and Lexington on April 19. You would never find a baseball team daring to celebrate that.


FlipYrWhig – funny that the owner of the team who has a promotional day dedicated to the military is one of the few baseball guys who donated to Kerry.

Also, Michelle Malkin’s stupid reader is wrong.

I watched Sportscenter last night, and I’m fairly certain they mentioned the unis there. (it could have been on NESN, I also watched Sportsdesk, but it was one of the two.)

But, don’t do like Malkin’s reader, Steve. Try checking

No, wait, don’t bother, because I did, and here it is.

Now, you actually have to read the whole article to find out about the jerseys, which I know can be a challenge, but it’s down there, in the ‘Game Notes’ section, where trivial bullshit like info about the team’s uniforms belongs.

(the real bad news in this article is that the Skanks won 5-1, behind their best pitcher this season, who is still the third best pitcher in NY.)


(woops. 5-1 is Mussina’s record now. The score of the game was actually 8-7. Nothing like slagging someone for poor reading and then getting simple details wrong….)


Following up on Matt Weiner’s comments above, Los Rangers isn’t a very good translation of the team’s name. More suitable would be Los Mataindios de Tejas.

I guess Reader Steve the Incessant Sports Watcher hasn’t figured out that you can quickly identify a team by looking at the caps or batting helmets the players wear.

I would also guess that Malkin and her readers are unaware that MLB has given serious consideration to Monterrey, Mexico, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, as potential sites for expansion or relocation.


“Hey, Gay Jeff (comment #1): Are you saying that “shit” is now racist? Are we committing a racist act every time we use the toilet?”

My language suggests so, but that wasn’t my intention: I should have said “racist as National Review” instead of “shit”.

Sorry about that.


Geez, lets get all excited about someone using Spanish language. I suppose Michelle’s readers will next call nachos “freedom chips,” and boycott Taco Bell.

She’s really scraping hard for a story.


The hell with the MLB, I’m not watching another game.

Yeah, stick to NASCAR, you stupid shit. What kind of fucking twit says he will boycott major league baseball because they put the word “Los” in front of “Rangers” on Cinco de Mayo? A dumbshit, racist twit, that’s who.


And happy birthday to Willie Mays as well.


I like I said in my comment. To Michelle’s gang it’s Mexican, not Spanish!

Or at least of lot of Texan’s believe so.


You know, I sincerely believe that I was a better person back when the “…catcher for the Cleveland Steamers” bit would have sailed right over my head.


not that it isn’t funny…


I’m just reacting to the wave of shame that swept over me right after I laughed out loud. And the fact that I’m still kind of giggling.
I’ll shut up now.


Heh Cleveland Steamers. Although I heard she was being traded to the Cincinnati Bowties for a player to be named later.


Damn, I did it again!


I think that player is Dirty Sanchez.


¡El horror de los Rangers!

Los Rangers to take the field: The Rangers will recognize Cinco de Mayo on Friday by playing in special uniforms for the opener of their three-game series against the New York Yankees. Made by Majestic and styled after the Rangers’ …


After Alex Sanchez (then of the Detroit Tigers) became the first guy busted for steroids in MLB, the Detroit fans called him “Dirty Sanchez.”

I believe Dirty Sanchez was once traded for “Hot” Carl Yastrzemski.


Is that the famous Hot “Glass bottomed boat” Karl? What a showman!


LOL Timmah, good call.

I named my fantasy baseball team the “Blumpkins.” I thought that was pretty damn funny.


Can’t Mexicans and Americans come together and celebrate the French losing on Cinco de Mayo?


Waitaminutewaitaminute what is the joke with the Cleveland Steamers? Miss Emily pls help! I hate being on the outside looking in!!


me too!!!1!11!


Urban Dictionary, cutie patooties.


What the Hell?
Dammit, I know I typed that in correctly.


Alas, I didn’t, so here goes: here


It’s pretty misongenistic, but
this is the most complete list of these I’ve ever seen, for those who requested.


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