I think Travis is Alexei Sayle, but these things aren’t totally exact.


Posted in lieu of an actual post to funnel the Firedoglake crowd into something approximating a normal episode in this, you know, crazy student flat that we share without ever going to class and all that whole thing, with the exploding doorbell and the hamster.

Although come to think of it, people seem to like this one a lot lately.


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I swear to GOD and Marie Jon’ that I am not drunk and that I am not commenting at Firedoglake!


I also didn’t manage to get three consecutive comments at FDL.


no offense Gavin, but I didn’t realize you could write so ‘smart’. Bravo!

(That thread got really long, so I came over here to write this.)

Also, you left out the ‘ in Marie Jon’ in the caption of the wingnut gallery picture.


Long? 73 is just a little squirt compared to a typical FDL thread. Make it bigger and longer!


Somehow I feel compelled to quote the good Pastor.

Who wouldn’t give up a day in fruit fields for a Mall mash in spring? Why not?

Wow. It was never this good in Muslim land before we sneaked across the Mexican / US border one night. Remember?

This is democracy and freedom and my right. That’s right. It’s my human right.

Yes, God bless America crime, no matter.


Oh god.

I think it’s going to a mess major.

I wake up with US President George W. Bush telling us that the levees will be okay by June 1.

Levees have to do with life, property and lots and lots of money. We can’t risk on this one.

I have contended that no new New Orleans should be built there. Experts have warned that we will have Disaster Chapter Two repeat.

Yet hours ago this was told us: “’Overtopping during Katrina caused catastrophic flooding and destruction of the levees themselves,’

America cannot go through another Katrina-New Orleans disaster. Of course, if it has to, it will have to.

But then again, who gives a hang about New Orleans now that illegals rule DC, in fact want to make crime legal throughout America?

Further, local Orleans politicians are trying to whoop it up with Mardi Gras Minimal recently.


Okay, just one more, some headlines.




No word on if all our base are belong to them, however.


Great job over at FDL.

A box of matches

Don’t look at me, I’m irrelevant.


Oh, have we got a video?


Gavin M. is Vyvyan? I thought his surname was Mucus.


Hands up, who likes me?


That was a beautiful thing you did, Gavin. It’s like you were channeling David Neiwert’s long-lost twin brother who’s actually funny.

(Not to knock the good Mr. Neiwert, and lord knows I’m as big an unfunny nerd as anyone out there….it’s just that I like a side of humor to go with my heapin’ helping of annihilation sometimes).

Oh, and if bad art can be revelatory, what does this reveal?


Gavin, I actually copied your comment from Digby’s thread a few weeks back – the larval form of this post, if you will – and emailed it to some friends. We were all thrilled to see that someone had finally proved that picking on the lamest, slowest wingnuts was not only fun to do, but good for you too. It was almost as good as if someone had proved when we were kids that candy bars were much better for you than green vegetables.

So I’m glad to see that you’ve perfected that which was already amazing. More like this, please!


*applauds* Bravo! Well played, sir.

Now don’t go all Justin Timberlake on us. Those of us here in the bog still need you.


In the words of a famous guy who was getting fed up: I’m getting fed up.


Does this mean that Dr. BLT is Cliff Richard?


“…with the exploding doorbell…”

Or soup. Whatever.

Anyway, beautiful, Gav. Too bad you couldn’t have worked in the Jeff Goldstein phenomenon…


That was a great post, Gavin.


Ah yes, crazy hampsters exploding like doorbells. I miss those carefree days of yute. Now my life is nothing but lasers, nanobots, and android chipmunks nipping at my ass.

It can be quite stressful…yessssss……um, what was this post about again?


So I mostly lurk when I’m in these parts, but I just had to say, Gavin, that yer FDL post was honestly one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.

I love you, man. No, really, I love you, man.


The haters have come out:

” Slothrop says:
April 13th, 2006 at 4:03 am

I think this writing stinks. You seem to have fallen in love with your sense of a “writing style.� Get over it.

Listen effmunch, stick to the program, chat about you mornign waiting for the new thread so you can hang out there and play amateur Plame-sniffer. What is the deal? Threads get old, scrolling starts to hurt your finger?

MJ’ could triple post in the long thread and it would still be used, so eat it, fdl chumpwads!


That kind of stinking takes a lot of work.

That’s the thing about it.


Gavin, you’re not going to let three idiotic sentences, attacking style based on someone’s personal taste rather than substance, get you down, are you?


that was a really great post Gavin!


Not really, but all else aside, the level of stinking is pretty elevated.

It’s like, anyone can light off one of those stinkbombs you pick up in Chinatown for 20 cents, but it takes some genuine professionalism to show up and uncork a vial of butyric acid.


(Posts crossing in transit…)



I dig your style as much as your substance, Gavin. You should use “astonishing” more, btw. For some reason I was delighted at the image of you, astonished.
(The mental picture that formed was, uh, kind of this.
I’m not proud of that.)

Hysterical Woman

Oh God, you should totally frisk Swank’s latest column. He tries to write as a Hispanic illegal immigrant from an Islamic land(?). Actually, since English is his second language, he does a pretty good job.


Where’s that?

I looked and found this one, which might be a new high mark in ‘Augh! Please don’t let this be implying what I think it does…!’


Open up it’s the pige



Mix “astonishing” in with “remarkable” and “astounding” more. Like “Astonishingly, the remarkable hamster exploded in an astounding way!!!1!”

See what I’m sayin’? Awesome, right?


This just in, the astounding (and remarkable) news that Google returns results based on your search phrases! Therefore, if you Google for sites about erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults, you often get sites mentioning JUST THOSE TOPICS! Astonishing!


“Hello, my name is Bastard…but you can call me “Right Bleeding”…”

yeah, i know, there will be no Chaise lounges where i’m going

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

What was that show called, the Young Ones or something? I could watch it on broadcast TV when I lived in Denmark.

Back in the day I looked like Seb, but my actual cooptation by the Military-Industrial Complex forces me to dress like Retardo.


Darling Fascist Bullyboy,Give me some more money, you bastard.


What’s even better is to take “astonishing”, “remarkable”, and “astounding” to Babelfish so you can recycle them over and over! So “astonishing becomes “étonnant” in french (which is actually sort of lame) but “erstaunlich! in german, which rocks.

German begins to seem like the best language for these types of words; “astounding” becomes “verblüffen!”

Until, of course, you go greek: κατάπληξη!!!!

Oh yea, that’s what I’m talkin’ about…


Great post at FDL, Gavin!



Hysterical Woman

No, I didn’t mean that article, but that is golden too. No, I mean the article from 4/11.


Hey, Gav, that was a nice “capsule” Sadly, No! for the nice folks over at FDL, but was it you or them who pilfered Marie Jon”s apostrophe? It just isn’t the same without it! Perhaps you were trying to goad a rise out of dear Marie, who’s “too good” for us SadNo lowlifes anymore?


Marq, I think we all just have to get used to the fact that Marie has moved on. She has no more love for us puny bog dwellers *sob*.


Sod the revolution, where’s me 300 quid?


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