Two-Minute Pajama Stains

What’s better worse than a Two-Minute TownHall? It’s a Two-Minute Pajama Stains, sans Hot Dog Tree. Let’s get ready to shorten!

Shorter Anchoress:

Illegal immigration is a complex problem that demands complex solutions. So hopefully God will reveal them to Peggy Noonan in a dream.

Shorter Erik Svane:

The French complain about the media just like we do. Except it’s funny when they do it.

Shorter Drinking From Home:

Some of us are still fixated on that whole Danish cartoons thing.

Shorters Dean Esmay:

Some people don’t have a way with words. Fortunately, I… have way.


If you thought Anchoress was going to beat me at the game of writing a long post without saying anything, guess again!


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I am going to drag you naked and screaming from your office and hang you from a lamppost until you are dead, dead, dead!!!!


Everything the Anchoress writes could probably be shortened thusly:

“Oh, I didn’t hear you come in. I was just brushing my hair.”


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