Party On Yr PJ’s!!!

From Austin Bay’s Pajamas Media Open Source Media bio:

My mother was a civil rights activist and my father was an oil company geologist. In some ways, I have my mother?s domestic views and my father?s international views.

In other words, he doesn’t hate brown people, he just wants to steal their oil.



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Loved the bizarre swipe at Huffington Post. It almost makes you think that Arianna is a point of concern for wingnuttia.

Open Source Media? Sadly, No!


How come when I clicked that link, BRad, it took me to some weird, circa 2001 HTML style bla bla. In fact the layout was so boring I kind of dozed off. It was dark-on-light like I was expecting but really, when I click Open Source Media I expect a big fact Sadly, No!


Why are we google-bombing Open Source Media now? Did PJMedia change their names?


It’s OSM Media for those redundantly clueless.

Chazmo has sicced his beasties on Althouse who crapped on his dream.


Open Pajamas Media: We Can See Your Johnson.


You missed the main fun of his bio: he has a PhD in English and literature, but he writes like Ernest Hemingway with ADD. It’s not even good stream-of-consciousness, just short, choppy, barely-connected ideas grouped into paragraphs, apparently by cluster analysis.


man, i love you guys…..and i totally mean it in *that* way.

your intestines must be composed of neutronium in order to go through so much of wingnuttia on our behalves….

long live pajamas media! May their boundless stupidity know no bounds!


PM reminds me of a punch line to my favorite prayer:

“…and Lord, if you cannot turn the hearts and minds towards of my enemies, may you turn their ankles, that I may know them by their limp.”


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