Googlebomb progress Saturday

Conservative Humor

So close!


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Movin on up, to the a high rise apartment in the sky!!

If I say linked to Sadly, No 50 times using the words “Conservative Humor” am I doing it right?


This is how Avis got to be #1, you know. And look what happened to them – they’re … umm, well, they’re still #1. OK, bad example. Oooh, look, a shiny thing!


I love the variety in comments responses here these days. This is probably the third comment in this thread, but the next one up is pushing past 100. Wacky!


OK, it’s over 100 one post up now.


Of course, no one actually searches for the phrase “conservative humor”, so I fail to see what this achieves. According to overture, it’s less than 100 searches/month, and those numbers are generally thought to be somewhat inflated.


“Conservative humor”?
Now there’s an oxymoron.


Well sure, but good sportsmen don’t play for the trophy.


New Tag Line: We are rated #2 in Google when ‘conservative humor’ is searched.


Marq – how’s your Pop?


Dad’s still in hospital. He seems in pretty good shape, all things considered. He says the incision point isn’t particularly painful–and, believe me, it looks painful. Not sure how much longer they’re keeping him-I get conflicting reports. He’s been moved out of the ICU to a normal hospital room. So, so far, so good.


That’s good news. Hang in there. I hope that you’re well too and looking after yourself.


Great news! Once we get to #1, I’m going to put this on my resume right below starting the whole “Mars, bitches!” thing!

Conservative Humor


Yadda yadda yadda.

Conservative Humor


Unfortunately, if you look up conservative humor without quotes, the results are not as good: #7.


Well, then we clap harder!

Conservative Humor Does it matter if people choose or


pffftttt… that’s the funniest thing i’ve seen all day.

conservative humor


Sorry, didn’t notice this. I will be sure to add the link right away.

Creating the link 50 times on one site doesn’t help. In fact, Google might ignore it if their algorithm decides you are trying to spam it.


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