Tit-for-tat slime machine Saturday

Justin Darr weighs in on Cindy Sheehan:

Cindy Sheehan has not just attacked President Bush and the United States? presence in Iraq, but hurled anti-Semitic comments about Jews instigating the War, her son not enlisting in the Army to die for Israel, and demanding that Israel pull out of the Occupied Territories.

And America weighs in on Justin Darr:

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Unlike Marie, who’s pretty much winning America’s heart with an astounding 9.4, Justin has some competition even among ‘hot young conservative pundits.’ Such is the free market! We will carelessly cite the results of this sketchy and unverifiable poll at every opportunity and with no dignity whatsoever.

(PS, and publick notice: We deny the existence of the mysterious trolls. Registration is, however, now open at some green football thing, according to an unnamed source in comments. As one might say: Bwaa-ha-hahaaaa.)


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If anyone sees Admiral Tube Sock and LADy MAjorett Pharynx Ledrho around tell them to take their troll road show to LGF and sign up for accoutns there, so they can be done with Sadly,No. Chuckwagon is there with OPEN arms


Looks like they will be on high alert all week- behold a snarky response to someone not toeing the party line

#38 Rocket 8/20/2005 03:37PM PDT

Thanks for opening up registration, Charles


Darr has a robust score of 2.7 after 17 votes. With some help, I think we can get it below 1.8.


It should be over 17. Maybe the inline interface isn’t working. Anyone else still getting 17?


The heap of extra HTML for tables and menus was messing up the page, so I snipped it and just did a link.


It takes a truly important figure in the media to post his views from a Tripod site.


That’s just his archive. He’s published all over the place.


Help, I need a non-hotmail/yaohoo e-mail account for green thing registration. Any ideas?


From Darr’s About me:

He is also a fountain of relatively useless knowledge do to years of University study.

Words fail me. Him too.


Never mind lossers! I left a message at the ecretsay eadthray.


Even ASSHAT has a higher score than Justin; although, that may be a result of the 10 that I gave him. I’m a sucker for a ‘man’ in a wife beater.


Eat me commie puke!


Off to see the roller derby bout.


Do we really need a vote to establish Yosef as the HYCWOTI(s)? Darr is indeed a pale pretender.


That’s just his archive. He’s published all over the place.

I know- but you’d think someone who is published (even by Alan Keyes’ ilk and the like) and seems to believe himself to be a real pundit wouldn’t be content to just archive his stuff at a Tripod site.

Even Amber and Pastor Swank have their own little slices of the internets for keeping their insanity.
It’s all about credibility!


I used to be the ultimate Soumi sky-god, but the other Soumi sky-god, Jumala, latched onto the rising new religion of Christianity and rode it to the top. Seeing me knocked off my position of power, I plan to retire to the woods, where I can ski and watch nature. I am now Tapio, the god of the woods and of the hunt.

As the stealthy Tapio, I spy out our prey lurking in the wilds. My last foray showed me that the Lizardoids are noticing our presence and starting to stir.


Shiz nit!

I haven’t even had mine activated yet. It should be good to go, unless….they are evil geniuses..


I got google invites for anybody who needs one.. post yer e-mail.


2.8 rating based on 82 votes


Thanks for the nod, puginov! Darr is my #2 arch-nemesis.

Heh. I said #2. Heh. That’s pretty good, Conservative Humor


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