Flavor Flav Cock-Blocks the Young Republicans

Sadly, No! has a long, proud history of trashing columnists at The Rant (see: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Because of this fine tradition, Alan Teitleman should feel honored that we have selected his very first Rant column for derision. Alan’s column is filled with all the elements of classic Rantery: crappy writing, John Birch-style paranoia, and long, pointless anecdotes. Seriously, this is the most promising debut from a Rant columnist we’ve seen since Justin Darr.

So without further ado… ladies and gentlemen, making his first-ever appearance at Sadly, No!, Mr. Alan Teitleman!

Konservative Kryptonite? Liberal Indoctrination 101

Alan Teitleman

Now that the votes have been counted (multiple times in some states) and George W. Bush is the duly re-elected President of the United States of America, liberal indoctrination has stooped to a new low.

“I’d thought they’d hit rock bottom with that Sesame Street episode where Elmo dressed in a burqa and read passages from Mao’s Little Red Book… but this is far, far worse.”

While on spring break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a group of College Republicans and other Appalachian Students went to Club Kryptonite for an evening of fun and indulgence. Unfortunately what they experienced was the epitome of liberal indoctrination.

“While going to the bathroom, they saw a condom dispenser by the sink! First, liberals pushed condoms on high school students, and now they’re pushing them on drunken bar flies? Is no one safe from the left’s latex tentacles?”

Flava-Flav (spelling may be incorrect)…

It is, white boy.

…was the guest rapper at this particular evenings festivities. As a country music fan myself, I opted to be the designated driver instead of being overpowered by the smell of stale beer and the sounds of explicit words being pawned off as music.

“Plus, my fellow college Republicans threatened to flush my head down a toilet if I didn’t drive them home.”

What I heard on the drive back to the hotel truly brought on a new meaning to the term “shock and awe.” Instead of rapping, Flava-Flav used this mid-March night to express his political views in the most profound ways.

Well, for anyone who’s familiar with Public Enemy’s music, this isn’t surprising. (And yes, I’m a big Public Enemy fan… or to put it another way, “Do I like Public Enemy? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy-eeeeeeeee!”)

With slogans like “F*@^ Bush,” “War is not the answer,” and “He ain’t my president,” Flava-Flav brought on a new wave of liberal indoctrination in the 21st Century.

Yes, by writing opinionated raps, Flavor Flav has become the left’s answer to Joseph Goebbels.

What should have been an evening of fun, drinking, dancing, and college guys trying to hook up with college girls was appropriately likened to “a motivational speaker in Church, but with a lot of cursing.”

So if you’re not getting laid, it’s not because you’re an obnoxious ass who wears a “Bomb Mecca with Fat Chicks” t-shirt. No, your inability to score is the fault of liberals in general and Flavor Flav in particular. (Incidentally, I think the South Carolina College Republicans should take some tips from John “The King of Let ‘Em Come to You” Alanis.)

I had wondered why I got my call to pick them up over an hour early. Apparently many club patrons left early after being filled with this hateful rhetoric.

Either that or they were, you know, getting laid.

Conservatives have to endure a lot on college campuses. Speaking from experience, I know how it’s ok for you to voice an opinion, as long as it is in line with what the University wants you to say. Heaven forbid you have the audacity to question the powers that be. Rights are not guaranteed and more often than not, a campus conservative has to have outside sources (such as Accuracy in Academia or FIRE – or in my case members of the state legislature) intervene in order to be granted what is in the opinion of any sane person a fundamental right or freedom.

“Not a day goes by when we don’t fear getting pied by bigoted leftists.”

If liberals are so desperate that they must resort to attempted brainwashing of students in clubs, liberal indoctrination has reached a new low.

Well, that or most people in the entertainment business have liberal/left wing opinions. Either way, it’s clear that Flavor Flav and his ilk should be rounded up and put into camps.

It’s not enough that they control between 70 and 90% of college professors, but they want to control our spring break as well?

This has the potential to be a really crappy Animal House-style frat movie: “It was bad enough when liberals passed laws against sexual harassment… but now they’re after Spring Break too! Watch the zany antics of the Alpha Sigma Sigma fraternity as they take on their crusty old liberal professors by hiring Ann Coulter to perform a striptease at their annual Date’n’Rape Toga Party.”

I think not. Conservatives are far too smart to be taken in by such pathetically low tactics. I?d hope that clubs in spring break destinations think twice before hosting such a politically controversial guest. As for me, I’ll be avoiding any future “concerts” given by Mr. Flava-Flav.

That’s probably for the best, since no one forced you guys to attend in the first place.

Anyway, here’s Alan’s official website. To prove his wingnut credentials, he’s posted pictures of himself standing with Alan Keyes and Oliver North:



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Okay, this fuckin’ asshole cannot ruin MY university’s good name. Appalachian State University has some of the best hippie drugs in the country. The republican students there party just like the democrats. Asshole likes country music. No shit, you’re from fucking Monroe, NC, fuckwad. You went to one club in Myrtle Beach where the performer said something anti-Bush. Go any-fuckin-where else in Myrtle Beach then asshole!

I swear. I’m going to need some help in Western NC. I can’t believe Judson finally has some help up in my former neck of the woods. I’m gonna have to recruit some current students up in Boone (or maybe a bunch of former students who just still live there so they can do drugs) to find this guy and smear his ass all over campus.

I don’t have any point to this other than. Appalachian will always be MY school. Check my name, asshole. Yosef. I own the school.

And in the words of a great, very wise man, Alan, “You betta chickity-check yo’self befo’ you wreck yo’self!”


Dammit. Now I’m all worked up and not having fun anymore. I’m gonna go find some copies of the NC Conservative and wipe my ass with them and then burn that shit!


That’s what Public Enemy was known for: Wholesome, noncontroversial, apolitical country & western music.


“You betta chickity-check yo’self befo’ you wreck yo’self!”

Or as G-Fresh of ORGAZMO said, “You bettah check yo’self before you rake me wreck rourself!”


Dude, weak. This was pathetic. I’m sorry you even had to read it to make fun of it, but on the bright side it does make fun of itself.

Maybe I’m just irked that they found out our Sekrit Plan to indoctrinate hapless conservative young people with brainwashing rap concerts they aren’t forced to attend and which have nothing to do with their colleges.


Doh. That was me.


Clearly, Heritage interns are far too good to learn that stupid liberal “discipline” known as composition.


You mean there are Republicans at App? I would have never guessed.

Learn something new everyday.


Damn. Well, we’d better call Flav back from that indoctrination tour and get some Merle Haggard flowin’ down in that shit.

I’m calling the office. Supreme Leader will NOT be pleased.


OK, how can a group that I saw when I was in college (much as I hate to admit it, I started school when Alan was in the preverbal, possibly pre-born, phase, and what a fine world it was) be a “new” anything?
Has this idiot been living under a rock? Is he congenitally stupid?
Damn what’s next for him? Describing the stirring new heights of patriotism in “Top Gun?” Or how liberals have reached a new low with the movie “Alien Nation” or “They Live”?


What an outstanding website! I particularly like the purplish-red link text on purplish-blue color scheme. I also found the non-linked, alias-only, line-break-free block of N.C. legislators email addresses extremely helpful.

However, I hope Alan realizes what he’s starting. Mr. Flav comes from a world where everyone does not always play nice. Once Mr. Flav sees his concert revenues drying up like … like .. um, something that dries up really fast, due to Alan’s expose, he’s gonna come lookin’ down Monroe way.


As the late and great John Lennon said, “One thing you can’t hide/Is when you’re crippled inside.”

This guy deserves our sympathy, not our scorn. He is obviously mentally ill.


Fuck that. This guy deserves nothing but scorn. Fucking Monroe redneck. He needs to fucking transfer to VMI or Citadel or some shit like that.

I could probably completely describe everything about this guy to you without ever having met him. I could probably tell you what he drinks when he’s staying in his piece of shit dormroom, and what bar he goes to if he ever leaves it for anything but a Young Life meeting.

John Johnson- that’s what I’m talking about. This is a school that at one point in time had so many students protest the selection of Jesse Helms as commencement speaker for the college of business that the school got someone else to do it. And Jesse Helms is just below Dean Smith as far as godliness goes in NC.

A different Alan

Holy Crap, that shit’s on one of my Public Enemy CDs too! I can’t believe my own CDs are trying to liberal indoctrinate me. This is an even lower low.


Brad, remember how flamingly liberal our college was? Remember how we used to roast the precious few conservatives on a spit on the Academic Quad? Remember how there *weren’t* any secret fraternities who cut the heads off of domestic animals and stuck said heads in the mailboxes of university officials because they didn’t like certain housing decisions?

Yup, all colleges in this country are oh-so-Marxist.

And this guy is just pathetic; he couldn’t even be in the same room as someone expressing liberal viewpoints? Why? Are his beliefs so fragile that merely being around Mr. Flav would cause them to go away? Is this the same argument that homophobes have for banning gay marriage?

For the record, my brother is a Republican, and he attended those concerts that all the liberal performers put on to support Kerry last fall. He went because he liked the music, and wanted to see all his favorite artists all at once. Somehow, he was still able to make an independent decision in the voting booth — so it can be done, unlike Alan seems to think.


Wait, this pasty-white, enlistment-age college boy–I suspect he would have had no “friends” at the club had he not the car and the willingness to use it sober–went to a concert at which the lead rap singer of a band that produced a mighty fine album named “Fear of a Black Planet” is performing, and he’s a bit surprised that he hears anti-conservative statements? Sweet Jesus: You don’t want to hear Flav’s opinion, don’t fucking pay to hear it. It’s not indoctrination if you a) rationally expected to hear it b) paid to do so. If I go to a Lee Greenwood benefit concert for Focus on the Family, I deserve every annoyance that gets dumped on me. Welcome to the marketplace of ideas. Apparently, his course of study at Appalachian is one specifically designed to avoid the Enlightenment.


“If I go to a Lee Greenwood benefit concert for Focus on the Family…”

Funny thing is, Lee Greenwood was probably playing up at Broadway at the Beach somewhere. It is Myrtle Beach after all. Jesus Christ. People are supposed to have fun at the beach. He should have just gone to Studebakers and looked at the girls in the wet t-shirt contest.


Oh and for the record, I knew a bunch of people that studied polisci at App, and not a single one was an idiot like this guy.


Yosef: I hear the Christian groups are very active in Boone. Any truth to that?

And if so, why haven’t you clamped down, man?


Ok, I didn’t want to admit this, but I saw some country artist in concert last summer (I went with my sister and nephews, I have no idea who the artist was – some sappy white guy). He said several pro-Bush things and encouraged the audience to pray for the troops and the President. Guess what? I didn’t fucking write a column about how I was being brainwashed and indoctrinated.

I also went to church on Christmas with my other sister. There were several people talking in the lobby about pro-Bush stuff, including the preacher. Guess what? I didn’t fucking write a column about how everyone there was being warped and manipulated.


Oh, and I went to a very conservative college. Guess what? I came out just as liberal as I went in (if not more). And I never wrote columns whining about it.


Ok just realized this guy is a hyocrite. He is allowed to have his own opinion about how bad liberals are but yet flavor flav can’t have his? Sounds like a regular wing nutt to me no?


I love y’all.


Tom: You should write a column about how you were innocently surfing at therant and suddenly you were indoctrinated and haranged by conservatives. Those Republicans have sunk to a new low!


“…why haven’t you clamped down, man?”

Well, I’m down the mountain in Charlotte now for one thing. I think they were kind of active up there, but most of them didn’t bother anyone, so it wasn’t necessary. Of course, Amway was starting up around the time I left. Besides, I don’t think the Christians up there could get too big a foothold anyway, what with all the smoking and drinking going on.


I think after Alan and David Horowitz purge leftist professors, they should write a “Gang-Bangaz Bill of Rights,” where every angry leftist rapper should be balanced out by an angry right-wing rapper.


Hey, Alan Teitelman:

A couple years ago, Toby Keith was on the radio singing “Angry American (Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue)”, and my entire family had to listen to it! Boo fucking hoo!

It’s called “Freedom of Speech”, fucktard. You might wanna read your Constitution some day.


A has-been rapper’s performance at a nightclub in South Carolina proves that colleges are hotbeds of liberal indoctrination? Funny how that works. Maybe my professor’s lecture on geology proves that West Coast rap is bigger in the clubs than the East Coast version.


Funny how that works. Maybe my professor’s lecture on geology proves that West Coast rap is bigger in the clubs than the East Coast version.

That’s clear left-coast bias. New York alone produced Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, Jigga, the Beasties, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and De La Soul (among many, many others… no, I’m not gonna count 50 Cent because he sucks).

The West Coast has Digital Underground, NWA and Pac. Not as good.


I think I get Alan’s point. It’s the fault of the liberals running Appalachian State that a club owner 300 miles away in Myrtle Beach booked Flava Flav and forced Alan and his friends to attend.


Migh I reccomend a cut from an LP of my youth for little Alan?

“Requiem for the Masses” by Terry Kirkman of the Association

I still get chills from that, and the lyrics are clean.



Hey, Brad, take it up with my geology professor! Academia is always the best proving ground for questions about the merits of hip-hop, just as Alan Teitleman has so convincingly proved the reverse to be true.


Brad: But De la Soul’s not so big in the clubs. We also, however, have Fat Joe, Big Pun, and so on.

The West Coast has Xxibit, Del (ok, so he’s more of the nerdcore), Dre and Cube (have to be considered separately of NWA), Snoop, etc.

In terms of clubs, Digital Underground was kind of a one-hit wonder.

But what really trumps it all? The East Coast has Mos and Kweli. ‘Nuff said. Represeeeeent…


Yosef: My friend down there (friend other than you, that is!) says they do this “swarming” thing, but wouldn’t elaborate.

They did a similar thing like that in central Illinois, but I think it was just to me, cause of my rapture points and all.


Vivek- Yeah, but De La (at least their first album) is so goddamn good, that I had to include ’em.

And if we’re gonna count Dre and Cube separately from NWA (which I think is fair), think about all the solo hits the members of Wu had…


BTW- Have you heard Common’s new album? I always thought he was kinda weak, but Kanye’s production really helps.


As a country music fan myself, I opted to be the designated driver instead of being overpowered by the smell of stale beer and the sounds of explicit words being pawned off as music.

Ha ha. And they call us “elitists.”

Alan: “I chose to sip a sherry and hum the fine, platonically enriching tunes of Toby Keith rather than sink to the level of sad iniquity my friends were enjoying with their stale beer and rhythm-and-blues-music. Philistines!”

What a tool.


FYI, Vespa, I’ma publish yr Kaye poem in a “reader appreciation” post tomorrow 🙂


Bein’ from Idaho ‘n’ all, I thought I was immune to them rappers like the Notorious N. Doc. Dre Nation, cuz I listened to that country stuff. Well, I got stung by what they call that ALT-country – I done listened to Steve Earle, and now I’M one o’ dem libruls too!


Hee hee! Certainly Someone (in a black limo?) followed these Fratphants in order to set up an indoctrination at *just the bar they went to*! How is that for a conspiracy!

The world whirls around College Republicans.

Or is it that these idiots are just dizzy?


Well, I got stung by what they call that ALT-country – I done listened to Steve Earle, and now I’M one o’ dem libruls too!

Steve Earle is awesome. Incidentally, I like old country music like Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and (of course) Johnny Cash. The garbage being put out by Nashville is to country what Vanilla Ice is to hip-hop.


Yeah, some of his songs on The Revolution Starts … Now sum up this war stuff pretty well. And Van Lear Rose, by Ms. Lynn, well, that speaks for itself. If only Bright Eyes would make his political leanings clear …


Bright Eyes- a talented guy, but a wee bit emo for my taste (though I haven’t heard his latest two albums, but I hear he’s gotten better).


Thank you, Brad . . . prolly the only poetry I’ve ever had published anywhere.

Yeah, I like Alt-Country, too- I really dug the Loretta Lynn/Jack White album, I’m a die-hard Dolly fan and I dig Johnny Cash. Being a punk rocker at heart, I love any singer that goes out there and goes against the grain of any genre.


Brad: Oh, I’m with you. One we also left off the list is Busta Rhymes, which just ramps up the hit list. And the Fugees, too.

Though I don’t think any of the members of Wu-Tang get solo credit aside from Method Man, RZA, and ODB (though I think Raekwon had the best non-RZA solo work…Liquid Swords was good, but not as good as Only Built For 4 Cuban Linx). And really, they were only good because of the RZA’s production work.

I still think that man deserved a Grammy for the Kill Bill soundtrack.

I’ve only heard Common when he’s guested with Kweli, Jigga, and Kanye. But Kanye’s a fantastic producer, so I’ll have to check that out.


Why do I think that this guy is going to grab a Dead Kennedys CD from the record store “used” rack, pop it into his portable player, and suffer one serious mindfuck?


That is a pretty hilarious takedown.

This guy, though, is actually beaten by some idiot I posted about a year or more back on my blog, who wrote a letter to the editor to complain when the performer at a show he went to gave a political speech. After all, who could have anticipated that at a Joan Baez concert?


“Fuck Bush”? Profound.


Get yourself an iPod at this Web site: http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=18544728


I saw Lucinda Williams in Salt Lake City – she was a little hammered (but it was a great show), and went on a rant about how she hates organized religion and republicans. In SALT LAKE CITY. Holy mackeral, that was enjoyable.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

It’s not enough that they control between 70 and 90% of college professors, but they want to control our spring break as well?

Y’know, I think he’d be better off complaining less about the Evil Liberal rapping on the stage, and more about the Evil Liberals who evidentially dragged him into the concert, stole the money from his wallet for the ticket, and chained him to the fire escape so he couldn’t walk out.


I’m sure this chap would agree with me completely when I object to the political content of Toby Keith’s music and act, right?


Can you blame him?

When you can conflate the ideas of the dangerous urban black man with hip-hop with liberalism with moral decay with academic repression – well, just how is a good righty-whitey supposed to resist?


Bottom line- the bitterest Republicans are just guys who couldn’t get laid in college. See also: Rove, Karl.


“Fuck Bush”? Profound.

It’s a double entendre. Get it?


It’s not enough that they control between 70 and 90% of college professors, but they want to control our spring break as well?

He figured it out! “they” control us, and liberalism is not an independantly conceived point of view (like conservatism) but an evil brainwashing scheme perpetrated upon college professors and rappers in order to indoctrinate America’s youth. He’s on to us, but at least he hasn’t figured out who ‘they’ are yet.

suburban refugee

Another pasty white boy bitching about rap.

How original and daring!


It’s not enough that they control between 70 and 90% of college professors, but they want to control our spring break as well?

It must be hard to be a conservative blogger right now. Liberals can complain about the rightwing Gengis Khan reactionaries that control: the executive branch, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, most other courts, most state legislatures, most state executives, most churches, the military, etc; while, all that conservatives have to complain about is: college professors and spring break rap concerts.


And really, they were only good because of the RZA’s production work.

Hey, you could say the same thing about Eminem and Dre!


I can see how he mistook Flavor Flav for the name of a country band. Simple misunderstanding.


If anyone’s interested, he has his email listed on his website:




I wonder if Alan knows that Toby Keith is a registered Democrat . . .


Was that guy stuck in an irony deprivation tank, or am I just crazy? Am I the only one who thinks it is ironic that someone would bitch and moan about his lack of freedom to express himself on a college campus (which I do not find for a moment believable, as once again a nice, white, Christian boy plays the “I’m so discriminated against because of duh bad bad liberal academic types” card), and then gripe about a performer expressing political views?

Okay, Hemlock noticed that irony, but I wrote about it better.

And riddle me this, Batman: whysit that these ass-clowns (love that expression since Corddry used it on The Daily Show when doing a bit on blogs) claim that 70-90% of college professors are liberal but never ask themselves the all-important question, “If 70-90% of the really, really smart people are liberals, why am I a dumbass fucking conservative?”


One more thing. Not to get off-topic or anything, but if he’s a good ol’ conservative and supporter of President Chauncey Gardiner and the Iraq fiasco, what the hell is he doing in college when he ought to be signed up and ready to patrol the sand? What’s he doing here? What is he, gutless? Some kind of sissy boy? Let him sign on the dotted line and put his ass where his mouth is.

suburban refugee

That could be even better. Just imagine the kind of whiny columns he could put out, bitching about the music the other soldiers listen to. (apparently Clash and Rage Against the Machine are quite popular) He might only get a column or two out before an unfortunate friendly fire incident, but just think of the contribution he could make, showing how the evil tentacles of musicians extend their way into the brains of our soldiers.


(First person to do a ‘Draft Alan Teitleman’ graphic wins a million Snickers bars.)


Alan Teitleman is a joke in yo’ town.

Sadly, No! is worth a look every day because, face it, you don’t have the time to go trawling through the muck of the wingnet to harvest out the true jewels of lunacy on your own. Right now, however, I’d…


Hey, you could say the same thing about Eminem and Dre!

Yeah, but you’d be full of it…say what you want about Eminem, but boy can rhyme. =)


Chris said: I started school when Alan was in the preverbal, possibly pre-born, phase
Don’t you mean when he was but a wee snowflake?


For all your talk about east coast/west coast killas, you’ve neglected the dirty south.


For all your talk about east coast/west coast killas, you’ve neglected the dirty south.

Very good point. Outkast, Cee-Lo, Missy Elliot… it’s all good stuff…


Is no one safe from the left’s latex tentacles?

Left wing tentacle-sex hentai? Cool!

suburban refugee

Cthulu now works for Geffen Records, and yes, he’s a Democrat (he opposed the war in Iraq because only Cthulu should be able to maim and kill large numbers of pitiful humans).


Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. His big complaint is that he went to a nightclub, and listened to a rap singer with whom he does not share political views?

And that’s the extent of the horrors here? Overall, it’s not quite Darfur is it?


Once, when I was in college, I was far from my campus when walked past a radio that was playing that Lee Greenwood song. I was being indoctrinated! By, um, the college, I think… those bastards! And then, recently, I was driving through Virginia and saw a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker. Indoctrination! I can’t believe that my conservative college would continue to force its insidious mind-control upon me by way of a bumper sticker on a private vehicle, displayed to all and owned by a stranger, and 13 years later at that! Now I’m reluctant to go to the gym, where one of the TVs will very likely be showing images of Republican politicians, and I’ll be getting indoctrinated by my college all over again!

suburban refugee

And you can’t get that liberal indoctrination out of your clothes, either.


The really weird part is that if you read the column, it’s clear that he didn’t even go to the show — he heard about it from his friends after he went to pick them up.


Yes, Steve Earle is great, but also check out his sister Stacey! She rocks! (or whatever the appropriate verb is for a country-music woman with a smokin’ voice and attitude!)


Everyday they don’t never come correct
You can ask my man right here with the broken neck
He’s a witness to the job never bein’ done
He would’ve been in full in 8 9-11
Was a joke ’cause they always jokin’
They the token to your life when it’s croakin’

Come on, everyone, upon careful analysis, “911 Is a Joke” is obviously a prescient, pro-insurgency message to Iraqis, designed to point up a purported lack of basic services and to sap their support for their liberators.

I’ll say it if Teitleman won’t.


Good thing Teitleman didn’t hear “911 is a Joke.” He would have lit into Flav for mocking the tragic events of September 11. And blamed Appalachian State.


2 more things here:

1)I want everyone to know that Judson Cox just dropped out of a college not 30 minutes from where Alan goes to school.

2) the only show worth seeing in all of my trips to Myrtle Beach was one that I didn’t go see and that was Montell Jordan back in 95.

Brad, I think that Nappy Roots consider themselves to be Dirty South too, and there’s all kinds of other smaller names, such as Monster Mike. But then there are some more big names like Ludacris and Juvenile (even though NOLA rap might be a property in and of itself.)


Here’s another question to add to the heap:

Why does young Alan hate families so? I mean, he’s right there talking about how it was supposed to be all about young men hooking up with young women. That sort of flagrantly promiscuous sexual behavior is clearly marked as an action item on the gay agenda, or so I hear from the religious right, and is supposed to be expressly verboten to the God-fearin’ Christian youth, isn’t it?

Is this kid just another horny, subversive liberal in a deceptively tidy Oxford shirt? He, himself, described it as an evening of “indulgence,” and we all know them’s just fancy words for sinnin’.

I bet it’s all Clinton’s fault.


it’s clear that he didn’t even go to the showTrue, but y’know, sometimes you can get a wicked contact liberal indoctrination and that shit is scary when you’re not expecting it.


Geoff, you forget that the worst thing in the world for a wingnut is to be subjected to beliefs other than his or her own.


What the hell is Flav doing in Myrtle Beach, NC, fer crissakes?


Sorry, SC


Apparently, trying to indoctrinate young conservatives from Appalachain State. Why else would he be there?


As any concerned business owner should, I research what others opinions are when involving my profession. As one of the owners of Club Kryptonite I stumbled upon this site and the comments made towards Flavor FLav and his appearance at my club. First lets straighten a few things out. First condom machines have never been anywhere in my club. Perhaps you were mistaking us with the gas station you hit on the way back to your hotel. It is understandable being that you were so offended that you made this mistake. Condoms aside I apologize for the fact that some may have been offended, but as a Republican you should be a firm believer in our country and what it stands for. I will not apologize however for any remarks made by any American for that is what makes our country so great….FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Your comments in this forum make his hosting appear as if it were an hour long Bush bashing. I guarantee you I can find thousands of people that were in attendance that would strongly disagree. I admire the fact that you took notice and regret that you may have ill feelings. If this country believed in cruxifying everyone who lashed out against government we would be no better than the dictator regimes that this country has battled for centuries. Had a Democrat been in office and these comments were made I sure you would have cheered, bought Flav a cocktail, and asked him to sign you Ronald Reagan lunchbox. My best advice for a future leader in the greatest country in the world…learn to support one another and open your mind to others ways of thinking whether you agree or not otherwise you are the dictator. A label does not make you who you are…..respect for those around you and respect for yourself does.


I’m almost positive Alan is not even conservative.

About 3 years ago I made the mistake of joining the ASU College Republicans. I was asked by conservative politicians here in Boone to try to have him removed as president. (He was working for the democrats during the 2004 elections, bought the Watagua GOP website domain and sold it to the Dems, all while trying to be the ASU CR’s president.) Now, last I checked its no good to have politicians your campaigning for want you removed because your screwing up there campaigns.

I couldn’t have him removed because he had already brainwashed the rest of his officers. So I had the club defederized (not recognized by the state of NC’s CR’s). Anyhow, I was kicked out of the College Republicans because I’m “malicious”. He threw a hissy fit and ended the conversation with a nice, professional, “f*** you”. Sounds educated, doesn’t he? It boggles me how someone would want him to be their political consultant.

Needless to say, this whole thing turned me off from politics and I am now a proud moderate/ apathetic.


“Sadly, No! ? Flavor Flav Cock-Blocks the
Young Republicans” Discount Blinds really got myself addicted with ur internet
page! I reallywill probably wind up being back again alot more
normally. Thanks -Gerald


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