The most beautiful wingnut (on America’s second shittiest website)*

Over at America’s second shittiest website,** Amanda Carpenter tries to fact check “Team Obama.”

One prominent campaign message man has even lied about Obama’s admiration for a critique written by the former terrorist who conducted despicable acts in his youth, about the juvenile justice system.

Obama Spokesman Bill Burton denied Obama ever wrote a favorable review for Ayers’ 1997 book on the juvenile justice system, sarcastically titled “A Kind and Just Parent” in an interview with Fox News Company’s Megyn Kelly Tuesday.

“He did not write a blurb for his book,” Burton said. “He did not.”

If you’re keeping score at home, it may not surprise you to learn that Obama no more wrote a review than he did a blurb for the book. A point Amanda manages to miss completely, since she writes:

Contrary [sic] to what Burton said, a December 1997 article from the Chicago Tribune contains a statement from Obama describing Ayers’ book as “A searing and timely account of the juvenile court system, and the courageous individuals who rescue hope from despair.”

The origin of that statement is:

In 1997, after Mr. Obama took office, the new state senator was asked what he was reading by The Chicago Tribune. He praised a book by Mr. Ayers, “A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court,” which Mr. Obama called “a searing and timely account of the juvenile court system.” In 2001, Mr. Ayers donated $200 to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign.

A quote in a newspaper article is neither a blurb nor a book review. But why let that get in the way of accusing Team Obama of “spreading lies”?

* And on the internets, depending on internets, we bet she is definitely in the top 3.
** This, according to Microsoft, is America’s shittiest website:


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WHAT A SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh, what ridiculous red herrings.


I wonder what Amanda thinks of John McCain’s support of MEEEEE!!!!

Big Bad Bald Bastard

The reason I have been “in the tank” for Obama since the primaries is that he represents a divorce from the culture wars of the ’60s. No wonder the McCain campaign wants to dredge out some hippie “mad bomber” and try to tie him around Obama’s neck- it “angries up” his base of pissed-off geriatrics at precisely the time they should be worried about their pensions/401k’s evaporating because of Republican policies.


I would like to see what would happen for these right wing nutbags to be hired to be actual private detectives to try and solve a crime or some such.

Can you imagine the horse-shit that the “Wingnut Detective Agency” would come up with, and would finish telling in an excited conclusion to the stone-faced glares of whoever hired them — “Oh, my GOD!!! I paid you for this bullsh*t????


I can’t believe you are cheating on me with that slut Amanda.


Apparently the Amanda-bot’s real name is Tracy Scoggins but she do clean up nicely on the outside. On the inside, not so much. Next time they should add a brain.


Obama Spokesman Bill Burton denied Obama ever wrote a favorable review for Ayers’ 1997 book on the juvenile justice system, sarcastically titled “A Kind and Just Parent” in an interview with Fox News Company’s Megyn Kelly Tuesday.

‘Obama never wrote a favorable review sarcastically titled “A Kind and Just Parent”…’

‘Obama never wrote a favorable review in an interview with Fox News Company’s Megyn Kelly Tuesday…’

‘Ayers’ 1997 book was sarcastically titled “A Kind and Just Parent” in an interview with Fox News Company’s Megyn Kelly Tuesday…’

Punctuation and grammar are NOT TOYS.


And what’s the logic here? In 1997 a guy praises a book about the juvenile justice system, so that means that in 2008 he shares the beliefs the book’s author held in 1970 and was quoted as being unrepentant for in 2001?

Obama in 1997 is both simultaneously sharing Ayers’ thoughts in 1970 and thoughts Ayers wouldn’t have uttered until four years later?

Whooo.. I just got myself dizzy writing that.


Hey, I just heard that Obama was in cahoots with some secessionist movement!

Oh, wait…


“In the most obscene chapter in recent American history is the conduct of the Kosovo conflict when the president of the United States refused to prepare for ground operations, refused to have air power used effectively because he wanted them flying — he had them flying at 15,000 feet where they killed innocent civilians because they were dropping bombs from such — in high altitude.”

– John McCain, 2000


Next time they should add a brain.

Brain and brain. What is brain?


Grand Moff, have you seen the 60 Minutes story about the hunt for UBL? Devastating. It’s clear that the “dead or alive” “hunt for Osama” was intended to fail. Jeezus keefuckingrist how far up W’s butthole are the Saudi’s hands?


I can’t believe you are cheating on me with that slut Amanda.

Ever since you lost the apostrophe, the spark is gone.


Bonus points for the Flight of the Conchords reference.


I’m gonna fill Amanda’s iPod with Sunn O))) tracks:


Well. Uh. See. The reporter wrote it down and … [picks nose] all reporters are members of the lieberal MSM, which … um … Obama controls through his legions of Angry Negros. [Scratches sack] So it is the same thing.


Umm…just because they didn’t slap Black Hussein’s quote on the book cover doesn’t mean it’s not a blurb, m’kay!



Eh. Carpenter’s not bad, but the girl modeling the “Conservative Ts” is teh hawt!

BTW – I once heard Idi Amin advise people to look both ways before crossing a busy street. Obviously, Barack Obama should immediately disavow and condemn this advice because, well, just think about how awful the person was who said it!


…she founded a hard-hitting conservative news website,…

“bsyou,” the most honestly named wingnut site ever!


just because they didn’t slap Black Hussein’s quote on the book cover doesn’t mean it’s not a blurb, m’kay!

Just because he spoke it instead of writing it doesn’t mean he didn’t write it, either.


Does this mean Jack Cashill blurbed Bill Ayers’ book by calling it tightly coiled et al? ALERT THE MEDIA!


so, anybody want to comment on TH to tell her that, uh, a nice comment about the book in a newspaper is neither a review nor a cover blurb.


She’s Hugh Hewitt with tits.

OBTW the financial crisis is still Obama’s fault. As per HH:

“A Vote For Obama Is A Vote For Great Depression 2.0
“Just interviewed Michael Barone, who correctly pointed out that high taxes and protectionism were hallmarks of Hoover’s failed effort to stem the bad news after the Crash of 1929.”


PeeJ —

Yeah, I saw most of that OBL Hunt thing. Waiting breathlessly for mikey’s review.

The thing that struck me is that, after all the other bullshit and the SF guy is there at the bottom of the hill a couple clicks from OBL with his 50 guys, the CIA guy basically says, “Oh NOES! You can’t go up there! He’s got, like a gazillion fighters!” and the SF guy takes the CIA guy at his word without doing a bit of his own recon. Huh?


Congratulations! You win the Yahoo too!


Just interviewed Michael Barone, who correctly pointed out that high taxes and protectionism were hallmarks of Hoover’s failed effort to stem the bad news

Does this joker even know what came next, you know, when we fully recovered from said bad news and emerged having the greatest economy in history? Maybe his history books are different from mine. Maybe they say stuff like:

“Then the socialist cripple FDR initiated his Big Deal, Who Cares–which everyone to the left of Noam Chomsky knows was a big ruse by the Marxist apparatchiks running the FDR administration to obfuscate the real cause of our economic upturn–no taxes, no regulation free market that by gosh did NOT force its banks to loan money to brown people. And it was good.”

Actually, come to think of it, that really is something straight out of a Winger history book, isn’t it?


Congratulations! You win the Yahoo too!

…and hte google…


Carpenter claims that the book makes Ayers’ past clear, but the passage she quotes is from Library Journal. It’s, ahem, a blurb. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t understand one when she sees it.

She’s also an idiot because she doesn’t realize that Amazon lets you see what blurbs are on almost any fucking book you want. All one needs to do is click on “search inside this book,” which will bring people to this link. The only people who have given blurbs on this book are Anthony Platt for the Los Angeles Times Book Review as well as authors and scholars Scott Turow, Studs Terkel, Louis J. Rodriguez, Jonathon Kozol, and Clarence Page. This completely undermines her entire premise, and it was right in front of her eyes.


Oh Brian, you’re such a card! Bringing facts into a wingnut’s blatherings is *such* a funny idea!


Alas, “america’s second shittiest website” turns up zero google hits. Zero! Time to get to work, kids.


Oh Brian, you’re such a card! Bringing facts into a wingnut’s blatherings is *such* a funny idea!

I try.


That 60 Minutes piece on not-killing Osama is at I just found and watched it (it’s OK, I won’t bill for that time). Yes, I’d like Mikey’s take too. I also kept remembering Kerry going on about it during the “debates” — I kind of thought he was overdoing it, but maybe not. How much of this is news?


By the by, did you guys and gals see this?

Jerome Corsi, the conservative gadfly who wrote “The Obama Nation,” in which he attacks the Democratic presidential candidate, was being held Tuesday because he was trying to work in Kenya without a valid work permit, according to local media reports.

The reports said that Corsi would probably be deported.

Elias Njeru, a spokesman for Kenya’s immigration department, said, “His immigration forms were not in order.”


Am I ther only who finds this headline slightly disturbing?
Waxman To Probe Fannie And Freddie


Furthermore, NobodySpecial, did you see this?

I read on a very distinguished blog that Jerome Corsi was arrested in Kenya for goat-fucking.
ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© | Homepage | 10.07.08 – 8:48 am | #


No Sadly on Cuil either.



ITTDGY, I try not to read that site. But thanks for the link.


OTT, but anyone looking for a little sport should head on back to Little Miss Attila because she and her pet troglodyte Darrell are frothing at the mouth and chewing on the furniture in the comment thread.

High comedy. Go have some fun.


It’s clear that the “dead or alive” “hunt for Osama” was intended to fail. Jeezus keefuckingrist how far up W’s butthole are the Saudi’s hands?

Well, I’m entirely unconvinced that Occam could shave with your conclusion.

First, you DO realize that the Saudis want bin Laden dead pretty much more than ANYONE. He’s an actual threat to their rule, although less so these days – it’s fair to say that when a government is COMPLETELY unshackled by human rights or civil liberties concerns, it’s pretty hard to to set up an insurgent operation (see MB in Egypt or the Russians in Lebanon).

It’s not exactly defending the bush administration as a paragon of honesty and integrity to point out that they see a tremendous upside to killing/capturing bin Laden.

They just keep doing it worng.

And don’t forget that ISI was pretty active in Tora Bora protecting and supporting those dudes. So it wasn’t as simple as “walk up the hill and police up old Osama”….



The highlight:

“The beautiful thing was, I wasn’t even trying. I mean, what if I tried to get under their tissue-thin skins?

Wouldn’t be fair: I can see their internal organs from here.

There are a couple of you leftards who have fatty livers; I’d go get that checked out, while it can still be arrested. And one of you smokes even more than Big D, so you really ought to cut back a bit, mmkay?”



She’s hot!


Hugh Hewitt HAS tits. Try again.


What else are these wingnuts got?

Bush (their hero) has singlehandedly destroyed the United States economy and reputation. McRepub promises more of the same.

The neoconservative dream of eternal domination is sinking like the Titanic, only with fewer life preservers, zero life boats, and nobody’s coming.


“But… but… but boss… You said we wuz gonna be in power forevah! You said we had it made on easy street, that first you and the big guyz’d get all the moo-lah, and then it’d be our turn! But I don’t see no ‘our turn’, comin’ up, boss! All I see is a big train heading right for us with a black guy no less at the engine and here we are in the tunnel! Jeesh, boss, this ain’t fair, ain’t fair at all — you gotta give us somethin’, anythin’, just somethin’, boss! Boss? You there? … Mother a’ God…”


High comedy. Go have some fun.

comsympinko — The comment at MzAttilla’s post that had me crying with laughter:

“Despite the sick claims of the 16 year-old leftists who sold Miss Attila her theater ticket last weekend, Miss Attila looks nothing like a future Trig Palin in drag.

The cartoon Miss Attila at the top of this blog looks exactly like the real Miss Attila.

Posted by: bargal20 at October 7, 2008 06:57 AM”


Dammit! That was me. And I don’t even have my debate shot glasses lined up yet.


Apologies if someone has already addressed the subject, but this, my friends, is a game changer.


Carpenter claims that the book makes Ayers’ past clear

Umm, the book is about the juvenile justice system, isn’t it? Does he include a chapter that’s an aside about his time in the Weathermen? Or maybe it’s a footnote?


The fact is, you liberals are doomed, and you deserve to die horrible deaths at the hands of terrorists. Here in the Heartland, we know terrorists when we see them and kill them, well you give them money and mortgages, while you get what you deserve. Liberals are so dumb. I hate you.


Oh, J–, that’s gold, that is.

But once you have the sample pack, what do you do with the ones that… err, don’t fit?

I see many household uses.


Apologies if someone has already addressed the subject, but this, my friends, is a game changer.

What kind of monster would want to pretend they have the filthy foreskin they so rightly lost in a much-needed procedure?


For the first time ever, Canada Savings Bonds aren’t available. The meltdown has officially arrived.


I’m so sorry I clicked on J’s link. SO SORRY.


Wanna see something neat? Petrified squid. Much easier on the eyes than fake &%^!skin.


I have The Truth’s balls in a Mason jar.

Here in the Heartland.


WereBear: backstory in the comments.



It’s a goldmine over there, all right…

Velvet Goldmine, you stroke me like the rain
Snake it, take it, panther princess you must stay
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain
I’ll be your king volcano right for you again and again
My Velvet Goldmine

On the one hand, that brings up some disturbing mental images.

Ont the other hand, that brings up some disturbing mental images…


Thanks, J–, a classic.

I look forward to different spam that the usual >|agra stuff.


From: P.L. in Houston……..”this is bringing my glans back to its former glory

From J–‘s link, testimonials page. (Oh, and I wanted pictures. Dammit.)

One of the things I regularly worry about is the Glory that is my Glans…


Oh, and may I just say?

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is HOT.

I’d “cast my vote” if you know what I mean, and I’m pretty sure you do…


The fact is, you liberals are homosexual faggots and love to hate America.


My take on the shameless Ayers-whoring (it has been hilarious to see all of the Republicans suddenly giving a shit about this stupid non-issue again – and that’s the beautiful thing about message discipline, if the message is shit it’s going to make you look like shit-eaters) is that – because of how long opposition research takes to get down pat and how much it costs, chances are good (a) that McCain digging dirt on Obama only started in August and (b) that as of now he’s found jack shit. So he’s throwing anything he can possibly find at him, desperate to make something stick.

The Ayers meme was started by the Penn team for Clinton; in retrospect, it was nice of them (in a malicious, shit-headed way) to run a negative campaign that would (a) become so ubiquitous in the media that nobody would be surprised or have their minds changed by it reappearing in October and (b) look completely ridiculous to anyone who, being under 70, doesn’t automatically associate African-Americans with Marxism and would only get more ridiculous under further scrutiny. This is the pathetic straw-grasping of a desperate man and his shameless surrogate. His willing whores in the right-wing noise machine will only be able to throw up so much FUD with this old-as-dirt mud; they’ve many of them spent a decent amount of time (while Clinton was the Democrat to beat) refuting it themselves; and worst of all, it gave a solid pretext for Obama’s people to go ruthlessly negative on McCain. I think the Ayers message might just go down as one of the worst mistakes in recent political history.


The fact is, it is a shame that a discussion of health-care policy has come near the end of the presidential campaign, when the level of discourse is at its lowest.

In the midst of assailing John McCain’s mental health — he is diagnosed as both “erratic” and “out of touch” — Barack Obama and Joe Biden have pressed an attack on McCain’s health-care plan that is deceptive in almost every detail.

McCain has proposed to replace the current government health-care subsidy for employers with a tax credit that would help all individuals and families purchase coverage. Biden terms this the “largest tax increase in the history of America for the middle class.” He is off by — well, by even more than the norm of Biden hyperbole. In fact, the McCain trade-off would result in a significant tax cut for nearly everyone (except those with the highest incomes).

Obama breathlessly reveals that the McCain credit “wouldn’t go to you. It would go directly to your insurance company.” Since the credit is intended for the purchase of health insurance, where else should it eventually go? Is it a scandal that a child-care credit eventually goes to child-care centers?

“At least 20 million Americans,” charges Obama, “will lose the insurance they rely on from their workplace.” As Yuval Levin of the Ethics and Public Policy Center points out, this is a distortion. He cites a Tax Policy Center estimate that the McCain plan would result in 21 million people entering the individual insurance market by 2018 — many because individual ownership of insurance will be more attractive. In every mainstream analysis, McCain’s plan would result in a net increase in the number of the insured.


The fact is, you’ve been schooled — reality style.


The Ayers meme was started by the Penn team for Clinton…

Yup, and I hope McWorse sends them a nice thank-you note.

And as you point out about the backward-ass niceness of it, Obama should send them one too.


Shorter Gary Ruppert on the subject of health care and related matters:

Leans over on one buttock. Farts loudly.

Artificial Foreskin Salesman, Cooperative Artificial Foreskin Sales, Inc.

I can beat that price and that selection.

Our flagship model, the Recapper, comes in six sizes and is available for two easy installments of only $14.99.

But wait! There’s more!

Act now and you’ll also receive the Regoyer, available in most Catholic and Protestant denominations. These foreskins are imprinted with symbols of your Christian faith to remind yourself that you won’t be party to some ancient Jewish tradition just because it reduces disease transmission.

So that’s six Recappers and six Regoyers for two easy payments of just $14.99. Don’t wait! Act today!

BTW, J–. If you ever bring another competitor’s product information onto this site I’ll have your fucking balls nailed to my desk. This is CAFSI territory.


So that’s six Recappers and six Regoyers for two easy payments of just $14.99.

What a bargain! But I only have one penis!


Pfft. Christians only ever practiced circumsicion because it makes masturbation harder, and anything that ruined a healthy sex life was considered a good thing by those kooks.


Oh, can’t wait for McCain’s plan…


We didn’t get a thread of our own? frowny face.


Go Barry X!

This the official SN!-sanctioned liebral-approved debate thread then?

[rings bell]

Bring it!


“my friends.”

First shot.

“my friends.”

Second shot.


“Not you, Tom”?? WTF.

Artificial Foreskin Salesman, Cooperative Artificial Foreskin Sales, Inc.


Duh. They wear out.


Do I dislike Tom Brokaw? So far, yes.


“I suspended my campaign to make sure blah blah blah”

Wow. I’m surprised McLame brought up that loser move.


Duh. They wear out.

I’m holding out for the Kevlar model, then.


Oh good lord. We’ve never heard of Fannie or Freddie? You’ve got to be kidding me. Who the hell is he talking to?


He’s got nothing but loser moves to bring up.


I was in Chicago a couple of times. I might have walked past Bill Ayers. Now I might be associated with a terrorist too!


Pre-debate warmup: The Rude Pundit.

I couldn’t even get a chuckle out of that. I find I’m losing my ability to laugh in the face of all this bullshit. I’m getting increasingly pissed off and impatient with the stupidity. I keep hoping it’s the menopause distorting reality but increasingly I think reality is fucking with my mind to the point where I’m going to need anti-depressants.


Not surpisingly. HA!


“deregulation.” Go man.


“lobbyists.” Go man.


Is Brokaw biased?


“my friend” to Obama. Fuck you. Another shot.


McCain is so obviously ill at ease on the subject of the economy. He’s so far from confident.


Brokaw is the NBC “liasion” with the McCain campaign.


Shit, she can’t even read her own question. Unless she’s drunk too, then it’s OK.


damnsle: Brokaw’s an old throwback tool whom (MS)NBC is trotting back out to give their brand some alleged gravitas.


“George Bush budgets!”


“Nobody’s completely innocent here” but there’s a fuck of a lot of guilty somebodies and they’re not McRethugs.


China and Saudi Arabia own our asses. Preach it brother


shit…scratch “not”

They are all Rethugs.


McCain’s been a reformer since the Keating 5 thing, ya mean.


How can McShame even mention “raising taxes” against Obama? As if the bailouts that have been passed could mean anything else, no matter who gets into office?


MzNicky and WereBear — Well fuck me. That makes all sorts of sense then.


Obama has to describe McCain’s record since Mc is lying through his teeth.


Oh yeah. McCain=Mr. Bipartisanship. Getting the “maverick” shot lined up.


Here he is with the “earmarks” again. At least he’s retired that stupid pen.


WereBear: That stupid OLD pen!


“porkbarrel projects” McCain’s first language is OINK.


“my friends” again! Man, I’m gettin’ sloshed early.


I’m sorry, was McCain even aware that Obama existed in the past few years, much less how he voted on various issues, that he can say with authority what was voted for in the past? That pisses me off. Like McCain was aware of shit other than his own well being.


“Overhead projector” for a planetarium?

McCain just insulted everyone.


McCain’s an elitist. He pronounced “nuclear” correctly.


Oooo, he brought up healthcare! Get him, Obama.


Mc stumbles over his words a lot. Also, his eyes express desperation. They look almost pleading.


McLame’s got nada on health care. Obama sez universal health care by the end of his first term. AARP and even the fucking Wall St. Journal endorse his plan v. McLame’s “$5,000 tax credit” crappola.


Brokaw talks funny.

He’s also gotta give MadJack teh hte hook. Fucking windbag.


Nice shot about the federal deficit by the moderator.


What is up w/ Brokaw’s whinging about the time thing? You’re the moderator, jackass — call ’em when they’re goin’ long, don’t scold after the fact!


That $5,000 tax credit reminds me the $100 our neocon PM candidate promised families for daycare.


MadJack takes on wasteful defense spending?!?


Reduce McCain 10%!

Across the board.


We’re Americans!



“spending freeze except for defense and veterans” — again! — is he fuckin’ nutz? Oh, and now “health care” blah blah. How you gonna do that without spending, creepazoid.


Remember nineleven?

Never heard of it.


new post up for debate…


On a pure audio level, Obama’s voice is rich and deep, McCain’s is whiny. The TV audience gets a clear comparison again.

Americans love “winners” and hate “losers”. That’s an annoyingly superficial trait of our people, but I think it’s working on our side this time around. Obama’s tone is very “this is how it is, we’ve got these problems, but we can solve them”, while McCain sounds like he’s making excuses.


Clean coal?

No such thing.


I’d ask John McCain not only where he’s planning on getting cash to fund more war but how is he going to encourage more young Americans to enlist because there isn’t a single family interested in signing up their kids to be slaughtered to satisfy some old fart’s fantasy.


What the hell is “clean coal” anyway? Sounds like a comforting oxymoron.


The coal lobby invented that slogan.


McCain forget once again that ALL of his speeches are IN FACT recorded…


McCain believes in increasing your credit limit


OOOH he’s gonna give everyone FIVE THOUSAND dollars.

Fuck you John!


“I’ll cut your taxes by $5000 (if you have enough kids) so you can pay for the health care plan of your choice! (’cause you’ll lose the one at your job) Sounds good, huh?”


America voted for deregulating war-mongering Bush. The bill is now due.

McCain is lying through his teeth when he says he’ll reduce the tax burden of Americans. He will privatize everything ala the shock doctrine and Americans will be paying the private sector for shit the government should cover.


Obama’s voice is rich and deep, McCain’s is whiny

McCan’t is like Porky Pig after employing a voice coach.


“Joe Lieberman and I”

another nail in his coffin.


And Nuke Plants makes sure only rich people control the sources of power.


If he says “my friends” again I’m going to throw up.


When was McCain’s last Senate Vote?


God, I can’t believe you guys don’t have a centralized computer system for health records. Here I’ve got a “care card” with my public insurance number and if I go to hospital/doctor all they do is plug in the number to get my record.


“Do the Math”

hahaha, my Friends DO THE MATH.

Johnny really does hate his supporters…


It’s astounding that the US still treats sickness as an individual responsibility.


I wish someone would ask a “rude” question.


no wonder it got so quiet in here


Connecting Darfur to Iraq is win. Dead on, & a real gutshot to GOP policy as an enabler of ugliness in other places.
Assuming an Iraq withdrawal = wider conflict is fail. The US presence itself threatens a wider conflict. Petraeus is/was Bush’s bumboy with a HUGE vested interest in bringing home the proverbial championship, be it ever so futile – so his judgement is spotty at best.

Another chorus of “attack Pakistan” – there’s the Ambien talking again.


You know, Mussolini commonly used google bombs to discredit his enemies. Just further proof of my thesis.


I saw Amanda Carpenter on CNN today.

First thought: looks good! Sounds more coherent than Karen Hughes!
Second thought: Clownhall? Oh man…


Would it be terribly wrong if everyone abandoned that passé term “earmarks” and talked about “foreskin-marks” instead?


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