Gwen Ifill Rocked!

Per the conflict-of-interest thing, even Stephen Spruiell of National Review conceded that ‘Gwen Ifill did a good job’.

Gavin adds: Say, even Stephen Spruiell of National Review conceded that “Gwen Ifill did a good job.”


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Gwen will, no doubt, be voting for Obama.


I think Ifill did a pretty mediocre job. Far too many questions perfectly designed for nonsense escapes and generalities. She did a fine job with the other moderating aspects, but her questions sucked. LIke instead of asking, “Do you support the House securities insurance plan, the Paulson asset purchasing plan, or some other solution?” she asked some stale b.s. about the partisan climate in D.C.



Spruiell is right, Ifill did a great job.

But that McArthy d-bag is a hysterion.


Go to the second link for the point of this post. Agreed – Ifill didn’t rock.


Do you think you could merge your last two posts together. I’m having a hard time trolling both of them =X


I’m still listening to the debate…missed the live version because Canada’s leadership debate was on at the same time.


Is this another in your very insightful “Palin was very good” series?


Hey, I was right about Palin’s postives after the RNC speech …


“Gwen Ifill Rocked!”

Then what are we doing screwing around with these cattle-call nobodies when we could be running the stars? Gwen Ifill for Supreme Leader!


What Belinda Whatsherfuck doesn’t quite get is that Sarah Palin is exactly the kind of woman who would be the most vicious.

Sarah Palin is the original Mean Girl.


I’ve worked out who Bible Spice reminds me of in interviews – Bart Simpson, when he’s flubbing an essay off the top of his head. The next time someone asks her about her border policies, she’ll probably say that Mexico is a land of contrasts where the locals grow corn – which they call “maize“.


As always, the Corner comes through with the stupid.

And, as usual, it’s Epic FAIL!

Teh Google people. It’s your friend.


TBogg sez: Might I also add that “Team Maverick” is one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever heard. Why not “sociable loner”?

“Always a quiet neighbour, no trouble at all” is also good.

Teh Great Gazoogle

As always, the Corner comes through with the stupid.
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I think it’s important to point out that Spruiell covers the media for National Review. This is his area of journalistic expertise.


Le cochon danseur . Don’t miss the Sarah Palin imitation at the end.


Ifill was simply terrrible. Her questions were poorly and vaguely worded. She did essentially zero follow up. Hell, she was even unclear who was supposed to answer questions first.

I don’t know what constraints were placed on her, but the informal and nonspecific way her comments and questions were framed made it sound like she had scanned the cable news channels about an hour before the debate and scribbled down some questions based on utterly superficial knowledge of the topics.

I’m just glad the initial CNN and CBS polls reflect a solid win for Biden; I was worried that Bible Spice had cast her glamor on Red State America.


I went to bed early.

Bible Spice’s platitudes + Word Salad + insincere smile = couldn’t take another minute of it.


Baltezaar – Ifill did a great job of telling Sarah Palin her time was up just when her patent Alaksan mooseshit answers started going off the rails.

All Couric did, btw, was follow up Palin’s mooseshit answers with a modest request for any specifics or examples. It’s at that the point when the moose-in-the-headlights look appeared. Gwen Ifill made sure there was no risk of any follow-up or requests for specifics happening tonight.


At least I think I’m finally beginning to get a handle on Palin’s talking point delivery style. It’s like jazz. Jazz in the sense of Brubeck being interpreted by a really bad Sun Ra wannabe using a kazoo, a mouth harp and nails on a chalkboard for instrumentation.


Baltezaar -Gwen Ifill did a great job of telling Palin “your time is up” just when here patent Alaskan mooseshit answers started going off the rails.

When Palin looked liked a moose in the headlights last week was whenever Couric followed up on the mooseshit responses with a gentle request for specifics or examples. Ifill made sure there was no risk of that happening tonight.


Ifill made sure there was no risk of that happening tonight.

Not sure she had a choice. The McCain camp wanted no followups and got that when deciding the rules and formats for the debate. If she’d gone off and done any followups, the Malkin Hordes would be screeching so loud Martians would be hearing them. No win situation for Ifill.


It is from Alaska that we can to allow drilling to take place on the north slope. So very, very important to the U.S. Army, he’s 19 years old. He’s a kid. He’s a good American kid serving in the wealth that’s derived from the dealings with Freddie and Fannie, any lobbying efforts on his part there. And we’re going to continue to be called upon and help. Right, right. Right.

Sure. There in the pressure on Iran and we need to pursue those and we must do whatever it takes and we should second guess their efforts. Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I believe that Americans are going to be produced. 2, 000 Acres out of 20 million acres. That footprint, it’s about 20% of the earth. That’s not a part of, I guess, that culture. The way that I send my first born, my son, my teenage son overseas with his Stryker brigade, 4, 000 other wonderful American men and women, to fight for our freedoms.



Will you be there when the book comes out on inauguration day, commenting, as Ifill rakes it in, that maybe she didn’t do such a great job?

Gwen Ifill’s getting rich off propaganda!


I’m with Loneoak – Gwen was pretty superficial.

Then again, the whole process as designed is pretty superficial.

Make the fuckers actually debate each other, with opportunities to call bullshit and a requirement that claims must be substantiated.

But, yeah, that would be too hard to watch.

So, let’s just toss ’em naked in a ring. Punching, kicking, biting, hair-pulling – anything goes.

The other option – Gwen Stephani, not Gwen Ifill.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

And those of us who argued that the job was about more than asking questions will be painted as hysterions

Well, duh. After all a hysterion is a two quark particle made up of a right and an anti-left.


What’s clear now is that Palin is over.Even as a joke she’s just stale,it was funny a couple of weeks ago but I’ve just been bored with her ever seems that most Americans are feeling the same way.All they saw was an irrelevant lightweight and, shockingly,that doesnt seem to be what people are looking for in a VP.That leaves McCain out there on his own and it’s not looking good for the Maverick.


ittdgy: Wowsers. First Kathleen Parker, now Chucky Cheeze.

Which whinging wingnut will be next to admit that even he/she can’t keep pretending anymore? I wonder how much schadenfreude I can stand? I can’t wait to find out!


kiki said:

she’ll probably say that Mexico is a land of contrasts where the locals grow corn – which they call “maize“.

I believe I’ve already made my comments on this.


Bible Spice turned into a Word Salad Shooter toward the end.


Chuckie surrenders!

The rats are starting to bail from the crazy train [Randy Rhoads fill].

Northern Observer

Ifill took a fall for the team. The top brass at PBS knew that if she was a good moderator and you know held Palin to any kind of standard conservatives would renew their crusade to defund the public broadcaster. She took the fall and saved the ‘family’

As it was Palin was bad enough that her shittyness still shone through


Ah, so it’s true! Sadly No and the rest of the big-time MSM are using the careless words of an NRO contributor as proof of Gwen Ifil’s rockitude in the debate. Have you no shame, sirs? How dare you use the words of a hapless cornerite to undermine the words of other hapless cornerites?


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