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Over at Varifrank, there is some very serious analysis of John Kerry’s vocabulary going on:

Kerry went on to say that sanctions were working and that they did not have to be lifted if we had used the “good diplomacy”.

“Good Diplomacy”, who talks like that?

Who talks like that? Hmm, how about the President of the United States of America?

Good diplomacy really depends upon good personal relations, whether or not we agree with each other on a lot of issues, or not. And I’m going to continue the diplomacy that reaches out to people on a regular basis.

Or even his press secretary:

That informal air is, in the President’s judgment, conducive to good diplomacy.

More than once it seems:

I’m going to leave private conversations where they belong, which is in the realm of good diplomacy.

Let’s go back to the big dog:

Part of diplomacy, by the way, good diplomacy says to leaders, I think you need to listen to the truth, and the truth will set you free and help people survive.

Hit me baby one more time:

It seemed like to me that we’ve got a challenge to make sure that people in countries like Indonesia understand the nature of the American people, that how we think is going to be an important part of good diplomacy in the long run.

Ari gets the last word:

The United States cannot do it for them, but the United States can be there to help the various parties come together, to work them along through good diplomacy.


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It seems vocabulary that variflunk doesn’t have is “Choose your battles wisely.”


Speaking of Shrub Diplomacy, does anyone have any reputable links to follow up on coalition casualties in Samarra? I’ve heard rumors that they were much, much higher than reported in the US.


It seems vocabulary that variflunk doesn’t have is “Choose your battles wisely.”
Posted by George Johnston

That’s the whole right wing nowadays. They’re scrambling, scrambling. That’s why this is the most dangerous time. Just throwing shit up against the wall until it sticks.

It’s like in that classic “Newsradio” episode where Jimmy James is running for President, and Lisa Miller (as played by oh-so-hot Maura Tierney) is certain that he’s got some skeleton in his closet. She asks question after question until finally she asks, “Sir, are you in this just to meet girls?”

That was the end of Jimmy James’ run for the presidency. I live in fear that we’re going to find out that John Kerry once visited a Venezuelan whorehouse.


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