You keep using that word

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Irony 101: A conservative web site that uses a French word incorrectly:

That cannot be a comforting thought no matter who you are, sans perhaps George Soros.

Hey Frank, sans means without. So let’s just call you the writer sans clue, shall we?


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Sorry, but who gives a rat’s ass about Frank’s inability to use the right word?

What you should have focused is his ridiculous pot-kettle regarding “work ethic”. Given that Junior has spent more time on (official) vacation than any other President – and it’s arguable that even when he shows up for “work”, it’s like being on vacation – it’s kinda funny (in a sick way) for Frankie to trash Kerry.


Irony 101: A conservative web site that uses a French word incorrectly

Perhaps not irony, but malicious mangling of those devils’ native tongue. Say “la,” V. We may not be able to bomb them off the planet, but maybe we can destroy their pansy language.


Certainly the writer must have meant “s’excluyant” (excluding) or even “s’excusant” (excusing). A mere faux pas, as it were. D’accord?, where your gem came from, has a link to “Boycott France” and tries to use French on his website. Doesn’t that make him a flip flopper? Who would have believed a four letter word would give a conservative “intellectual” so much trouble?


i believe, rather than making it complicated, that it would simply be “sauf George Soros” my montreal friends……….


Frank Salvato is a special kind of stupid that I’m slowly getting familiar with.

But I have to admit, his mustache kicks some ass.


Perhaps the jerkazole had meant to use “pace”?


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