Those were indeed the days!

Justin Darr: Sadly, No! loves you.

Gone are the days when nuclear weapons capability was controlled by a few, if not friendly, at least relatively sane nations.

Ah, the good old days when only responsible kids like Stalin and Mao Ze Dong had nuclear weapons. And who could forget Justin’s favorite foreigners, the French and General De Gaulle. Looking for a few friendly men? Justin can set you up.


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Justin also still thinks that “Duck and Cover” works! Way to go, Justin!


Sheeaaat. Is that why everyone was digging bomb shelters in their backyard in the 50’s? Because of all those friendly nuclear weapons? Man, I had it all wrong.


Justin appears from his writing also to be “relatively sane.”


Still, Stalin/Mao might have been less likely to pull the nuclear trigger than Bush/Cheney.


I think he’s referring to “the days” between late 1945 and mid-1949. Yep, the Soviets didn’t have the bomb yet, Europe was a devastated wasteland so they weren’t all uppity, China wasn’t Communist yet, and Saddam Hussein was just a kid (although the CIA was pretty sure he intended to give weapons of mass destruction to terrorists at some point).


You forgot to mention Richard “the president can bomb anyone he wants” Nixon!


Yeah, really. Thanks for reminding me of the old story about Nixon: that he purposely had Kissinger convey to Brezhnev in 69-70 or so that Dick was a “crazy man”, he could push the button at any slight, at any minute, and therefore that he was one POTUS with whom Ruskies should not fuck.

Sort of like how Justin at his register could go off any minute, pushing “subtotal” and “sales tax” to render one mushroom cloud of a reciept on belligerent Wal-Mart shoppers.


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