Guess the green zone won’t need to take part in elections anyway

This isn’t going to be good for business:

Two American soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in separate attacks involving roadside bombs, U.S. officials said Thursday, and 20 Iraqis were arrested in the north in operations against those suspected of planting explosives. U.S. authorities, meanwhile, raised the security alert in the heavily guarded Green Zone after an improvised bomb was found in front of a restaurant there.

What’s the color for FUBAR?


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The color of FUBAR…. hmm… I don’t know… maybe it’s that bright white colored light you see when you’re having a near-death experience.


And now the Green Zone is under rocket attack.


This isn’t going to be good for anyone.


Isn’t it time for a red alert here? Or anthrax on our voter pamphlets? An inflated jobs report? Proof that Kerry’s daughters dated Zarqawi?


Nope. Time to warn the CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS against terrorism, because they claimt o have found info on emergency drills from some schools on a disk in Iraq.

Except when the truth comes out it will turn out to be all nothing, as we all know already.

Someone mention jobs? They predicted 150k new jobs. The number is out and it was 96k. Only 56k off. Oh well. We need more tax cuts. That’ll fix it. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


what’s the color of fubar?

how about shit brown and piss yellow?


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