Jo Stafford (November 12, 1917-July 16, 2008)

For her son, who comments on our silly blog.


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Aww damn. It’s amazing to think that “I’ll be Seeing You” sung by Jo Stafford and “Tea for Two” sung by Darlene Edwards came from the same miraculous talent.

This is a sad day. Condolences to Tim.

Doctor Missus Marita

She was just wonderful. We’re so sorry for your loss.


She certainly gave a lot while she was here.

And what more can the world ask?

My deepest condolences.


My condolences also to Tim and his family.


That’s beautiful.

Best wishes Tim. She will certainly be missed.


The fact is, the Heartland extends its condolences.


So lovely. What great gals.

Wonderful memories.


That was wonderful. Best of wishes in this difficult time.


The fact is, NPR mentioned this morning Stafford’s USO work and how much her work comforted Allied soldiers during the war’s worst periods.


I’m so sorry, Tim. She lived a good, long life.


I was just listening to “Shrimp Boats” last night, honestly and for reals – even in the goofiest of numbers Jo Stafford had one helluva warm voice. My condolences, and take care of yourself.


My condolences to Tim.
For those of you who DON’T know who Jo Stafford was, she was only the biggest female singer of the pre-rock era. I looked it up-between 1944 and 1956, the lady had 74 hits. The biggest were “You Belong To Me”(#1 for 12 weeks) and “Make Love To Me”(#1 for 7 weeks).


Tim, my condolences on your loss. The memories will always be with you, though.

Charles Giacometti

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that. What a terrific singer, and what a lovely woman. How many other singers could hold their own with Ella? And she finishes with a riff from my favorite jazz standard.

My condolences to her son and others left behind.


Cut down in her prime. My condolences.


She had a unique and distinctive voice, throaty and sexy with a little burr.

Condolences, Tim.

(Gavin: well done.)


Love is that bad. Jo will be missed.


I don’t comment here often (if ever) and I don’t know Tim, but this prompted me to listen to some music on Rhapsody, and Jo Stafford had an amazing voice. And I know how hard it is to lose a parent… My condolences.


Sorry to hear that. My condolences.


I’m sitting here listening to Arthur Lee and thinking about managing a restaurant in the early 90’s when I put Jo Stafford’s version of ‘Shrimp Boats’ on a tape that was played in the restaurant and catching shit from the staff for it.

An era is passing. Mine is on deck. Thanks for the mention of Ms. Stafford.


Wow. Tim. so sorry.


Sitting here listening to this with my 84 year old Mom. She has such wonderful memories of your Mom, Tim. So much joy and beauty put out into the world–a life to be proud of.


“Shrimp Boats” was one of the first records I listened to, back when I was a tot. That and some 45s by Rosemary Clooney were my favorites. What a wonderful voice your mother had.

So sorry Tim — I lost my dad a couple of months ago, and even if they did have long good lives it’s still tough. Sending to you grateful thoughts for your mom’s gifts.


A living legend singing with another…what a gift. All my condolences to your loss, Tim.


Condolences and best wishes.


Tim’s myspace page…loads of great music there.


Sorry for your loss Tim. Your mom was such a beautiful lady with a stellar voice.


Anyone who was in “Kentucky Fried Movie” can’t be all bad. Here’s her imdb page:

Not a bad resume.

D.N. Nation, whippin out the old Gaelic stuff

May those who love us, love us
And may those who do not love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if he turn not their hearts, may he turn their ankles.
So that we know them by their limping.

Best wishes, Tim.


Jo Stafford was my mother’s favorite singer. When the DVD set came out, I gave it to her for Christmas. Unfortunately, by that time, she was too hard of hearing to appreciate it. I’ll have to email her, in case she doesn’t know. I don’t know you, Tim, but so sorry.


Condolences. Much love to your family at this time.


My condolences on your loss, Tim. I’m downloading Jo’s “You Belong To Me” as I type this.


That was her singing “Carioca”?
I’d been wondering about that for years!
One of the best singers of the 40’s. Meant to mention that in my previous comment, but fortunately it has been so noted by others.


Very sorry for your loss, Tim. She was simply wonderful.


I was just listening to her on the radio, on the way home here. My condolences. She was a great talent and shined on us all while she was here.


Condolences, Tim. Pure melody. A terrific loss.

Your mom held her own with Ella FitzGERald!¹
I’d tattoo that on my chest if it was my mom.

¹While Ella had most of the good melodies, no less!


Clint beat me to it, “You Belong to Me” alone is wonderful. My condolences to her family on their loss, well, our loss.

I listened to Terry Gross’s interview with her this afternoon. She was a delightful woman.


Tim, my deepest condolences. Your mother’s version of “I’ll Be Seeing You” has long been one of my favorite standards. Our thoughts are with you and yours.



Tim, our deepest sympathies. What a great voice, and what a personable performer! It’s easy to tell that she loved every minute of performing. How many of us get the chance to do what we love? Even so, saying goodbye to our loved ones is the toughest thing in the world to do…

Take care.


I remember Jo Stafford fondly from 15-minute TV shows in the 50s when I was a kid (we had one of the first TVs in the nabe). She did a bit where she’d sing perfectly off-key. Brilliant and very funny. My condolences to Ms. Stafford’s family.

Tim (The Other One)

It’s pretty hectic out here as you might imagine, but I just chose to come up for air and “check-in”.

I haven’t read any comments yet but believe it or not, this means a lot to me.

This is a hip place to hang. Thanks kids.


Tim (The Other One)

Also, on behalf of Darlene I would like to thank Gary Ruppert for his comment from the Heartland.

Sadly, Darlene’s sophistication prevented her from actually giving a crap about the Heartland per se.

For Jonathan & Darlene, the Heartland was only really “flyover” country. They were too hip for that room.



“I’ll Be Seeing You” makes me want to cry in the best way possible. It embraces the human feeling for another person, and the loss of that person from ones life, but also the simultaneous presence of them in life as it goes on. Condolences, and feeling, truly from my heart. What a wonderful voice.


I also wanted to share the Telegraph UK story. We can’t ever know Jo, but I feel the Brits do due diligence, and I felt it was quite sweet.


Tim, my best wishes and condolences to you, your family and everyone you mother has touched. Godspeed.


Sorry for your loss, Tim.


Condolences, Tim. Sad loss for anyone who loves music.


Tim – so very sorry to hear about your mom. There is never a ‘good time’ to lose someone you love, even if they live to be 100. My husband and I are singer/piano players, and we have been longtime fans both of your mom and of Jonathan and Darlene. Naturally someone with as much talent, intelligence and humor as your mom would have a son with the brains and wit to grace the pages of Sadly, No!


I’m sorry for your loss Tim, your Mom was a gem.


Sorry to hear of your Mom being taken from you. I lost mine too, in 2004.
Take care.


What a great clip. You had to be really good to sing with Ella, no doubt about it. I usually don’t like to engage in nostalgia, but you don’t see that sort of thing on TV any more, and it’s a pity.


I’m simply amazed that I knew so many of her songs.

Particularly “Long Ago,” for me made famous by the “Tommy Boy” scene when Farley and Spade start wailing along with the song and bawling.

We are all better for her having been here.


My condolences to you and your family, Tim.


Tim, your parents were musical geniuses, with wicked senses of humor and the technical chops to carry it off. It was years before I knew that my Red Ingle 78 with “Cinderella G. Stump” was yet another manifestation of her all-around abilities. My dad’s a pianist as well, and probably introduced me to their dark side, and my mom died just over three months ago, so I have a clue as to how you might be feeling. All I can add is that your folks are definitely going to be remembered, and not just for the priceless humor, but for their place in popular music.


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