Going once, going twice, going insane

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you use eBay to sell bumper stickers like this one, would it really be too much to expect that you would also buy an American made car instead of an Audi?

(Thanks to pinki for the link.)


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What’s especially ironic is that the guy with the ‘…bush is mine’ sticker is actually a high ranking member of the saudi royal family….


I sent him a question regarding the veracity of his claim and suggesting he had the names reversed. I didn’t use the strongest of languages ‘cos I likes my 300+ all positive rating!


Ha-ha! So this is where my Bush tax cut really went to!
I’ll be damned! 😉


Please note that in both of the photos the sticker is apparently covering the trunk opening of the car. Looking more closely, the sticker photo has been cut-and-pasted on top of the Audi photo.

Five bucks says the guy takes the bus to…wherever he goes during the day.


The sticker doesn’t cross the trunk opening, that’s just a body panel joint. Trunk opens just below the badge.

But either way, TTs are chick cars. Perhaps photographer dude is snapping his wife’s car; either that, or he’s a girlie-man who needs to continually proclaim his toughness.


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