You wouldn’t believe how close we are…

…to resuming our normal posting duties.

After several hours in assorted planes, trains and automobiles we are finally back (to our temporary) home.

We were lucky to find some emails in our inbox featuring links to all new wingnuts, and look forward to sharing them with you. Sadly, we find ourselves in a bit of a jam, trying to catch up with work while simultaneously trying to get more time off (we’re not even making that up!) in order to travel 450 miles to go to a job interview (and back) on the same day.

So go read the many fine blogs listed on the right, relax, and rest assured that you’ll get our comments on the first presidential debate as soon as we watch our taped copy of it. Because Sadly, No! must live up to its reputation as the less funny and not as timely alternative to every other blog out there.

Le Management


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Shit! and I thought going 200 miles to SF for job interviews was a pain. Good luck!


Isn’t that hard on your back?


Posting–it’s not a right, it’s a duty.



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