Where are we? Why are we here?

Ah yes, here we are. You may think that we’ve forgotten all about you. We haven’t. Stay tuned for lots of shrillness and snark.


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Hurry, if you can! My snark intake has been dangerously low lately. Other sites have some snark but this is where I come to mainline it.


Ah! good news at last. Nothing better than a nice dose of snarky shrillness.


Sorry, you’ve broke my heart once too often by telling me that you’d give me snark and shrillness in the morning if I let you have your way with me. And then you would disappear and NEVER call or write.

So, will I trust your pretty words ever again? Sadly, yes. But only if you PROMISE that they’ll be snarky and shrill.


you have been missed, as you frequently amuse me.


Shrillness and snark. How typical of you latte drinking, Volvo driving, fancypants elitist effete intellectual snobs. If I weren’t one of you, I would spit on your snark and tell you it’s condensation. You liberal. You homo sapiens. I’ll bet when nobody is looking you scream int he shower and start shouting “And then we’re going to South Carolina!”

Feh. Snark is it? If I had my way, every fool that went around shouting “shrillness and snark” would be boiled in glowstick juice and buried with Dick Cheney’s glass in his mouth.

*Random rants brought to you by the people at Ranting Lunatics. For the finest in pointless ranting, come to Ranting Lunatics. We may not be as mad as King George Bush, but at least we don’t have porphyria.


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