Naomi is just a little too grumpy, or?

Thanks to SullyWatch, we find out about Naomi Wolf’s latest offering of Grumpiness in a can:

The charges are sticking because of Teresa Heinz Kerry. Let?s start with ?Heinz.? By retaining her dead husband?s name?there is no genteel way to put this?she is publicly, subliminally cuckolding Kerry with the power of another man?a dead Republican man, at that. Add to that the fact that her first husband was (as she is herself now) vastly more wealthy than her second husband. Throw into all of this her penchant for black, a color that no woman wears in the heartland[.]

To SullyWatch’s (and Jim Capozzola’s) comments we’d only add this: a column that simultaneously praises Republicans for going all Oprah (with great success,) written by the woman who launched the earth tones debacle of 2000, should be a bit more careful to realize that black, well, it isn’t always that bad really. Seriously you guys.

We’ll throw in, just for fun, that in the few hours we spent here earlier today there were countless women wearing black pants, black jackets, and many other things black. It surely wasn’t the heart of America, but there sure was plenty of land.


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My wife puts her maiden name (i.e. the surname she got from her father) in front of my surname–so I guess she’s “publicly, subliminally cuckolding [me] with the power of another man–a [live] Republican man, at that.” At least he’s not rich, or I’d have to get penis enlargement surgery (or at least a huge SUV) forthwith.


You guys are in Washington State? I have to say, after Oktoberfest in Munchen, the Puyallup fair kind of sucks.


I’m finding a lot of wonderful photos by clicking the links here:


A little expert testimony from the Heartland: unless viewed through the lens of political partisanship, Laura Bush does not come across as faultlessly poised and sincere. She comes across as the woman in hostess attire who walks up to the deli counter and starts barking questions at the clerk who’s already waiting on you, usually involving her failure to see any of that broccoli raisin salad “you always carry”, which eventually drives the poor embarrassed kid to interrupt another, more senior employee, who informs her that they do not now nor have they ever carried said salad and she’s probably thinking of that place two miles north.


Half of my clothes are black, because it makes it easier to dress in the dark. I looked around and about a 1/4 of the women in my office are wearing black today, and if Texan can do it, then we’ve got nothing to worry about.


Now what am I supposed to think about the repub candidate here in Alaska? Lisa Murkowski, appointed to the Senate when her father gave up his Senate seat to become Govenor, refuses to run under her married name.

Hanging on daddy’s coat tails? You tell me. Good thing she’s going into retirement November 2nd.


My wife didn’t even take my last name at all. I’d talk with Stef about how it makes me feel, but I wouldn’t want any more cuckolding from her.


It’s this kind of bass-ackward thinking that makes me WANT to wear pants all the time. But I am just too addicted to femme stuff. (Although shaving my legs every day is a pain in the ass. –give me a break, I’m half German.)


Everyone knows black is very slimming. And if you are a true American, you want to look thinner.

Oh, and my wife never took my last name either. Not sure who she’s supposed to be cuckolding me with because of it. Not sure why a real American would use a word like “cuckold” in the first place. Sounds French to me.


I want a scone!


Amish men and women wear black, too. How anti-Heartland.


Teresa Heinz Kerry is on the board of her first husband’s charitable trust. When you help manage a $500 million trust, I guess it’s just polite to work the guy’s name in there SOMEWHERE.


That’s what I was thinking of. What about the Heinz Foundation? And her Heinz offspring. She was married to the guy 20-something years for Chrissakes, most of her adult life her identity was Heinz. It probably makes her life easier just to keep the name, so people don’t wonder about her connection the the Heinz fortune. Maybe Kerry’s ex-wife keeps Kerry’s last name to cuckold the man in her life, and it’s like a big cuckold balancing act.

ps Teresa comes off as a bit self-centered and needy in her relationship with John. But whatever works for them is fine.


Ummm… the question must be asked: what, precisely, is the fucking POINT of this article?


So Democrat women aren’t playing the nice adoring muted color wife prop good enough by Naomi Wolf’s standards, and Teresa is “emasculating” her husband by not being his shadow, and we should care, because Naomi is a feminist?


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