Shorter Warner Todd Huston

Above: Looking surprisingly presentable these days

Feminists Truly Hate Women

  • The execrable so-called “feminists” should devote themselves to the eradication of the Muslim bacillus.

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Ah yes, the old “I’ll give you something to cry about” dodge.


He should pose in front of a wall. With a blindfold.


The contrast is stark as well as revealing, if not entirely disgusting. It reveals an American feminism right wing that is a hypocritical, unserious, sham that deserves nothing but derision. A movement that indulges in oblivious, frivolity while real pain surrounds them.



You’ll be sorry when you’re all wearing burkhas! All of you!

All of you!!!


Dammit, it worked in preview!

WordPress, suck my hairy nuts.


Warner Todd Huston
July 11, 2008

On Sunday, July 13, in Jonesboro, Georgia…

Dude can see the future.

This is universally acknowledged as one of the best superpowers. Strongly advise not fucking with Dude.


I don’t have the stomach to click the link – is he making the same tired-ass argument about women’s rights under Islam that’s been making the rounds since ’03 or so? As if the conservatards gave a fuck about women’s rights before they saw they could be used as a club to beat liberals with?


Also, his email address indicates he is some sort of colonel. You’ve been warned.


Yeah, don’t screw around with Colonel Cassandra. He’ll fuck you up.


Above: Looking surprisingly presentable these days

Agreed. Me-yow.
Hey, credit where it is due, y’all.

Anyways, am I right in guessing that his argument will go something like, “If Feminazis REALLY wanted to help women, they’d be in favor of carpet bombing the ragheads until they die or stop being non-white.” ?

On the plus side, when we turn everything East of the Nile and West of New Delhi into a giant glass mirror, all the burka-durkas will be dead. And, thus, they will not be victims of the evil matriarchy the Feminazis claim to hate so much. Excelsior!


Yeah, but so is Rob Spewack, Useless Idjit.


Incidentally, my pat line on the kind of ‘feminist’ who concerns themselves with the state of women’s rights ‘under Islam’ (although there’s usually some kind of smarmy dodge involving an item of clothing) is that they don’t seem to worry too much about what happens to these women when we drop napalm on them (or their mothers, daughters, sisters, sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, lovers . . .) – evidently you only qualify as a victim if it’s darkies doing the oppressing. (And convenient darkies, too – you don’t hear a lot about the lousy lot of women in Japan these days, which would surprise you if you happen to have slept through the 90s.)


Funniest part about these “free Iraq” tards is that in the ’70’s Nat’l Geo had an article about how different and secular Iraq was for women. At that time women could drive cars, teach college and be physicians. They also wore western style clothing- no face masks or anything. Now Iraq, for women, is like living in Saudi Arabia. But, according to shrub, we’ve given the gift of freedom to these people. Sorry, but I’ve never had to live under a brutal dictator that arbitrarily locked up and tortured people without a trial so…….. never mind.



Women are less evil than muslims?

Hokay, goddammit.

I need a scorecard. I thought muslims were the MOST evil. Women and Nee Groes were somewhere less evil. Rich Fat Flatulent White Guys the least evil. What am I missing?


lol Feminazis In Repudiation Of Mr. Warner Todd Huston

Wherz de bukit?

Me no rekonize War T. Hussy widout no bukit.

He needs haz bukit.

And needs haz grzly brd agin.

Fix pleez???


Can you please replace that necktie with a sammich?


Funniest part about these “free Iraq” tards is that in the ’70’s Nat’l Geo had an article about how different and secular Iraq was for women. At that time women could drive cars, teach college and be physicians. They also wore western style clothing- no face masks or anything. Now Iraq, for women, is like living in Saudi Arabia. But, according to shrub, we’ve given the gift of freedom to these people. Sorry, but I’ve never had to live under a brutal dictator that arbitrarily locked up and tortured people without a trial so…….. never mind.

We have to liberate the women of Iraq because Baathism.

We have to liberate the women of Iran because Islamism.

We have to liberate the women of Poland because heliocentrism.

& so reiter.


No feminist uttered a word about the murder of twenty-five-year-old Sandeela Kanwal.



One of my favorite ISLAMISM SHAME topics is the indifferent relationship the Western (and especially Anglo) right has with the Kurds.

When they’re being kept by the local authorities from practicing the local version of religious fundamentalist praxis, they’re a minority culture being oppressed by the evil Turk.

When they kill their sisters for dishonoring the family by lifting their eyes, they’re citizens of Turkey revealing its shameless barbarity.

This is the rock-and-hard-place the Turks find themselves in; hem in the radicals and you’re bigots, leave them be and you’re wackjobs. And the same voices raise the hue and cry in either case.

The right wing holds any outsiders with blanket contempt no matter what they happen to be doing at the time; the conservative ideology has obedience to authority built into it to prevent embarassments like right-wing churches celebrating the Holocaust or relentlessly demonizing the Chinese authorities and losing a valued trading partner.

The American right in particular holds a set of sacred hates as a sort of all-encompassing shibboleth. If someone part of a different tendency – libertarian, Euronationalist, localist, femidentist – can’t bust out in hives and fumble over themselves to shriek hatred at the vaguest suggestion of the hated darkey, they’re automatically suspect to Reichtards like this guy.

And rightly so – after all, not everyone is up to hating everything.


Remember what bush41 told the Kurds? If you stand up, we”ll help. And then that’s when Saddam dropped VX (that the US supplied) on them. It was okay when Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops with our nerve gasses but, when he drops it on the Kurds it’s wrong.


Sorry, Warner Todd, but NOW is way ahead of you on this one.

NOW Supports Legislation that Denounces ‘Honor’ Killings and Violence Against Women

Statement of NOW President Kim Gandy


The National Organization for Women is proud to support H. Res. 32, denouncing the practices of female genital mutilation, domestic violence, ‘honor’ killings, acid burning, dowry deaths, sexual slavery and other gender-based persecutions. We commend Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) for her work on this resolution, and we say it is time for Congress to take a stand for the health and lives of girls and women everywhere.

The United States must call strongly for the protection of the millions of women who will become victims of stoning, stabbing, maiming, forced suicide, beheadings, acid throwing and many other cruel punishments with the false justification of “family honor.” Further, we must condemn the worldwide epidemic of domestic violence, and the rape of civilian and military women as a common weapon in war.

H. Res. 32 is an important initiative for many reasons. The language of the resolution correctly identifies that these acts of mutilation, battering and murder are gross violations of women’s human rights. Often sanctioned by religious and ethnic traditions and ignored by law enforcement authorities, these violent acts serve to terrify and oppress millions of women across the globe. They are the simplest and starkest expression of the misogyny that can be found in almost every culture — including our own. Hatred of women is costly — not only for the women, but for their families and society as a whole.


Oh yay! I was hoping you guys would catch this one. He showed up on Newsvine a while back. I keep asking him if he found his bucket yet.

If you’d like more LOLs, check out bad the guy is at interacting with his “readers” and defending his position.

But no worries, WarnerTodd has personally assured me that the “ASSumption” that in order to be credible in ToddWarner’s eyes, feminists have to focus all their attention on eradicating Islam is completely a LIE. Instead, his point is that:

“(W)omen like you don’t really care about violence against women in Islam because it is so endemic to our time that it should be practically the ONLY focus by people who claim to hate such violence.”

So… yeah. There’s your difference. I think.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t honor killing a regional thing and not an Islamic thing? I’m pretty sure it’s been happening in the Middle East since before Islam came around.


The awesome kicker from the end of Huston’s comment Stacy links to above:

Of course, the problem is that feminism is a lie. It was never created to help anyone, improve anything or save women for any reason. It is merely another excuse to advance communism and socialism. It is an excuse to destroy marriage and the family and to advance government as the controlling factor in all our lives.

Feminists are anti-Americans.

Well, that settles that.


Wow! Two lapel pins.
Now that is impressive.


Oh, ho ho. Somebody’s been trolling renewamerica again…


Wow! Two lapel pins.
Now that is impressive.

Yeah, it would be to a Dhimmicrat like you. I’m wearing so many I can barely breathe.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t honor killing a regional thing and not an Islamic thing? I’m pretty sure it’s been happening in the Middle East since before Islam came around.

Yup – just like FGM, on which the only thing Islam had to say was ‘if you have to do it, do it in a humane fashion’. (I maintain that clitoral hood excision is no more intrinsically vile than male circumcision, but the misogynist practice favored in Islamic, Christian, and pagan societies alike in the Sahel is closer to yanking out the entire genital complex with hot glass.) Nearly every ‘human rights issue’ present ‘in Islam’ is more cultural than anything else.

And it’s worth saying that a lot of the ‘feminists’ who hyperventilate on cue about women wearing the chador will do the same thing when semi-Westernized women do it on their own. Just like ‘ebonics’ assimilated in the reactionary mind into black people being illiterate idiots, so did the obligatory-modesty issue become a racist chimera in which wearing a headscarf (common to all religious groups in the Middle East, and no more sectarially specific than skirts are to Americans) is an act of mysogynistic self-oppression.

My pet term for the women who gleefully shriek and pout about the Right’s betes noires but fail to see anything oppressive about an otherwise typical Fortune 500 company with a female CEO is ‘Oprahites’ – pseudo-feminists of the ‘you go, girl!’ school whose consciousness revolves around acting out idees recues of the mainstream culture, treating consumer society as a fertile ground for empowerment and deeply confusing the personal and the political.

They’ll freak out over a woman in France choosing to cover her head, but her employers treating her like meat in a way her simple third-world relatives could never hope to match doesn’t bother them at all.


Oh, great. The old “How dare you work for your cause when you should be working for the cause I want you to work for!!” ruse


Motherfucker. I just got done reading Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven. There is nothing that Islam is doing to women that is worse than what the fucking FLDS is doing to women right here in this fucking country. Let the fucking right wingers work on that. Unil they work on that, they can just shut the fuck up about what people in other countries do.


I’ll tell you what, Warner, feminists will scream in outrage against every injustice and cruelty against every woman in the world if family-value minions will scream every time a couple gets divorced. Do we have a deal?



May I suggest:

The Muslim Refusenik?

The biggest reason why folks like Mr. Huston-We-Have-A-Problem don’t think feminists have spoken out about relations between the sexes in Islam is because they don’t read any.

Really, Irshad Manji should cover pretty much all the bases for them: she’s Muslim; she’s dark skinned; she’s Canadian; she’s gay; and she’s a she. If you can ignore mentioning any of that, and just tell them she’s written a book called “The Trouble With Islam”, you may even get a wingnut to try her…

What are the odds Huston’s never heard of her?

WTH's Former Manscaping

Nooooo they be stealin my Walrus!

Dragon-King Wangchuck

Now that it’s no longer the future, it’s probably safe to take a crack at this.


Well, I found the post at Jezebel fairly easily, but I think Huston’s talking about something else. I guess I’m not saying anything that anyone doesn’t know, but since this thread’s the tired and old one, and people have moved onto Graham crackers:

Man kills daughter. He is Muslim. Right-wing bursts into frothy racist outrage. Todd points out that the right-tards hate Muslims more than the feminists don’t hate women who are killed by their fathers.

You’ll note that if this retarded argument applied to our wing-nut friends, we can say things like conservabloggers hate women, the blind and dogs.

To use Gary’s turn of phrase, the fact is that the amount violence against women is staggering. If, for example, you averaged 3 meals a day, then a woman dies in the US from domestice violence every time you eat. Commenting on them to a level that would satisfy Warner Todd would pretty much be a full-time job.

So in closing, I’d very much like to say – fuck you Warner Todd Huston.


I love how violence against women is solely up to women to stop. No other gender is involved here,nope.

Here’s a clue for conservative assmunches:

Any man who decides it’s just dandy to rape,hit,punch,kick or otherwise abuse,hurt or kill a woman isn’t about to listen to anything ANY woman has to say about domestic or any other kind of violence. Ever.

Women HAVE done all those things that supposedly keep us”safe”. Like not traveling alone at night,dressing modestly,not having too much to drink when out and about,and so on. Guess what? The violence happens anyway. Hmm.

This stuff won’t become rare or even be eliminated until a) MEN stand up to their fellow men and insist they knock it the hell off, b)the culture at large stops consuming media that accepts violence against women as entertainment and c) we start addressing,SERIOUSLY the abuse way too many of us suffer in childhood. This country refuses to acknowledge and deal with our own issues in any sort of consistant and effective way,especially when those issues are mental health related.

I am a survivor of horrific domestic violence. It had fuck all to do with anything I did. It was a choice made by my male partner,period. It only stopped when I fought back AND had serious all male back up. All my begging and pleading for him to quit didn’t have any effect on his actions,but somehow,a couple of large deadly serious men telling him he stood to need extensive dental work did. Funny how that works. Even leaving his sorry ass didn’t make it stop. He would only listen to other men,and it took more than once to get the point across.


Red said,

July 13, 2008 at 6:44

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t honor killing a regional thing and not an Islamic thing? I’m pretty sure it’s been happening in the Middle East since before Islam came around.

Yep. In fact, it happens more often among the Hindus in India.


OMG, an Eastern Coral snake is biting his Adam’s apple!! Warner Todd’s only got minutes to live unless someone cuts on his neck and sucks out the venom!!

Oops, I’m mistaken, so sorry. That’s just a Scarlet King snake (non-venomous and commonly mistaken for the Eastern Coral).


Mr. Houston does realize he’s also free to condemn and protest ‘honor killings,’ or any of a number of other gender atrocities, doesn’t he? That he could, oh I don’t know, use such an outrage as an opportunity to speak out in defense of helpless victims everywhere, perhaps? That just because he’s a smug odious lump of fucktard male white privilege, he’s not constrained to sit on his fat complacent hateful ass and rag on “the feminists” for not jumping up and down in rage soon enough to suit him every time a woman is murdered? Or is it just the cultural/ethnic flavor of this one in particular that’s compelling him to get his misogyny on? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


Also, what angryoldbroad said. Good on ya sister.


Yep. In fact, it happens more often among the Hindus in India.

Well why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m sure the conservatives, given their great love for women rights, will get right on to bombing India.

(crickets chirp)

Anyyyyy time now.


Did you see this, MzNicky?

It’s painful. John McCain, Republican candidate for President in 2008.


Dang, that Warner Todd Huston looks like an evil sumbitch. Somehow I have the feeling he doesn’t like women, either.


ittdgy: Yes, I saw that. Unbelievably pathetic, even for McSame.

BTW, and sort of OT, if anyone’s interested: this clip was posted at Tennessee Guerilla Women several days ago. So far it’s received two comments. TWO. Back in the day it’d have 75 to 100 by now. Once upon a time I posted at TGW; this weekend I got banned for suggesting that voting for McInsane rather than Obama was a counterproductive idea. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and I just wanted to state for the record they can each and every one of them kiss my ass. Thank you for your time and attention.


He is looking good, now that he shaved the neckbeard.


Good grief.

I mean, bad grief. I see what you mean, MzNicky.


And good on you MzNicky,TGW went round the bend during the primaries,which is sad.


Is he really wearing two flag pins?


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