Been drinking a little too much of late?

Justin Darr, one of our favorite hottest young conservative writers on the web today, shares his concerns in this week’s column:

Personally, I am always worried while on a business trip that some corporate auditor will show up in my hotel room while I am sleeping and try to harvest my internal organs for sale overseas just so they can hit their quarterly projections.

When he’s not scared however, Justin is busy painting a picture of the new conservatives, a proud and courageous bunch of people (young and old) who make America what it is:

No, we (new conservatives) place our faith in the small business and entrepreneurs who struggle under an ever increasing government tax load.

Funny how that happened with Republicans controlling Congress and the White House.

New Conservatives have no time for racism. We are too busy trying to live our dreams than to worry about what color your skin is or what your religious beliefs are.

Become a new conservative: a political movement of none.

The last time I checked, freedom still meant freedom even if it was said in Spanish.

Funny thing that, because we noticed the same thing about wingnut.


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But they’ll sure enough get around to the racism soon as they can grab a second.

Poor busy new conservatives.


freedom still meant freedom even if it was said in Spanish

Um, he is aware that the Spanish word for freedom isn’t “freedom,” right?


What’s Spanish for vapid tautologist?


And sovereignty means, sovereignty means you’re sovereign.


I like many of the principles he attributes to “New Conservatives”. I just wish every single Republican in a position of power didn’t do the exact opposite. He’d better be careful about speaking at a Republican rally because they’ll assume he’s a Democrat protester and throw him out.


Libertarianism, the sheep’s clothing of choice for Young Republicans.
That’s right folks, we’re not racist, sexist, CEO-bootlicking hacks looking for handouts from the Scaife table- we’re actually followers of an abstract political theory that deduces, from first principles, our positions.
That those positions (ie Scalia) support all kinds of racist and sexist and exploitative politics, well, we can hardly be blamed for that.



apoligies to the actual libertarians, to whom the Iraqi Colonization must be particularly abhorrent (Jacob Levy’s BS nonwithstanding). I’ll buy both of you a beer to make up for it.



For “live our dreams” read “make tons of money and hump each other like bunnies.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, other than that they’ll turn into sex-outside-of-marriage-is-wrong, gimme-my-tax-breaks greedheads in ten years.

Ah, youth.


So if he’s for small businesses and entrepreneurs, then why does he work for JCPenney?


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