Will A Chimp Tamper With This Presidential Election?

According to Fox News, that’s a distinct possibility.

Critics of the Diebold touch-screen voting machines turned their attention Wednesday from the machines themselves to the computers that will tally the final vote, saying the outcome is so easy to manipulate that even a monkey could do it.

Uh oh.

And they showed video of a monkey hacking the system to prove it.

Monkey, eh? This being Fox, of course, they’re not actually kidding.

In the minute-long video produced by Black Box Voting, Baxter the chimp is shown deleting the audit log that is supposed to keep track of changes in the Diebold central tabulator, the computer and program that keeps track of county vote totals.

So we have a test in which it is shown that even a Rove-less chimp is capable of manipulating the outcome of the election.

Can we learn anything from this?

Well, I’d hate to speculate but right next to the bit about the monkey there’s a little box that reads “Only On Fox” and has this photo (with the words “Bush Approval Rating”):

Fox News. They report. You decide.


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(Vin Scully voice) And here come the feces!


here come the feces!

Hey, Norbizness, don’t be so hard on Ted and Yosef.


I saw the Simian Candidate; didn’t think much of it!… (…the original was much better and used real bananas.)


We live in the most advanced nation on earth. Just a reminder.

Monkeys can hack a Diebold voting machine. I’d like to repeat that, because it sounds vaguely important. Monkeys. Can hack into Diebold voting machines. And change your vote. MONKEYS. (via Sadly, No!)…


scawwy foto!!


Why do monkeys hate America? Are they all French?


If a monkey can be president why wouldn’t he be able to tamper with a piddly little computer?


And everybody knows that the monkeys are all republican. From Bonzo to the Chimperor. I don’t think they realize that voting for the repubs just hurts them.


A monkey is not smart enough to realize it hurts them. Unfortunately, a great number of our populace is no different.


Losing the election may be a blessing in disguise for the Dems, as Gwynne Dyer points out very well in his latest article: http://www.gwynnedyer.netarticles2004.html

(Click on 19 September 2004 “The Poisoned Chalice”)


And if someone wants to tell me how to post that as a hyperlink, I’d really appreciate it!


Monkey? Now why does that bring to mind a banana republic…



It also brings to mind this Forbidden Zone Video Clip where Planet of the Apes meets the Twilight Zone.

preznit giv me turkee

1) was it the same one from Dennis Miller’s show? I hear the ratings are terrible, so maybe it’s out moonlighting.
2) or was Dennis Miller himself unable to figure it out, so they got the monkey to do the job?


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