Well, Seb?s off on his two-week nude vacation in the Seychelles so nobody?s favorite guest-blogger is back to keep you from getting too restless (and to make sure you don?t wander off and start reading other big-time blogs instead). I have several time-constraints myself over the next couple of weeks so I?ll only be posting here intermittently. But when I?m not here, you can find all kinds of great stuff over in those blogs listed to your right.

If you?re dead set on the usual low-quality fare you normally find here, Seb should drop in from time to time to post some unclothed entries himself. If that?s not low-quality enough, you can always find me back at my own blog.

In the meantime, I?m here and you?re a captive audience so sit back, relax, and read the following entry about the rising menace of school textbooks and Native American cannibals. If you don?t like it, Seb will refund your price of admission.


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Why do those damn Europeans get so much more vacation time than we earnest hardworking Muricans?


Cause you work to live, and we live to work!

And, honestly, the worst slacking I’ve ever seen outside of government was when I was temping in US offices. Being used to a European tempo, I would get things done in half the time of my coworkers – and without killing myself doing it.

When you only get a few paltry weeks off per year, I guess you have to conserve your energy while “working”.


Uh, maybe I meant the first line the other way around. I’ll do what Seb does and blame the jet lag.


Seb?s off on his two-week nude vacation



Wow, a link to me! Gee Pete, thanks! I’ll have to formally add you to my blogroll (right above the SadlyNo! entry, of course) 😉


If you want Seb back early, fly me over there. I’ll take off my clothes and empty the island.



Refund? Refund??? At minimum there should be a 10% off coupon on Sadly, No! mouspads and coffee mugs.


I’ll do what Seb does and blame the jet lag.

Whatever, Captain Punctuation!


Actually, that’s “Brigadier General Punctuation”. The Nitpicking Armed Forces abandoned “captain” as a rank in the late 90’s.



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