Holly Crap!

Sometimes even reading something isn’t sufficient to convince you that it’s true. This is one of those times:

In the lobby, Holly (for Holland) Coors, the thin, blond doyenne of the Colorado beer outfit, had just returned from Madison Square Garden […]

“It’s [President Bush’s] faith,” Mrs. Coors said. “It breaks my heart to hear him criticized. They hated our Lord, too.” [Emphasis added.]

Just in case anyone needed a reason not to drink Coors anymore. (Yes, Blair sent us the link.)


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Yea, verily, I say unto thee that whosoever mocks the phony son of the plutocratic oil barons shall not taste of the sweet nectar of American-stle uriney ale

–Busch 13:24


Coors? You mean the beer I once drank a 6-pack of and barely got a buzz? That golden buffalo piss? Why anyone drinks Coors or any of the Anheuser-Busch beers is a msytery. The only good American beers are the micro-brews.

Of course, the gay community has long boycotted Coors for their anti-gay (not to mention racist and anti-union) ways. I guess I can add “they’re Jeebofascists” to the list.

On Kos today, they had a report that Pete Coors is getting his ass kicked in his Senate race in CO. God must not have gotten Holly’s memo.


good god.

Reading that article was frightening. These people are all delusional.


Just in case anyone needed a reason not to drink Coors anymore.

Sadly, No!


That issue of the New Yorker was all about the RNC. I recommend you NOT read the whole thing.

Blood churner.

(I’d cancel my sub, but I like the cartoons too much.)


For those who are wondering who “they” are, she means the Jews.


I love babbling ’bout the lord, schmoozing ’till I’m bored and twins

The Coors family is down with teh crazy. Of course, I’ll remind all that we’ve already established Pete Coors is a prick….


I stopped drinking Coors about 24 years ago becaue of the owners’ support of reactionary causes. Reading the New Yorker article confirmed for me that things haven’t gotten any better in the Rocky Mountain dynasty.


BTW, college boys, Killian’s is Coors, too. Despite the spokesperson’s “Irish” accent, that beer is about as Irish as Adolph Coors, himself. Drink it and you are in the company of the good ol’ boy with the cowboy hat drinkin’ a “Silver Bullet”.


I can hardly wait for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Bush” — all those scenes where he gets scourged and beaten and brutalized!

(Note to Secret Service: movie violence isn’t real, so please don’t arrest me.)

Secret Service Man

Does “s.z.” stand for “scum-sucking Zionist”?


Killian’s is Coors, too

And Blue Moon, and Zima, if there is such a thing anymore.


Coors is to beer as Bartles and James is to wine.


And Blue Moon, and Zima. Yep, they are. Also, there is this new low-carb stuff called “Aspen Extreme”. [shudders]

While we are on the topic, consider:

William Coors, in a 1984 speech he presented to a minority business group in Denver, he told them… that if they thought it was ‘unfair’ that their ‘ancestors were dragged here in chains against their will’… “I would urge those of you who feel that way to go back to where your ancestors come from, and you will find out that probably the greatest favor that anybody ever did you [sic] was to drag your ancestors over here in chains, and I mean it.”


We have a saying here in the Great White North; “American beer is like sex in a canoe. They’re both fucking near water.”


you have amused me, A Hermit.


I’d like to modify Hermit’s comment: Mass-produced American beers are fucking near water. My opinion anyway. Many microbrews beat the hell out of anything Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Miller, et al puts out. Given a choice between the aforementioned piss and anything Canadian or European, I’ll opt for the furiner beer every time. Ahh…now I just want to head to The Brickskellar and experiment. Yeah, they have big-name American yellow water, but they have many more beers from the rest of the world (where brewing beer is more an art than an industry).


As Thoriac says, there’s some really kick-ass Amerrucan micro-brews. I love Otter Creek IAP, for example. When I was back East in June, I had some Magic Hat #9 that I loved. Sadly, No! they won’t ship me a case to Cali–it’s only distributed in the NE. That’s the problem with micro-brews, they are largely regional.

As for furrin beers, Hollande 1620, Stella Artois, St. Pauli Girl etc. wipe the floor with the buffalo and Clydesdale piss that Coors and A-B churn out.


No doubt who he means by “they”.

Brought to you by the Adolf Coors brewing company,

James J. Dominguez

I’m not a beer-drinker (and I’m Australian, which makes me some kind of mutant, I think) but James Boag’s is the current big thing in beers over here. I am fairly certain it’s being exported, so give it a try if you see it. The great Aussie export beer (no, not that filthy swill Fosters) seems to be Coopers these days, or maybe Cascade.


I don’t care how much you folks run it down. Coors Light is still one of the best designer waters on the market today.


when i lived in boulder i knew some hippies who liked to drink their own pee.


Back in the day we used to refer to Coors as “Contra-beer”, for Coors support of, who else, the Nicaraguan Contras.


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