People ask us: who gives a fuck what Rick Lyman thinks?

The answer, by the way, is nobody:

They say that most stalkers imagine themselves to be the victim, and I guess I’m no different.

My first look at Vice President Dick Cheney was from a baking lawn on Ellis Island as he made his grand entrance into New York on a National Park Service tugboat, waving to the sweating crowd. I was just part of the small pack of reporters watching as he posed before the backdrop of Lower Manhattan, my first day on Cheney duty.

The vice president travels on Air Force Two, a tech-packed wide-body with private areas in the front, a Secret Service buffer in the middle and a media cabin in the back. A crew of about 10 reporters flies with him, representing all the networks, the wire services and two or three newspapers. There are snacks, cable television and camaraderie.

But there is not a seat for me.

If we had to choose whether I share a plane with a guy who writes articles like that, we also have to say… sadly, no! (Thanks to Blair for the link.)


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I agree that most of the article is worthless, but it does have Cheney’s mouthpiece telling a lie. (I know, we’re shocked, just shocked.)

Nor has there been a seat for the previous two New York Times reporters sent to cover the vice president. I am told not to take this personally. Nor, I am told, is this intended as a slight against the paper, which normally maintains a seat (paid for handsomely) on all campaign planes, presidential and vice-presidential.

Frankly, there are some colleagues who suspect that antipathy toward the newspaper may be behind it. Anne Womack, the vice president’s chief spokeswoman, says such suspicions are baseless. There simply are not enough seats for all of the press, and other publications got their names on the list before us. If someone drops out, they’ll let me know.



This guy better watch it, if Jimmy Swaggert reads that stuff he’ll kill him and tell God he died. That’s of course assuming that he can find him….being so far up Biggus Dickus’s ass.

Bush/Cheney ’04: Cutting Taxes and Cutting Throats Guaranteed.


Gee, I don’t know, I thought it was … cute! And isn’t that what we want from our dear old friend, the Times, another cute (!) election story. C’mon! It was cute!



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I say Rick Lyman deserves the full weight of scorn that this four-year-old thread can muster. Opprobrium ho!


you all suck…Rick Lyman ROCKS!!


Rick Lyman should be interned in a camp full of fuching ferrets.


who the fuck gives what you think. rick lyman is the best writer I know and you all are probably low live republicans who obviously can’t deal that democratic point of view is better. stop trashing and get a life


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