Tuesday Carlin blogging

Another classic. Carlin’s ability to parse the insanity that is advertising language is something to behold.


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Dragon-King Wangchuck

It’s a long clip, and our assholes are bleeding.


“…but he loves you!”

The man had perfect body language in his routine.

Totally Heterosexul Conservative

For some comedy gold, check out what Dan Riehl and his knuckle-dragging fan-boys have to say:



What gets me is how he was able to throw down his lines. I know he had like 50 yrs of practice, but just try to repeat “quality, value, style… to… no payments ’til September

It’s more than 7 words.


If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse.

That’s a tagline in search of a blog if I’ve ever seen one…


What stryx said. I wonder if Carlin had a photographic memory. His ability to deliver, without pausing, without stumbling over his lines, is phenomenal.


His ability to deliver…

That’s practice, baby. Practice.

Hard work. Repetition. Honing, fine-tuning, revising, rehearsing, reassessing, rejecting, refining.

Hour after hour. Day after day. Every week of every month of every year.

I sure couldn’t do it. I’d love to be a famous comedian, or musician, but I don’t have the kind of focus and sense of purpose that they require.

Carlin sure did, thank goodness for us.


Yeah, Carlin’s delivery was legendary. He talked about how he performed to a beat, and he knew precisely what word to put where in the structure for proper effect. He was very much like a jazz musician, and directly influenced by them.
Also, Rusty Kuntz.


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